16: Yearning


The moment San came into our space, my friend of twenty years, timidly started to till her lips and look down at her fingers. At that point, I knew something was bothering her.

Here we are at a friend’s house which requires her attention, but she wasn’t giving any to nobody.

There and then, I concluded that San! has to be the borderline problem.

When I asked her if she had feelings for San, I wasn’t asking for a definite answer; I wanted a moment of self-realisation with Anna.
The years I have come to know her, Anna would bottle up her feelings to be in control.
Not being in total control is a big deal for Anna.
Even when her parents passed away, she didn’t cry. Who doesn’t cry when a loved dies! Anna handled the situation; she took that pain and studied hard to become who she is today.

Sometimes I try to be her psychic to lose some steam.

Once more, I stared at her and smiled. What are we going to do with you, Anna?

The sound coming from my phone broke my thoughts.

Caller ID: Sunshine.

I gaze from Philip, who was behind Anna to Anna. “She will be fine,” I said to myself.

“Excuse me; I have to take this call.” I walked out to the balcony.

“Hey, partner!” Came from the other end of the call. I chuckled knowing fully well this was an inside joke between Bianca and me.
Two years ago, she had slid into my dm for a business proposition using that phrase. I decided to take a run for it, and the rest is history.

I smiled and responded, “how is my partner doing today? Did everything go fine with your sister?”

I heard her sigh and thought “she must be having a hard time without” “I can take the next flight, do you need me to come over” I asked.

“No, baby, I am fine. I am afraid we will have to miss our schedule dinner for Thursday. I might have to stay one more day. Is that okay?”

She inquired, I could tell that she has her worried look on, and can envision her pacing the room too.

“It is fine baby, whatever makes you happy. I will be fine for one more day. Besides, Anna and Philip are here. I will be busy.” I smiled.

“Oh, Philip! The guy who worked on our stocks? The broker?”

Oh, she finally calms down. My woman is all shade of beautiful. Let me indulge her.

“Yea and he seems to like Anna” I replied

“And knowing Anna’s personality, she’s playing hard to get, right?” Said Bianca.

“Yes, baby. More like bottled up emotions. What should we do?” I asked

“let’s do nothing” she responded.
“Why?” I frowned “if anything they need help. We should help them. ” I replied in defence.

“Anna, won’t like you nosey in her business or relationship. She’s strong-willed, haven’t you got the memo?” Bianca explained. “I will say, let’s create a moment and let them take it from there, but we are not butting into their affair.”

“Yes, boss! We could plan out a vacay while I am in town.” I smiled

” have I told you I love you today?”
“Yes but I don’t mind hearing it all night long” Bianca replied

“I love you sweetheart, and I can’t wait to see you this Friday.”

” Love you, baby. I miss you too.” She muffled back on the phone. I heard her speak someone in the background, must be one of her family members.” Mum sends her regards baby.”

” send my love to her to” I smiled. I can’t wait for her to be done with her management classes for us to get married.

“I have to go, partner.” She said ” goodnight.”

” Sweet dreams pumpkin” I replied. As she ends the call. I gaze into the little sky; a meteor ray dashed into the outer space.

I smiled while I said to myself, “must be fun falling in love. How can you believe that you’re not strong Anna to fall in love with Anna? You need to love and let go of hardship that you have gone through. It is about time to find love, peace and friendship.

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