HE 3

I laughed and cried  in silence. No, not her  why must it be her” Don’t get me wrong , I am not in love with my best friend. All I want is for him to be happy. But , Bianca is certainly not the one. 
I walked up to her counting my steps…

” what did you just say?” I asked her.

” You heard me right. I don’t have to repeat myself” she smirked.

Ay knew me and my zero patience , he quietly apologized and held her hand. Both walked out to the deck. Leaving me in my confused state.

I have got to say , I didn’t see that coming. Ayo and Bianca ? Alot has really been going on right under my nose. Throwing to the days , we never talked about us ending up with our classmates.  I remembered Ay would shove the question under his locker literally. ..
Bianca wasn’t just the class go to, to become popular , she was the class princess and spoilt little chearleader .. She had the skill, no doubt about but she just wasn’t  ready to fit in anyone’s league.
Yea!she really was a bitch in her little world.
Now screwing my adulthood with my best friend. …

” Hey,  you need a drink?” I heard the voice again. This time he was smiling and carefree, holding a glass of wine.

” No, I am fine. I need to clear my head” I started to walk towards the entrance door”

” I take it, you need to be alone . But , don’t want to deal with all these heat” He said

” what heat ?” I asked in a confused tone

” have this, I will walk you ” He gave me the wine. Grabbed my outer wear and scarf. He wrapped my scarf around my neck, and helped with my outer wear. ” what a kind gesture”

” Thanks but I am fine to walk alone”

” I am going with you. It’s late Anna”

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