HE (4)

In silence we walked down to the beach. Ayo sure knows how to enjoy life to its fullest.

We have always talked about getting a house with an ocean  view.i guess he got his dreams while, I have a view of the city right from my bedroom window.
I could care less about things not working out but I sure know our dreams on career was a game plan. We made it. But Bianca! I screamed out, forgetting my companion .
“Are you okay?” Smiling , I could see the smirk in the smile.

” Yea , I am just letting loose my … ”
.”Frustration?  ” He cuts in

” Maybe ..  You know what , forget it. I came to wish him a happy birthday and not mind whoever he’s dating ”

” Ayo is a good guy … he knows what he’s doing ” He continued ” it seems to me that you do not like her”

” prrr” I inhaled in and out.

” So, what are you going to do? ”

“Nothing …. If he wants to talk am all ears.”

“I like that… That’s a mature way to go. ”

” more like a defeat” I looked into the night. I have a plane to catch in the morning.  Best to enjoy the party.

” can we head back” I turned to look at him .  He must have been staring at me for quite sometime. Who is this guy ? Why does he make me feel better about Everything? .What’s on his mind?.


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