HE 19 : Keepsake


“Wow, this house is beautiful. Lovely” Anna voiced out.

“Thank you ” came my response. “But you will need the daylight to see all of it. I promise”
She smiled in response , her gaze went back to the house on site.

I got down from the car and went to the passenger’s side to open the door for her. But before I got there, she had beat me to it and was taking in the picturesque of my house. I smiled and moved to stand side by side with her. This view is excellent. I had never stopped to give my house a thorough look before.let’s say, I was always in a hurry to leave and get into the house.
I didn’t want to spoil the mood, so we stood in silence for five minutes.
Anna is standing right I front of my house! After so much nudging from Shaun and Ayo that she should come to my place so that we could care for her.

Shaun had given an excuse of having a seminar to attend out of town while Ayo had said my place would be more convenient to stay. Not being excited is an understatement.
I will treasure more moments like this to come.

After five mins she offered to take a few of her bags in while I get the rest of her stuff.

“No, you go on. I will get the bags ” I ignored her offer.

“Okay,” she mumbled and walked right in front of me.

She hadn’t complied with the staying, why does she have all these luggage?” I asked myself not expecting an answer. Shaun had told me to go with the flow when it comes to dealing with Anna. Taking all these stuff, it looks like a teenager running from the home with no clue on how to start life.

” did you get everything?” I heard her shout the question from my doorstep.
“I am trying”I yelled back.

This is going to be a long night. I concluded that taking two trips to the house sound reasonable

” Good b’cos it is freezing out here. I need you to open your door for me.” She replied
Shit! The door! I need to get the door. I ran towards the door.

” sorry” with a smile before I punched in my passcode into the system.

” Thank you,” she replied

“You’re welcome. I will get the rest of the bags.” I said while I dashed out to my car to get the bags.
I heard my dogs barking; I figured I would feed them when I have Anna settled in.


“Touchy much,” I said to Anna who was startled at the sound of my voice in the room.

” I am so sorry. I couldn’t help myself; the picture is so beautiful.” She said with a big smile on her face. With her temperature down she felt at home but not sure about her feelings for me though.

” Thanks, I got that as a souvenir on my tour around Europe.

” It is nice. Europe? ” she seemed interested in the conversation.

” Yes,” I walked around the couch to the shelves where my books and souvenirs were stacked. “And it was fun.”

” What took you around Europe, work or pleasure?” She squats to pick up a keepsake I got in Romania.

” Fun most of the time but I got to work so I could save “I replied.

” And this” examining the keepsake. ” how did it come to your possession?”
” I traded my shoes for that,” I replied
Raised eyebrows at me ” heck! ” she laughed out

” Yea! Heck! You want to hear the details?” I joined her in laughing.
She nods still trying to contain her laughter.

” so, here I was at breakfast at the inn I was staying. In came this young boy of eleven in some wretched wear. Probably was seen or had come through the kitchen. There, I was he asked me for some penny.” My gaze didn’t leave her as she curled up on the couch while she listened to my tale, she nudged me to go on.

” I couldn’t resist asking him about his family.”

” what did he say?” She cuts in

” He had no family and had just run away from an orphanage which was nearby.

” Must have been tough” she cuts in again.

” I figured it must have been a living hell for him to look that wretched. So, I bought him breakfast and gave him some money then left him. The next day, I woke up to see him sleeping in the lodge’s hallway. When I asked why he came back, his reply was quite hilarious.”

” What was his reply?”

” He needed a keepsake from me to trade with that” I pointed at the half-moon necklace that Anna was holding. ” when I asked, his reply was to remember me. That I was a good man. I gave him the shoes.”

” Do you still keep in contact with him?” Anna asked as she tried to hiding her feelings.

” Yes. I pleaded with the lodge-keeper to let him stay with him and learn to cook. Amar said he enjoys cooking and wishes to be a chef.”

“Amar is a beautiful name.” She said

” Indeed” came my response. “What would you like to have for dinner?” I asked her

“I think, I am fine for now.” The ping sound from her phone distracts her. She slides the screen with her thumb to read the message. Staring at the frown and bitch- resting face gives me the situation of things.

“Is everything alright?”

“Yea, Dr Nadia asked to drop by tomorrow” she raised her head up to ask for a favour but decided to shove it off. I concluded she needed a ride to the clinic.

“Yes, I will drive you. What time is your appointment?”

“At noon. Thanks ”

“Cool, come let me show you to your room.” I offered. “We should call it a night. Are you sure no dinner?

” Yes, I perfectly fine. Ate at Shaun’ s remember?” She smiled not expecting my response.

We walked past the dining room then down the hall to the closest room on my right.

” Here, we are.” I touched the doorknob to open the door.

