HE. 7

“Who is he?

Over the weeks, Philip San kept popping up. I barely know him, but it seems I am all over him. ” Anna get a grip on yourself,” I said to myself. You’re intelligent and fast, do the needful.”

The Needful. That sounds so vague. I scrolled down the pictures on my screen. “How do I find him? Ayo could be of help. Nah” I shake my head. ” I don’t want Ayo to be all up in my business. 5mins PI (Private Investigation ) won’t hurt, isn’t that what people do these days.”

Philip San, here I come” I rubbing my Palms together, I hit the facebook home button, typed the name Philip San. The disappointment hit me when I couldn’t pick him out from all the profiles. ” puffs” came my expression.

Then the call comes in from my amateur secretary

” Yes Lilian”

” You have a call on line 2. Someone named Philip is waiting”

” Alright, thank you” I paused with a mixture of smirk and smiled “ well, well, well, look who the universe brought in” I pressed the line 2button

“Hello, Anna on the line.”

” Hey, It’s Philip. I am in town. I asked Ayo for your number, how are you doing?”

” emm, Yea I know it’s you, Philip. What’s the surprise call for?” “So much for Ayo not being all up in my business.”

“You haven’t answered my question. How have you been?” He replied from the other end of the line.

” I am doing fine, thank you.”

” Good, good, are you free for lunch?” He asked. I swallowed my invisible saliva “lunch!he wants to have lunch. Anna comport yourself, its just lunch”.

” Sure, I a!m free for half an hour” I replied him.

” cool, I will pick you up in 5mins” he hangs up.

Puff! Who does that, no goodbyes?. Do I even have a choice to get angry? Nah! Philip San is here, and I need answers to my nagging questions.

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