15: Night Out


He was embarrassed!
At the table, when I gave my response to his question. I saw the embarrassment written all over his face.

Purr! I sighed in disgust as I paced from my bedroom to the walk-in closet.

“Anna that was very rude of you.”Covering my eyes to hide my shame. If that is even possible to do.

After my one minute talk of shame. I got dressed for the hangout at Shaun’s.

Ten mins drive was all it took to get to Shaun’s house. I had called Ayo while leaving my place to meet us at Shaun’s.
I didn’t expect to find more than one car in Shaun’s driveway.

I gasped when John opened the door.”Surprise much?” He grimaced.

” What is going on, I wasn’t expecting you to be here.” I voiced out while trying to keep a straight face.

“Come on in, Shaun invited us.”


I walked into a house filled with half of my co-workers and Ayo. Smiling down at me from the stairs. I looked around in hope to see Shaun.

Tonight was supposed to be our night out with Ayo. Why are my collogues here? I grabbed a cup of wine from the table, gulped it down my throat.
There she is!

Shaun came down with John; I guess he must have gone to fetch her for me.

“Anna, right on time.” She came forward for a hug. We hugged for a few secs.

” Shaun” I looked around “What’s going on?” I starred at her bashfully.

“Oh sorry, I was going to tell you after lunch, but I got busy. When I told John that we are hanging out tonight. John suggested that we should host a welcome party for a Philip San.” She paused to look at me then “something about a freelance broker joining the firm.you should know him, right?” Shaun asked.

I tilled my teeth together hiding my frustration. Then nodded in response to Shaun’s question.

“It is him”I slowly voiced out.

” Philip? That’s his name?” I saw the light excitement on Shaun’s face.
She must think that I am stupid. She enjoys this mind game of hers.

“Girl mingle with everyone. It’s a welcome party, not a funeral and try to be an excellent host to our colleagues” she nudged me.

I chuckled ” It is not my house. Be the better host” I grabbed another cup of wine and left Shaun to her thoughts to meet Ayo, as he waved at me climbing up the stairs to reach him.

“Hey Ketc, how have you been?”.

” Pretty great,” I replied. I grabbed more of Ayo’s wine and drank it.

“You’re going to get drunk pretty soon,” Ayo said with a chuckle.

“Says the guy who isn’t drinking”I replied.

“I have had my fair share tonight. I need to be at alert for Bianca’s call tonight” he said

“Hmmm, the fiancee already giving you a curfew?” I tried rubbing my sarcasm on him.

” I promised her besides we speak before bed that’s all” Ayo explained.

” Yes, boss” I looked around.

“He is running late,” Ayo said
I stared at Ayo, contemplating if I should ignore the statement or ask him who he meant was running late. I decided on the previous thought.

“Philip is running late. I can tell that you’re looking for him with your eyes everywhere.” Ayo grinned at me, I quickly I looked down at my hands still contemplating on what to say.

” How do you feel about him, Anna?” He asked.

I gave a small laugh “where are all these coming from Ayo?” I asked my best friend.

“I am just asking Anna. What is your opinion about him?” Asked Ayo.

“I have none yet. What do you want me to say? I barely know the guy, Ayo.” I said back, walking around to Shaun’s balcony. Ayo kept his pace with me.

“Well, I am sorry for coming at you like this Ketchup. I didn’t mean to evade your personal space.” He apologised

“That’s okay,” I said. My friend is a softie(tends to apologise quickly for any wrongdoing).

We heard a loud cheer downstairs.
“We better go see what’s going on” he offered. Poking out our heads from the stairs, we got the hang of what was going on in the sitting room.

Philip had walked into the room. The man of the hour! I haven’t seen him all day except at the breakfast table. He looked quite refreshing in his attire. He also had a new haircut. A Dashing look like Richard Young from Crazy Rich Asians the movie.

Just then, I saw two ladies from work approach him with a glass of wine in their hands. I saw Ayo stare but ignored it.
I am not going to ruin their effort to woo Philip. ‘Let them try! I chuckled inwardly.
I could not contain Ayo’s quiet stare; I decided to ask “What?”

“Nothing,” he said back time. “You know a little birdie said to give him a few secs; he would come dashing at you. I can tell you’re jealous too.”

My eyebrows furrowed at him, with a chuckle my gaze went back to the scene before me.
The two ladies were no longer hovering around Philip.

Now, Philip is with John and Shaun; I smiled within. I felt a peaceful warmth around me. Maybe Ayo was right. I looked at Ayo, who was laughing with the “I know you ” kind of gaze.

Perhaps he was right I was jealous to see the ladies hovering over Philip.
Gosh! This is so pathetic! I whimpered at the thought of being ‘jealous.’
He is too good for me. I don’t deserve him!

Anna! Very typical there goes my low self-esteem.

Ayo pulled me out of my thoughts; he offered the dance and hung out with the rest of the crew. I tried to stay with the flow before Shaun gives me another lecture about being a party loner.

I sat down with Shaun and Ayo. While John and Philp are still conversing together with one of the company’s shareholder.

“You are doing great” Shaun whispered into my ear.

“Thanks” A smile expanded on my face when Shaun passed the cracker bowl to me. She knows crackers and wine are the means to get to me(more like my weak points).

“You’re welcome.” Shaun giggled at Ayo’s funny dance steps. “Does he do this all the time?” She asked me.

” Yeah, he’s terrible at dancing” I explained.

“So, I finally met him. He is not bad.” Shaun voiced out. By “him” I knew it was Philip.

“Let me guess; you used your psychic on him,” I replied

“Yes, a big vision popped out” Shaun continued with sarcasm.

“And here she goes again.” I tilled my head back to stop myself from laughing.

“What’s funny?” Ayo asked as he sat beside me.

” Shaun had a premonition. She was just about to tell me.” I nudged her to begin.

“Anna, you’re never serious when it comes to relationship advice.” She grunted at me.

“Yeah, I feel your pain and concern for her, Shaun. She is never serious” Ayo added.

I narrowed my eyes at Ayo “mhm, I will be serious when a relationship comes nagging at my doorstep. But until then can we enjoy this party? Like you said it is not a funeral” My hand gripped the cup on my hand tightly as felt his presence, his aura seemed to fill my space.

The air in the smelt like him. I decided to quench the invisible thirst by turning to see him. There he stands with the couch being our barrier.

My guess was right! I have only known him for a short period. I can pick his smell anywhere like a werewolf in search of her mate.

Philip San!

Night out turned into a welcome party huh? Could you give me one good reason why Philip ought to be in Anna’s good book?

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