HE 11

Philip’s POV

Do I set the boundaries or begin the adventure? ” I asked myself.

I keep staring at her; her mouth pouts as she fights to hide her anger while she sits across from me. Being angry doesn’t suit her.

Anna Mina Jules, that was her name.

In my wildest dream, I never thought I would meet Anna Jules, let alone sit across from her.

Four years ago, was the first time and it was a glimpse of her; technically she was on the cover of a business magazine. It was the year she partnered with John Akeem. I chuckle as I remember the day, it was in a hotel lobby, I was waiting to meet the director. I engaged myself in reading the magazine while I waited in the hall. Her response to the question “Why did you become an analyst ?” stood out in bold letters ” There were few analysts in town, I figured I could be among the few biracial elites.” I have to say the response relieved the tension I had that day.

And the second meeting was on Ayo’s birthday. Who knew the famous Analyst in town was Ayo’s best friend?

At the party, opening Ayo’s door for her upon her arrival was my clue to get to meet with her.

When our hands touched, I felt the sparkle in her eyes, smiling I exhaled the air deeply while she hugged her longtime friend. And that scenario will stay with me for a long time.

Now, she sits across from me in furry.

Yes, see you soon” was all it took to see her again. “Yes” must be my best word in the dictionary. The response “Yes” made the best analyst in town to walk the beach with a lone stranger on the night he had planned to leave town and never come back.

Yes” is the word!

Not everyone thinks about the thrill of such kind of response. But I did that I felt the rush to leave John’s office while the meeting was about to start.

Sitting across from me in this couple boot brings a resounding memory. A memory I hope to last a lifetime.

Do I keep the vibe between us from getting ruined? Does she want my presence? Is she about to set boundaries between us? Do I set the limits or inflame the adventure? I raised my eyebrows at her. You can tell from her body language; she wasn’t in the mood to joke with me.

But “Why did she leave without saying goodbye?” The question I have been asking myself for the past six months.

A few hours ago she looked pissed to see me, what’s she thinking? I would kill to know her thoughts. Does she hate me?

She’s feisty!

And I like that about her.

“So..” Her voice brings me back to my reality. I smiled at Anna.

“Sorry, I didn’t quite catch you.”

” I didn’t throw myself like a football to catch.” She said

” You are angry; I get that….”

“Did you do something for me to be angry at?” She interrupted

She’s feisty!

“So, how long ?” she asked, ” how long for what?” It’s quite entertaining to see this other side of Anna. I should tease her more.

” How long have you been working with John?” She asked

” Longer than I have known you” I answered.

I could hear her chuckle as she looked around her vicinity. I can’t help but tease more.” You don’t want to get her to be angrier than she already is.” I smirked

“I work with numbers, Mr San.” She said looking all serious.

” Oh! Are we doing this? Being formal? Mr San? ” I jokingly asked

” You do know this is a business dinner. So, with the convention of rules or etiquette, technically am your boss” she responds with the same tone.

” Yes, boss.” I refilled her cup; she places her hand on the cup for me to stop pouring the wine…

“3years ago, John and I met at a conference. I was invited by a friend of mine to speak on the stock market and how it plummets…” I paused to see her reaction; never before had I seen anyone have such an attentive spirit.

” So, he employed you right after the conference?” She asked

” No, that was our first meeting.” I drank my wine. “I met John officially late last year; we worked on a couple of stocks, and here we are”I continued. Her tightened lips start to lose. The process sends unfathomable experience to my heart “should I intensify this feeling?” I ask myself
“And Ayo? ” her question jets me back to reality.

I smirked with a slight smile plastered on my face ” Ayo is a good friend, I worked on his stocks too.”

“I see.” She paused then continued “You became his broker and got invited to his birthday party? ” I heard the sarcasm in her question.


I was curious about her calm personality. How do I tell her, I had intel on her to find her after I met John, she would freak out or probably never see me again. The worst case scenario is to call the cops on me.

” Can we continue this meeting some other time? I didn’t ask for a business dinner, Anna. I want us to catch up. You left without saying goodbye” my gaze fell on her

Why, did you leave?

I felt her shiver at my question. Here lies the answer to my nagging feeling Yeah! Intensify this feeling!

Author’s greetings and questions.

I hope you enjoyed this series11? It was very tough to imagine and write. What’s your take on Philip’s Point of View? Shaun and John? Do you want stories about them too? Don’t forget to drop your comment. Thanks for reading!

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