18:A Pleasure of the mind

Anna POV “Anna!” I heard Ayo call out my name as he raced into the room. “What is wrong with me? Heck! My head hurts so bad as I turned to fill my eyes at everyone in the room. What’s this wet thing on my head? Pheew! Why do I have to show a weak side of me each time I am at a hangout.” … Continue reading 18:A Pleasure of the mind


HE 17:Points

Philip The sound hissed through the night. The dusk expands its silence, and the crickets respond to the call of nature. It’s a great night! And Anna being here tonight makes it more beautiful and overwhelming. John had said a quick welcome party would break the ice. Who is he kidding? Meeting Anna in his office wasn’t our first contact. I should have said something … Continue reading HE 17:Points