” Wow, this view looks pretty” she was lost in engulfing the picturesque of the room. With her mouth agoging the whole scene, she slowly walked her way to the window. Then turned ” nice. ”

” Thanks. I love it. ”

” Your welcome.i will leave you to unpack. Meanwhile, the bathroom is on the left. And call me if you need anything.”

She nodded, I shut the door after me.
I chucked at the excitement behind the closed door then went up the stairs to my room.



I starred from my sleep at the sound of the noise coming from above. I turned and extended my hand to grab my phone from the bedside stand “12 am” scoffing at the screen of my phone. “What’s with the noise and why is he awake?”

I thought the house should be if anything soundproofed.i hate to be oken from sleep by loud noises creates an imaginary headache for me.
I tried contemplating how to get out of bed in my nightie but discarded the idea of having San see me like this! it proper! Not even lady-like I shrug the notion from my mind.
Since its late and San is probably in his room, I decided to take a raincheck and get me some late night sack while I watch a movie.
I got out of bed, wearing my comfy faux fur shoes which serve as my inside shoes, I grabbed a longer robe to cover the tiny lingerie I had on and went into the bathroom to do an immediate business before heading to the kitchen.



After a few minutes, I made my way into the big kitchen. Switching on the kitchen lights brought the view into perfection, the furniture from the cabinets down to the big fridge/ freezer and cookers with the foursquare burners looks exquisite both in taste and style. San does have tastes in home models, and housekeeping too. I had the only glimpse of the kitchen when we arrived; I decided I should take a tour of the kitchen while I fix myself a sandwich.

The cabinets were filled up with kitchen appliances and foodstuffs too. Damn! He sure knows how to take care of himself. He also looks healthy!
the items in the fridge and freezer confirm my notion of “being healthy.”

I chuckled at the thought of rummaging through a guy’s kitchen on a full moon night with only lingerie and faux fur shoes on my body.
I smiled at the thought of drinking a bottle of wine with the sandwich I was making but thought I shouldn’t drink because of Nadia’s rules. I licked the peanut butter off the table knife and turned to wash the knife.

After washing the knife, I placed it on the rack, then went back to my sandwich sitting on the kitchen slab. One bite brought back an invisible aura usually have with sandwiches, I rarely have a sandwich but when I do it is always incredible.

The second bite left me in full surprise as my eyes and Philip’s eyes suddenly met at the kitchen’s door. Slantly, he stood in his usual smile, in shorts, and I must add shirtless in silence with his hands folded and legs crossed.

I let him keep his gaze on me while continuing with the second chunk of my sandwich, chewed on it and drank water to recover my shame.

“How long have you been standing there for?” I asked took another bite.

“When you licked the peanut butter off of the knife.” He smiled unfolds his hands and walked into the kitchen.
” oh” was the only word that came out of my mouth.

To think that Philip has been standing there all along, “the floor should please open up and swallow me”I let out my embarrassment with a puff, which sent him into chuckling. I looked me thoroughly from head to toe. If only he knows I have nothing on me except this tiny linen and shoes.

” You do have a cute side, Anna.” He walked past me to grab a bottled water from the fridge. ” So, your stomach couldn’t keep still?” He asked rhetorically

“I would have you know that you were the one who woke me from sleep,” I said in defence.

” I did.” After gulping the water into his body. ” I didn’t think I was loud. I am genuinely sorry for waking you up. I could put you back to sleep if you want” he offered.
I couldn’t help but think far on his offer with his shirtless body.

He is so hot!

I wish I could take — his shorts off? No, maybe steal a kiss or have my hands down his chest!


“Anna stop drooling”— or have him grab me into his arms and kiss me senselessly.

We stared so intensely without moving an inch it seems we’re about to drill a hole into our foreheads.
Now feeling so hot within, I licked my lower lips, giving my lips a little bite to stop me from daydreaming.
Philip all smiles poured more water into my cup then offered me to drink. I staggered to get my bearing ” Thanks” I took the cup from him and swallowed the water.

“I will see you in the morning. Or you can come up for the lullaby ” He smiled, closed the fridge and went out the door leaving me speechless. I rummaged my fingers into my hair, in an attempt to cool off. He sure knows how to flirt. Shaking my head, I retrieved bottled water from the fridge.

Twice, he has got under my skin! I deeply exhaled.

Intense! Right?
Let’s take a breather! I love this kitchen! I fell in love with the features so, decided to use it. 👌
I love writing about Anna and Philip. They are too good for each other!
I trust you enjoyed this chapter. Please do leave your thoughts in the comment section. I would really love to read your feedback And your votes mean a lot to me, it serves as a daily motivation to write.
Have a lovely week!


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