18:A Pleasure of the mind

Anna POV

“Anna!” I heard Ayo call out my name as he raced into the room.

“What is wrong with me? Heck! My head hurts so bad as I turned to fill my eyes at everyone in the room.
What’s this wet thing on my head? Pheew!
Why do I have to show a weak side of me each time I am at a hangout.”

” I am fine, Ayo” I smiled weakly. It is not every day you see three handsome men hovering over you with so much care and love written on their faces.

“Thanks, Shaun” while I took the cup from her.

“It will help calm your tummy” she offered

One sip sent my tastebud into tears. “It’s bitter! Yuck!” Eyes squeezed to contain my displeasure.

” Yes, it is. But the drink works, my Ma told me that” Shaun replied.
Philp restlessly stood up from his seat and walked to sit at the edge of the bed. He took the cup from my hand and nudged me to open my mouth.

“You ‘ve got to be kidding me! ” I tilled my teeth at him.

He scoffed and took a sip.
The sudden change on his face brought a slight smile and pleasure to me.

” Dammit, Shaun this drink sucks” he voiced out in displeasure.
The room was instantly filled with John and Ayo’s laughter.

” Thank you” Shaun courtesy like a princess paying homage to the queen.
” don’t hate the creator, hate the med” she went on.

“How is everyone?” I asked, ” don’t tell me the party ended on my own accord?” I went on.

” No sweetheart ” Ayo brushed the hair off of my face. ” the party ended about an hour ago. How are you feeling?” He pouts his mouth, which gave away a stupid look.

” I am fine.” Ignoring the tensed look on Philip’s face, I tried to sit up while I struggled to place a pillow behind me.
” here, let me help,” Philip said.

He stood up and shoved the cup into Ayo’s hand and moved closer to help me out.
John who witnessed the whole scene gave a loud laugh.

“Anna, you’re a queen,” John said giving out his Jamaican accent. “I would like you to take the rest of the week off, two weeks at most.”

Shaking my head with a negative response, he blurted out ” no is not an option.”

” I will help out at the office, ” Shaun said from the doorway.

Ayo hands the cup back to Philp “dude, finish up what you started.” He grinned.

” John is this how you exert your staff?” Philip voiced out

John scoffed at him.
I am not about to witness these two territorial narcissistic scorn or throw a fist at each other. I decided to cough to show my distress.
Philip glanced back at me in despair
” you’re taking that vacation.”

“Excuse me” I frowned at him which did nothing to him. I guess he was already immune to my “you’re not the boss of me stare”.

“Anna, you need a vacay. Bianca and I are planning a getaway. You can join us” Ayo offered.

“No, I am not going to be a third wheel to your pre-wedding getaway,” I said to myself.

Philip saw my distress; I saw the slight worry too. While he kept his gaze on me, he grunts with concern.
” We can go together.” He held my hands to his chin.

” Anna, I want to take care of you. Will you let me?” I gasped at his sudden affection. “Precious little thing! What more could go wrong?” I asked rhetorically. Opening up the scars which my parents’ passing has on me. It will be too much to contain if I decide to go with Philip’s little adventure.
Yes! I could tell this is how it starts. But the question is, will it get to the finish line? Will, I heal or will this affection cause me more pain?

Trying to find the words to say in a situation like this is a hassle. I let go of everything, thoughts, words and actions.

” I love you, Anna, very much” he paused then continued “I want this” he points at himself and me ” I pretty much want us to work.”

” to what end?” I whispered

“A lifetime commitment.” He answered then kissed my hands and my forehead.

” please don’t push me out. Stop fighting your feelings.” He said.
I looked at him with the grin on his face forming into laughter. Joined him in laughing as he could not keep a straight face anymore.

I looked up to an empty room. My friends had left us. He knew! I frowned at the discovery.
“Did the lines work?” He asked pulling me back to reality.

“Pretty much. To ease the tension right?” I inquired ” you have a terrible sense of humour Philip San.” I said

“Not as terrible as this concoction Shaun gave you to drink.”

“Yes, maybe.” twitching my fingers around the bed linen. Philip moved to lay on the bed beside me which made me gasp at the audacity that the man possessed.

” what?” He asked while he ignored my raised brows. ” I am tired. I have only had four hours sleep thanks to your friend Ayo.” He swerved and turned to look at me while I gazed down at him.

“you’re still beautiful in distress. I am glad
We kept your hot temperature down” his hand reached out to touch my face then slightly came down to my lips. His touch was mesmerising.

“Do you put this effort in all your seductions?” I asked sheepishly

“Quite a lot I must say, get some sleep princess.” He said abruptly.
I swallowed my invisible spit. He smirked at my flustered face. He took me off guards ” to what end?” My question came into my thoughts.
As soon as his head touched the pillow, I heard his slight snore.

“He must be truly exhausted.”

At three in the morning, I decided it was time to call it a day. Shaun had come in to check on me, with tea in hand and the grin on her face when she saw San sleeping beside me.
“I should anticipate her mind game theories in the morning”. Laughing at her joke is one thing to deal with, but the mind games are a hassle.
The sound of my system shutting down woke him up. He tossed from his side of the bed to mine. He stood up to sit upright.

“Not sleeping?” Came the husky voice.

