Handsome Woman

Nonye, was so sick of getting sucked  up by life even though people  might think she is all down to earth and ready to help but, deep down within her, all she ever wanted  was to ace her studies , get a good job and start fending for her family….you can say it’s every dream come true but, life has dished up a lot of unpleasant  scenerios that  makes her want to run into an on coming vehicle.

The thought of it sent some shiver  to her spine,that she gave a sigh…….”I must be stupid to think in such manner”she got out of bed to dress up

“I am going to take today as it comes” if dropping out of school to earn money ,would save the roof over her head and send her sibling to school, that sure is a good feeling. But then, why isn’t a good job coming forth?  She pondered over this , while having her usual breakfast  of “bread and cheese”.

Mum shouldn’t  have brought them into this world if she was going to leave her marriage and her kids in the end, dad is no better always in and out of the prison.She’s left to fend for her two siblings. …still deep in thoughts, Nonye got the weirdest idea ever …..




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