HE14: Selfless Love


At the lobby, I saw Anna in haste walked past us, and by us, I imply: John and I.We had decided to apologise and make things work. But, deep down in my freaking heart, I know there are things we need to work hard at, for our relationship to work. Don’t get me wrong I love John; he’s the most compassionate and livid headed when working for him. Just in an understandable language, he’s the male version of Anna. And this is why both are ethically compatible in their profession.
However, I would like it if he stops treating me like one of his employees.
Yea, Butt-head professional! That’s the word.
” Babe, I have to go now,” he said while he checks the email that came in.
” Like now? ” I asked, not sure if my reverse psychology would make him stay longer.
” Yea, I have a 9’o clock remember? I promise I will be back before lunch.” He pouts at me. He does this everytime to get away from my incessant nagging of not staying longer. ” I promise ” he kisses me on my cheek.
“Fine, I have to see what Anna is up to anyways. ” we both stood up at the same time.
“I will walk you to the elevator” he offered
” Don’t you have a nine ‘o clock to run to?” I hasten my pace.
” I have ten mins to spare for my girl, besides Anna and I have the nine ‘o clock together.”
“Hmmm, you don’t say”, I replied with a little bit of sarcasm.
He held my right hand to keep me from my hasty steps ” how about we get away this weekend if you don’t have plans yet.” I became flustered.
Yea! I would love a weekend getaway.
” You can bring Anna too, seems to me she needs some time off work.”
Here he goes again; I want some alone time with him, and he wants to invite the whole town.
Sometimes I want to be selfish; I want things to work out for us! Don’t get me wrong; I love Anna, she had been my best friend since college, she had been there through my first breakups and parents passing, but when it comes to my relationship I do not want a third wheel.
Besides, She has her fair share of struggles too am not ready to add more to her plate.
” Okay, I will ask her to join us,” I said as I got off the elevator
” Cool, I will see you at lunch or before that.” He blows me a kiss, which I caught in the air.
He then mouths the ” I love you” word.
He’s so silly! And I love him too.


I walked into Anna’s secretary in the hallway; we nearly bumped heads with one another. I must have been lost in my thoughts. Loads of butterflies in my tummy from John’s earlier silly impulsiveness.
“So sorry,” she voiced out
“That’s okay; I should be the one to apologise, I was in the way,” I said calmly with my brightest smile.
In my years of professional knowledge, higher level personnel should always apologise with an aura of calmness. And for someone like Lilian, she needs it more than anyone. She looks healthy on the outside but fragile on the inside. Which makes it more understandable for me being the staff’ health consultant has taught me ways on how to handle different personality.
“Is Anna in her office?” I asked while I helped her pick up the pile of files on the floor.
She gave a soft response.”Yes, mam.”
I thanked her with my smile then left for Anna’s office.

I pushed my way into Anna’s office after my third knock. The view right before me was that of a female Alpha marking her partner. Technically the partner here is the whiteboard while the Boss lady is the Female Alpha. She’s indeed effortlessly a professional to the core! I took my dandiest time to admire her from afar before walking towards her.
She abruptly turned at the sound of my fake cough.
” Good morning” she smiled “I didn’t hear you come in” she continued.
“I knocked thrice, decided it was best to let myself in. John said you have an appointment together by 9.”
“Oh shoot me! I lost track of time and got carried away” she ran to her desk to retrieve her bag and files.
” I was planning out new approaches to take with me to the meeting. The client is quite tenacious; he’s not ready to give some leverage and merge with the company.” She voiced out.
“Why is that? Will, the client lose or win with this approach?” I asked.
“First and foremost the company is a patent company which needs to merge then we can start the last approach on the board” she explained
“Fair enough, don’t let me delay your meeting, call me after the meeting, I will clear my afternoon session, ” I said. She nods in full response then ran towards the door in haste and suddenly rushed back to me, hugged me and said
” Thanks, Shaun! You’re the best!”
“I know ” we both smiled as our faces beames out different emotions.
Then Anna ran out of the door.
I could tell it is going to be a long afternoon session.

