HE 5

We got to the deck facing the sea at midnight. I said my goodbyes to old friends and classmates.  Yes this was more like a reunion, Ayo invited the whole town to his 30th birthday.  And when I say the whole town ,I mean the class of 97 and families.  

This town is so small;  yet so big at heart. I wandered the whole house , looking for my best friend. I finally found him in the kitchen with Bianca , getting snacks ready .

” hi” I gave my usual small , hands in my pocket. I moved closer to the couple.
” Hey  girl, where did you go?” He asked

” out for a walk” I replied ” I am sorry Bianca,  I didn’t know you both had a thing going on.” Awkwardly I touched her hands and held them. ” I am sorry ”

” That’s okay , it’s my fault . We were going to surprise you. So , I asked Ayo not to talk ”  Said Bianca smirking

” Yea right . You both got me .”

” common girl, we have a lot to catch up on. I know your flight is in the morning I will make it quick ” My best friend dragged me out from the room .

We walked out to the deck…

“It’s a great night .” Took the wine from him.

” Yea, I feel old right now. Lots of love and birthday wishes.”

“Nah! You’re never old. You’re still that boy who got his head stuck in a locker ” I laughed out

” well this time around , I am stuck in something else”  He replied to our joke.

” Yep. Stuck with someone is more like it.”

“Are you alright? ” He asked

” Yea , I am perfect ” I smiled while I hid my pain and stress from life. ” Any wedding jingles soon?”

” Common, Next spring I think. Bianca wants to finish her event planning certification. Then we can have a big wedding ”

I gave my friend a long hard gaze. I sighed then gave him back the wine to sip.

” Are you happy? ” I asked ” If you are not , you can always hitch ”

” Nah ! I love Bianca , it’s funny I never did have interest in her while in high school. ”

” Good. Because I want you to be happy.  So, how is work? Estate management must be good in this town. Your family company must be bummy”

” if I don’t know you any better,I would take that as a compliment.  ” He poked me. ” Work is work. I like it here . How is the house? Remember your screeching when I told you , about the new house I got.”

” I love the view of this house. It’s wonderful. ”

” Thanks ” He gave me back the wine. “It’s good to see you ketchup”

“Hahaha, Your fiancee might get jealous creepy nerd” I replied with his nickname. 

“I have a plane to catch Ayo. I need to sleep ” the wine weighing in on me. Then everything went numbed and dark.

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