HE 6

“Anna….. Anna  common can you hear me?”… the voice was faint 

I could hear someone calling out my name ,I can’t feel my hands ,what is wrong with me ………

“Anna,please open your eyes,can you hear me?

Gasping for air, I held both hands to my throat  ….. my eyes popped open to images,gazing down at me.

“Thanks God” I heard Ayo, “pumpkin you scared me for a minute,are you alright?”

Confused I looked at my best friend and two others ,Bianca and him.

“What happened?” I asked ,trying to look calm,tell you the truth,this has got to be the most embarrassing day if my life. First I lost my best friend to a girl . Now , I am sitting on the floor with people looking down at me like a cute lost puppy. So typical Anna! 

“One min we were talking and you mentioned going to bed. Then the next thing was finding you face down. ” said my best friend in anxiety.  

“Must be fatigue. ”  I said reassuring them. ” I had a long day and the flight must have caused it too.” I staggered “I am fine ” 

“No you’re not. I will take you to  bed” he said ” Ayo, don’t worry . I will take care of her” he continued 

I flagged his hands off my body,but he still held on to me. I eventually lost all the strength to fight him off.it all went dark and silence took over.

Waking up after a long sleep ,isn’t always the best feeling for me. I am not a morning person,but I try to be effective with my routine. The bang was coming hard at the door, I woke up because I couldn’t stand it anymore.  

“Good, you Re up . I wasn’t sure on what I should do or who to call.” 

What is he doing here?did Ayo put him up to this? Shoot i should be on my plane back to the city. I tried getting out of bed,but he pulled me back with his smirk and gloomy eyes.

“You can’t go anywhere now. I called the hospital, they are sending someone over to take a look at you”

“Why? I feel fine… see” I stretched out

“Nah! Not on my watch. You passed out three times before day break. You don’t look fine pumpkin ”

“Don’t call me that … where is ayo?” I looked out the window “I have a plane to catch and a meeting to attend to.” 

“Ayo  went to Bianca’s ,he was worried. I told him to stay the night there that I will take care of you. And no , I called the airline to move your plane till Saturday …….” 

“What?” I shouted ” Who are you to control my life!how could you handle that without consulting me first?” I yelled in his face.

He smiled and looked right down at me. 

“Pumpkin,  you need rest. And I am trying to help you. You can always find ways to have your meeting. I am pretty sure you’re an asset to your company,your boss will understand ”

As he was going to touch me ,I held his hand up.

“Don’t touch me. I am not some random girl”

“No you’re not. Have some breakfast ”

He gave me a peck and left the room. I stared hard at the breakfast.  Why does he make me feel this way? Why can’t I say no to him? Who is Philips San?

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