I walk into the conference room where the next three meetings would be taking place. It had been one grateful morning for me or should I say I woke up on the right side of the bed! Or it must have been the happy moment which graced my doorstep at dawn. Shaun! She woke me up with a stem of life that I could not comprehend the source. I had liked her the moment we met four years ago.
At the thought, a light chuckle came off his face. “Gosh! Oh, how she drives me crazy every time. And the Carribean in me likes crazy.”
A soft knock came at the door; Anna was grimacing at me. “Silly girl!” I muffled.
“I saw the smoke. I thought I should check out its source,” Anna said as she walked into the room.
” What smoke?” I asked with no clue to her mind games. I get that a lot from Shaun. I can’t believe friends share this kind of ability.
“You know” she sits down then continued “the one that almost got you a boner right there” she pointed at my lower half.
“Freaking goodness! Anna!” I exclaimed “whats wrong with everyone this morning? Did you lot smoke weed before coming to work?” I asked. Anna’s laughter filled the room.
Hiding my grin, I sat across from her. “Well, the thought of your friend might have been the cause”I chuckled as her eyebrow furrowed at me.
” Quit playing John,” she laughs out “I am glad to hear it” she looked at me. I felt the genuineness in her words and face.
“Thank you. I am a work in progress, and I will get there” I responded in the hope that it would keep her mind at rest.
“Shall we?” Anna asked as she turned on the conference room Tv, client’s face popped up on the screen for the nine ‘o clock meeting.


At the first knock, I opened the door for Anna. It was my girl! I could tell with the shoes in her hand that she was exhausted.
She gave me a fake smile and sat on the couch. I walked to my mini-fridge then turned to ask “do you mind a drink?”
“No dear, I am alright. I still four consultations before the day ends.”
“You are entirely exhausted. Don’t you need to call it off?” I asked Anna.
“I am fine Shaun. Can I have coffee instead?” Anna asked.
“Sure” I replied. “So, what is up with you?” I asked as I extended the cup of coffee to her.
Anna raised an eyebrow at me, clueless about my question.
“What?” I shrugged and smirked
“Shaun” she chuckled
“Blame the inquisitive trait in me,” I replied still smirking “did he show up to work? I want to meet him.” I figured I was more excited to know who this charming is and how he gets under my friend’s skin at the thought of mentioning his name. Shit! his name! I have no clue what he is called. “Common, stop staring at me and answer my questions”I poked Anna, who retaliated.
” I have no idea if he came to work. I have been in meetings all morning. You should ask John when you see him at lunch” she replied.
” He said something about lunch?” I asked to confirm my curiosity
“Yes, he’s been at it all morning. ” she smiled. I couldn’t feel my feet from excitement. I hugged her; then I heard her say
“you both need to get laid so that everyone can have some peace. Me in particular, I need a break from your love life” I pushed her weight off me which made her grin and laughed out.
“Sorry, it must be the coffee you gave me” she shrugged.
“A terrible idea that was. Common, off the record whats up with you?” I asked
“I am doing great Ms psychic. He came by this morning with my best friend.”
I saw her trying to suppress her emotion. She must have been mad not to be in control of her feelings. If these feelings were true, then I am glad. I tried to stay on the conversation with her by avoiding the “HE” question for the meantime.
“Ayo is in town? That’s is great! We should have a few drinks sometimes.”
“You know what?” She stood up ” We should tonight, get drunk and have the best time of our lives”Anna grinned at me. That’s not good
“Its a weekday, no objection?” I inquired once more.
“So are you free after work today?” She asked me.
“Baby girl! I am always down for a few drinks. And weekdays just got me hanging on things I have imagined to do with you” I felt my sarcastic tone.
“You’re stupid ” Anna poked at me. “I will see you with some wine by eleven at your place.” She grinned while she walked to the door with me behind her. She turned back at me “have a great lunch date” she smacked me on my shoulder.
“I will try to indulge myself with my Carribean prince.”
“Stupid!” I heard her muffled out the door.
I love that selfless silly girl!

This chapter took hours of thoughts. I ended up writing it at midnight because I spent the better half of the day to imagine each scenario. I hope you enjoyed it because I did.
I have to say I like John and Shaun as a couple. I ship them too!
Thanks for reading and don’t forget to vote, comment and share.

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