HE 13

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Mornings and I are not friendly, but I try to be as bright as I can be to get through the day with a cup of coffee. If anyone asks me “are you a morning or a night person?

I am neither! Yea! I give that answer religiously to anyone who asks.

This morning the sunray shines right into my eyes waking me up from my seven hours sleep. Pulling my duvet over my head as I sit with my head resting on my headboard.i begin to reminisce on how my day would go. Five mins later, my six am alarm rung I get out of bed with the thought of taking just a shower.

I miss my bed already!

Fifteen minutes is all it takes to get ready in the mornings but today the time seems to drag by.

“I am not feeling it today, should I call in sick,” I thought out loud. ” Nah, John will freak out. We both have a consultation today” I continue

The doorbell swift my mind to breakfast preparation. I check the time on the wall, 6:45 am.

“Whoever it is should have a reasonable explanation for coming by.”

I walk towards my door with a neutral face. When the doorbell rang the second time, I opened the door.

“Hey, Ketc! ” Ayo happily popped in my face. “Surprise!” He said as stretched out his arms for a hug

“Freaking goodness!” With excitement plastered on my face, I screamed: “you’re so silly Ayo!” I run to embrace my best friend of twenty years.

Releasing him from the embrace I look at my friend ” Last night you told me that you would be in town this week. I wasn’t expecting you this morning. When did you arrive?” I asked

“I was on the plan when o sent that text Ketc; I arrived this morning at 4 am” he smirked. “I told you she would be surprised! ” he said out loud.

I confusedly looked around us, its just the two of us by the door, who is he be talking to?

” Is that Bianca? Did you leave her in the car park? ” I asked. Ayo shakes his head in response. ” No, Bianca is at her parents. Something about the family issue” he walks into my kitchen, grabs a toast and takes a bite. ” same old toast Ketc..” He said

” Is everything okay with her family?” I inquire more with a worried look.

” Her older sister is having issues with her. I told her to stay as much as she wants to, ” he replies and continues ” and I want some alone time with my bestie.” Throws a toast at me which I caught in the air, thanks to my high school basketball skill.

I hear the noise coming from the door which caught my attention.

“Told you she would freak out upon my arrival,” Ayo said to the person behind me.

No kidding! A dazed me stands still. My heartbeat must have skyrocketed to a higher level. I gazed at him standing at my doorstep.

The person Ayo was talking to was Philip San!



The phone wakes me up, as I pick it, it cuts. The time on the screen shines brightly on my face. 4:15 am. “You have got to be shitting me!”

Who calls this late? I mutter while I slide my finger to unlock the screen. The caller id shows Ayo. 10missed calls!

What’s going on? I dash out of bed, pulling a sweater on. Hastily, I grab my wallet as I redial the number.

He answered at the first ring “Hello, Philip sorry to bother you, I am at the airport and I need a ride.”

” Sure, I will see you soon” I hurried out of my house.

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