HE 9

After I analyzed the last file on my desk. I walked into John’s office. You can say our CEO is a typical Caribbean man. He does his work while having fun. Sometimes, I wonder why he needs to come in every day to work while he sips “The Carribean Rum Punch” If we didn’t start this company together, one would think the company was handed … Continue reading HE 9


HE 8

Lunch was great! I couldn’t have asked for a “me” time with Philip. The man I have not gotten over since Ayo’s birthday. The walk back to the office must have been the shortest walk I have experienced in my lifetime. I didn’t want to go back to the spacious room I call “my office” while I let the day’s work consume. “Why did I … Continue reading HE 8

HE. 7

“Who is he? Over the weeks, Philip San kept popping up. I barely know him, but it seems I am all over him. ” Anna get a grip on yourself,” I said to myself. You’re intelligent and fast, do the needful.” The Needful. That sounds so vague. I scrolled down the pictures on my screen. “How do I find him? Ayo could be of help. … Continue reading HE. 7