When I said yes, I knew it was going to be complicated. I had said it ,so he would stop asking me over and over again.i have always known falling in love with him would give me a heartache. I am a lady with a focus,diligent and determined mind. Love has no place ,falling in love shouldn’t be in my dictionary.
I met him at a friend’s house,  it was my friend’s birthday party.  I had flown in from New Jersey right after work. I looked tired but I figured I would take a rest after the party and I wouldn’t drink since I was leaving very early in the morning.
He opened the door after I rang the doorbell, and there I knew, this dude will get me into trouble by falling in love with him. Of course,  at that time I felt it was lust at first sight. I wanted him right away, I could feel my legs shaking. I lost all focus, all I kept gazing at was the smile on his face and the white teeth.
“Are you coming in?”
The question brought me back to reality , “yes, thank you” . I replied with a confused smile. I bet he saw how confused I was , then he decided to lead the way. He helped out with my bags filled with birthday gifts and bottles of wine. Still in my own small word of thoughts , I heard someone called out my name.
It was my bestie(best Friend) of 20years . Ayodaniels , he still looked the same but with grown moustache.  I smiled at him ,then gave him a hug.
“I have missed you . I wasn’t expecting you to show up” he said
“It was last minute plan. I didn’t want to ditch your birthday this year” I gave him a big smile. I felt someone behind me, I could feel the hair on my skin . Someone was watching. I held my best Friend tight, I didn’t want to let go.
“Is someone behind me ?” I asked him
“Oh ,it’s Philip ” he released his hug ” have you guys met?”
“Yes , I met her at the door ” his smile was captivating , I could feel my legs still shaking . His voice intrigues me, I wanted him to keep talking . I wanted to feel my hands on his face . How can such being exist ?  I kept asking myself.
“He is my friend from work,  Philip meet my best friend, Anna ” Ayo said
“Hello , Anna. I have heard so much about you ” Ayo , excused himself to meet other guest.
“Really?” I choked
“Yes , he talks about you. Every day at work”
” I see ” I got more confused and started my series of questions  what could Ayo have said about me, did he oust me ?

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