HE 9

After I analyzed the last file on my desk. I walked into John’s office. You can say our CEO is a typical Caribbean man. He does his work while having fun. Sometimes, I wonder why he needs to come in every day to work while he sips “The Carribean Rum Punch” If we didn’t start this company together, one would think the company was handed over to him by his grandfather. John is a very hard working person with an arrogant aura all over him. Yes, he’s arrogant and quite intelligent at dealing with clients. This is why the company is the best consulting firm in town. #Maxwell Establishment# The mother company to Maxwells Stocks.

He looked up from his PC and waved at me with a smile.

“There you are, I figured if I don’t see you in the next ten minutes that I will come by your office.” He stood up.

I smiled wearily, he offered me a sit, which I did. My heels were killing me after all. “Anna, wrong shoes today”

” how is work on your end?” He asked

“It’s not bad, just busy as usual,” I answered. “You asked me to see you, is everything g okay?”

” Yes, it’s about last months exhibition, we made it. The sales went up, we made featured in another magazine as the best consulting firm” he smiled at me. I haven’t seen his face light up this much. This news is exciting.

“Wow, that’s a great boss!” I couldn’t help to call him that, I know he hates it when I call him boss instead of partner!

“Anna! It’s all your hard work and thanks to our stockbroker” this time he stood up and walked back to his desk to retrieve a document.

“Stockbroker?” I asked with surprise written on my face. What is John getting at? By the way, I should know about the stock market given my analyst position in this company. Why does he keep things from me all the time” these questions kept coming to mind.

He came back to sit down adjacent to me. ” He should be here any minute from now” he replied. ” Here” he hands the file over to me

“John, you’re so full of surprise,” I said with my calm face ” and what might this be?” I asked, “this time I really need a response” I continued.

“The stock genius profile. I need you to put him on the company’s payroll” he smirked. He knew I wasn’t prepared for the shock. John knows how to get in my skin, but today is definitely not the day.

“Wait, you mean he’s not on the payroll? How did you get him to work on the company’s stock without proper employment? John, this is too risky!” I continued in my calm frame of mind. “Not, today Anna. Let’s keep it cool” my face was fixed at him. If anyone can play the starring game, its John! His arrogance starts with the face fixed at you without it blinking. I ran my hand over my hair, with the document in hand, we stared more. “Okay now, this is it!”

“Aint you going to respond?” I asked

“Do I need to? Common Anna, I am a businessman I know the luxury of the stock market. You either lose or win. This guy is a freelancer, I wanted his skills for a while. Now that I have seen his intelligence I want him on the company’s payroll. Have I ever infringe on your analyst’s decision about this company?”

“No” I replied in defence.

” Good, it is settled” his phone beeped. He picked it up.

It must be an important message. Few seconds went by before he continued. “He’s here” as he approached the door, he paused to speak ” by the way he’s also a good friend of mine” smiles and opened the door.

” Hi, Phil…… Good to see you” I heard John greet the person at the door.

Phil who? As I opened the envelope, his profile caught my attention. PHILIP SAN! The STOCKBROKER! He was standing at the door!

“One blackbird can ruin the entire sky” what a great saying that is. I pondered with despair. Has this blackbird come to ruin my day?

Here lies the answer to my undying question “Who is Philip San?”

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