HE 10

“One blackbird can ruin the entire sky” what a great saying that is. I pondered with despair.

I am not so sure if he’s the blackbird which is about to ruin my day or make it pleasant. I chuckled

“Next time, I see Shaun; I should thank her for the adage. Does this even make sense? He’s been working with my company before Ayo’s birthday party! And he didn’t think to enlighten me? I puffed air out of my mouth; I am upset… Wait a minute but why do I need to be upset? I am a grown, independent woman! I should be different! Let’s do the needful by welcoming the new staff.”

I took a minute to put my painful heels back on. As I stood up, I felt the pain right in my spine” I should see a doc, after this meeting” I thought to myself. Counting my steps, I walked over to John. In my boldest smile, I stretched out my right hand, while the left hand gripped the file tightly I said: “Nice to meet you, Mr San.”

“Philip, please” stretched out his hand to meet my handshake. I could tell with his smirk smile that this scenario must be fun for him.

“Do you know him?” My flustered CEO asked

“Why are you asking ?” I asked with my wicked pretentious smile.

John chuckled then his gaze went from Philip to me. “Mr San? I doubt if I ever told you his name, let alone his last name.”

“He’s smart.”

I raised the file in hand, then leaned towards John’s left ear and whispered: ” I have his file, remember?”

John’s laughter filled the entire office. John never ceases to amaze; I must say he’s a work in progress.

” I will leave you two to finish up here. Nice meeting you “I caught a glimpse of San’s face. Leaving the two men to their thoughts.


This situation is awkward!

I slumped on the couch in my office, took off my shoes.

Just then, my admirable friend came in. Shaun!

“Hey girl, I have been looking everywhere for you. Your assistant told me John called you. How is he doing?” She asked

“Shaun! You have a phone, and his office is on the sixth floor. Thank you” I snapped

“Are you okay? You look so zapped” she asked in her usual concern look. I shouldn’t have snapped; I am upset, I shouldn’t take it out someone else. Shaun and I have come a long way to know how to treat one another with respect.

“I am sorry girlfriend. John is doing okay; I am sure he misses you too”I smiled at her. I continued ” you guys need to work on your relationship and stop drifting.”

“Thanks for the advice. We need time” she responded. ” Right now, the topic is about you. Whats wrong?” She asked ” Boy problem?”

We both looked at ourselves and burst out in laughter. “We can’t worry about that, can we?” I asked

Shaking my head hesitantly, I replied: ” I am tired, that’s all.”

“Good, let’s go see a movie today.” She said. Just then, a message popped up on my home screen.

“Is our dinner plan still available?”



“What arrogance! ” I said out loud. I replied to the message in a brief “Yes, see you!”

“What?” Asked the confused Shaun.
“Sorry, not you. Let’s hang out this Sunday night. I have plans tonight” I said in distress.

Rushed over to my desk to pack my things. Approaching the door, I turned back to look at Shaun and said ” I will see you this Sunday, bring wine and crackers. I will make dinner. ” Shaun nods in approval.

I left my office.

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