” Sorry to wake you up. I couldn’t sleep, so I had to do some analyses” I placed my laptop on the bedside table.

” how many cups of wine did you have last night?” He asked,

” why?” I asked. I furrowed my brow at his question

“Try not to drink when I am not around” he replied with his usual grin which slowly turned into a smile.
I scoffed at his utterance. “You wish. Go back to sleep. It looks like you bumped your head while you were asleep.”

I walked into the bathroom with my shoulders high in defence.

I heard his soft laugh behind me. “Seriously, you need to go back to sleep,” my gaze fell on him through the mirror. while I washed my face.
He walked briskly towards me and hugged me from behind and muttered something in silence.

“Philip San, ain’t you too touchy?”

“Five minutes. Let’s stay like this for five minutes.” he snuggled. I kept my eyes on him through the bathroom mirror
” I was serious about the lifetime commitment with you Anna” he turned me around to face him, drawing me closer to him. He cupped my face, sending tingling sensations to the body. Feeling desensitised for a moment. I inhaled and exhaled slowly, taking in the moment which was so sexy and sensual. I kept my gaze on him while I tried to get a hold of myself which wasn’t working out for me.

” Come to bed Anna,” Huskily said “I won’t bite, I promise” he assured me with a kiss on my forehead with his smiling face. I yanked his hand off me while I stumbled around to find my bearing.

“Yahaaa ” I yelled at him and walked out of the bathroom in frustration.
He’s got enough energy to be swaying my emotions like that! I shuddered at the thought of his lips touching mine.
” Anna you’re shameless.!”
I wrapped the duvet around my head to hide from his teasing laugh which was coming from the bathroom.


Waking up to one more pair of eyes wasn’t what I had envisioned. Besides the one pair of eyes also wasn’t a familiar face. However, everyone was dressed for work. I must be the one dealing them. I Dragged the duvet up to my chin while I stare at everyone.
Shaun taking a few steps towards the bed gave me a reassuring nod then sat close by. Shaun nudged me to take a sip of the drink, this time around it was crystal water.

“Thanks” I mumbled with acknowledgement. ” What time is it? ” I asked her.

” It is past 8 am. And this is Dr Nadia” Shaun stood up and moved towards the doctor. “We figured after last night’s episode that you need medical personnel to check on you. So she’s here to do that.”

I smiled wearily and nodded at Dr Nadia.

” Pleased to meet you, Ms Jules. Ms Young and your friends have told me about the episodes you had last night and six months ago. So, if you would be kind to answer a few questions, then we will go from there.” Dr Nadia said.

” Episodes, ” I said in defence while trying to fake premature insomnia.

” Yes Ms Jules” Dr Nadia replied

” Please, call me Anna,” I said.

” I believe a few blood tests would tell us what is wrong with you.” She smiled to reassure me.

“Okay” I whispered

Dr Nadia turned to the rest of the crew with an affirmative nod. I saw the simple inhale and exhale my friends gave her. Philip was more relieved than they were. His two hands went up to his face to wipe something off his face.
Are you kidding me? I wanted to laugh out, but this wasn’t great timing for me to do such. I kept my face at Shaun and back to the doctor in the room.

John nudged Ayo probably to make him clear the worried look still written over his face.

” Can everyone leave the room. I will like to begin the procedure.” Dr Nadia said.

Shaun hugged me and reassured me that everything would be fine.
Ayo whispered his “goodbye.”
John gave me a fist bump goodbye, but Philip didn’t seem to move an inch.
“And you Mr San.” He looked up with his worry look.

” Anna is going to be okay. Please step outside.” Dr Nadia said.

Too many emotions in one room, I felt relieved when they all left the room. Nadia began the procedures of asking questions:
How am I doing?
When was my last checkup?
Any disease in the family she should be aware of?
How many episodes have I had? “Who is counting?”
I reiterated everything Shaun and others had said.
It took us the better part of the morning to finish up the questioning, my blood taking, my temperature and drip transfusion. Nadia opened the door and motioned whoever it was at the entrance to come into the room.
Philip came in still worried, Nadia smiled with a gleam of her professional enthusiasm.

” Her temperature is a bit high, but I am glad you were to bring I down, considering the chart Ms Young showed me earlier.”
Philip nods in agreement. Nadia smiled and looked at me.

” we will run these tests in the lab and contact you when it is ready.”

” Thank you, Dr Nadia.” I paused to sniff in whatever was trying to come out of my nose then continued ” I appreciate all your effort” I tried to sit up, Philip brushed past Nadia to help me up.

“Thanks” I mumbled.

“That’s okay. I am here for you to use” his response sent a chill to my spine on what transpired between us earlier.

San is so cute.

I smiled at the thought of his cuteness.
Nadia who was observing the whole show of help and eagerness between Philp and me decided to hasten her report.
” She needs bed rest for today, and I will see you later in the evening yo take the drip out. See you Anna” Dr Nadia offered.

” Thanks ” I voiced out.

” Thanks for coming, ” Philip said as he walked her out of the room. While Philip tuned to whisper.

” I will be back.”
I smiled and nodded my head.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this chapter? Tell me your thoughts on Philip’s feelings for Anna. Both seem to be making progress I suppose.
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