20 Life As We Know it….


“Tell me doc, what is wrong with her.?” I heard Philip ask as he went into the office. I peeped in a hurry I decided to end the call with John.

“John, I will call you back in the next hour.”

“Okay, go on with your appointment. “John replies from the other end of the phone.

” Bye” I end the call with a sigh. Time to brace me up and hear the test results. Philip won’t stop being frantic until he confirms the findings. Shaking my head at his pace in Nadia’s office, I decided to let myself in.

” Hi Anna, ” Nadia stood up then walked around her table to hug me. ” It is good to see you. You look well rested.”

“Thanks” feeling anxious, I tried to restain her tight hands on me, which didn’t help much. “Are the results out?” I finally asked while I took a seat close by.

“Yes, and I will have you know that your hormonal levels are a bit” she paused for a moment to click on the Pc screen. Then a chart came up on the projector in the room. ” as you can see your hormones are… I would say okay but not really where the hormonal levels should be. Which explains the episodes you have been having.”

Philp’s focus was more on me than the screen. I felt the worried gaze at me, why does he hurt so much for me when I haven’t given him my response? I returned my gaze on Nadia, with a nod for her to continue.

” I will prescribe some medications. And these are mostly supplements to revive the hormonal levels. Then we can run some tests in three months.” She smiled.

” Why do I need to run another test in three months? I thought the meds would boost my hormones?” I asked defiantly, I know the response, but I do not want to come back to a hospital. I despise hospitals!

” We need evidence that the supplements am about to prescribe worked. It is nothing scary, Anna” she reassured me.

I am not scared!
I looked around me restlessly.

“Thank you very much Doc” I heard Philp talk to the doctor. Now, he finally speaks! I Furrowed my brows at him, which he completely ignored and continued his talk with Nadia.
” we will be back in three months time,” he said, then nudged me to take the prescription slip from Nadia while he helped me with my bag.

“Thanks, Doc Nadia”

“You’re welcome, Anna. And call me Nadia, I feel like I have known you forever” we both laughed and hugged. Philp nudged me towards the door after we both said our goodbyes to Nadia.


“Where are we going?” She asked me after waking up from sleep.

” Home, I didn’t want to wake you. Did you have a good nap?”I asked her; she still needs to sleep some more. Her face looks sleep-deprived.

” Yes, the nap was okay.” She stroked the loose hair off her face. ” how long was I out?”

“an hour.” I crossed the lane, driving through an underground road which seems pretty dark, I can’t see her face, and I can’t tell what she’s thinking too
“Oh shoot!” I heard her scream
” what, what, are you okay?” I asked in haste.

” I was supposed to call John back after out appointment with Nadia.” I heard her scribbling through her bag. I imagined she was looking for her phone.

“Oh, you can always call him back once we get home.”

” It is about a meeting; I can’t risk to miss it.” She replied.

” That’s fine, here call him from my phone.” I hand her the phone.

” Thanks” she dials John’s number from my phone which went straight to the car’s hands-free speaker. John had better keep the conversation casual. I smirked

” you’re smirking, ” she said

“Is that a bad thing?” I asked

” No, what were you thinking?
” nothing” I grinned

“You smirk when you have a crazy thought Philip” she continued which made me laugh.

” You don’t say?” I faked a gasp. Now, on the freeway, I made a right turn into a mall’s car park.

“I thought we are heading home?” She asked. I was about to give a response to her question John picked up the call.

“Hello Phil, how you doing?”

” oh sorry, it is Anna.”

” Hello Anna, how was the appointment?”

” It was great, thanks for asking.”
” No hiccups I hope?” John asked. I chuckled at his question, so typical of him to ask such.

“No surprises” she answered.

“Good. Good” John said

” Sorry, I didn’t call back. How was the meeting? Did our client take the offer, I proposed ?”

” of course, Anna you’re the best at what you do. Don’t worry get all the rest you need, and we will continue to hold the forth out the end. Okay?”

” Yes, boss.” She smiled.

” And I will see you back in the office in two weeks,” John said

“Alrighty” Anna chuckled

” Philip thanks,” John said, then hung up.

” dude couldn’t wait for my response ” I gasped as the call ended, Anna laughed hysterically. She seems happy, that’s all that matters. If I have to make a joke out of myself to keep that smile on her face all the time, then I would gladly do it a million times.

“What?” She asked as he wiped off the tears which her laughter has caused.

“Nothing, you look beautiful when you laugh. Not that you’re not beautiful but more …” I tried to find the right word ” charming, like a young lass who experiences the thrill of joy at her first catch at sea.”

“That sound poetic” smiling she unhooked her seatbelt and turned to look at me properly ” tell me, are you flirting right now?”

” Did it work?” I smiled and unhooked my seatbelt too.

” Not really, I don’t do poetry.” She continued to tease.

” Tell me, madame, what bugs you up?” I teased back.

Her gaze cut through my eyes, I saw the little sparkle lit up. She touched my cheeks with both hands and cupped my face bringing it closer to hers. This is fun, this adventure, this teasing and flirting are what I live for at the moment. Anything to make her feel safe with me. Anything to make the wall built in her heart cracks up.
She whispered ” Philip San… You bug me.” Then kept her hands back to herself. That was refreshing.the snail went right back to her shell.

I smiled with a thought to her response. “I sure do bug her. I am glad I do. Now, do I bug her in a good way or a bad way?” I continued my mental check. Smiling, I turned to open the door; then I felt her hand holding me back.

“Not going to ask me why?” she asked.
” Not really” I grinned. let her stall for a while. ”

Now, can we get your medications so we can head home and continue this?”

” Okay,” she dug the prescription slip from her bag and handed it to me “you go. You’re my helper for the next two weeks” smiles sheepishly

” At your service.” I took the slip and came out od the car ” I will be back ” I said. She responded with a nod.

The ride back to the house was short. I wanted to make it longer, but I had to put Anna and her health under consideration. She needs rest. Shes sleep deprived too.

“Thanks for today” she jolts me out of my thoughts.

“You’re welcome. I am glad I could be of help, Anna” I reached for her face to flick the hair back to its place. ” Lunch?” I asked.

” Mmm,” she replied, ” sandwich maybe.”

” you need something more than that, you’ve got meds to take, Anna,” I responded.

” Its supplements Philip quit being bossy” she shoved at the car door, grabbed her bag and left for the house.

I watched her walk to the door; I must say, I am speechless at the attitude she just gave me but, I am willing to let it go. Fine, the meds are supplements to boost her hormonal level, why should we have a fit about that?

Mood swing is an issue for Anna, a femme fatale I can’t resist having to myself. Each day, spent with her brings more characters to light, and I am pleased to have her to myself.

I joined her at the front door; a plan to tease her came to mind. I smirked at the shy, witty, woman beside me then said:
” Couldn’t get your way in?” I teased her.

” Yeah, it’s your house remember?”

” I could give you the passcode if you want.”

“Nah” she shook her head.

” Why, you don’t like such a commitment?”

I watched her laugh her way into the house. “Common, Anna I am serious” I dropped the car keys and mini groceries on the outlet counter. Then approached her, leaving her with no room to move. Now, that her back was on the walk, I let my hands out to grab her from slipping away.

” Why not?” I asked again with my eyes on her. I saw the little line evolving from her neck down to her neckline. She swallowed an invisible spit which made me whimper.

” We don’t have that commitment, to begin with. Your passcode is a lot to deal with Philip San.” She replied.

The response deflated my ego. I let go of her, with my gaze still on Anna. Reached out to her face, there were many emotions to read.

Oh Anna, what am I to do with you?.

” Okay, we should take it slow. How about a second lunch date with me?”

” Like right now?” She asked

“Yes right now”I chuckled at her fast response.

“But, we just got in.”

” who said we have to go out to have lunch? I will make your sandwich and grill some ribs and potatoes.”

Her face lits up, now that’s what like to see. ” go freshen up, while I get lunch ready” a kiss on the cheek sent her rushing up the stairs to do my bidding.
Just maybe, I couldn’t be sure of what goes on in her fantastic head.


Philip can be sweet, chilled and cocky at times. But, this side of Philip is what we all want right? šŸ˜
I enjoyed writing this chapter. I hope you all like it too. Drop your thoughts in the comment cos it gives me the morale to carry on.
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