21: Like a Mysterious Being.

Brace yourselves. This is one exciting chapter, and more are yet to come.☺
One love πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–


“Tell me how the holiday has been?” Shaun asked me from the far end of the store.

“It has been great.” I rummaged the rack in search of a comfortable outfit. Shaun had called to hang out after lunch with Philip.

” did you find anything?”

” No, Shaun can we leave?” I cried out.
I must say I hate shopping. It gives a headache. Shaun smirked sheepishly and continued with her ransack. ” When you asked to meet, I didn’t envision lingerie and outfit shopping.” with raised furrow at her she continued to ignore me.

” What about this one?” She raised a burgundy bodycon dress for me to see.

” too tight and revealing ” I replied

” common” she ran towards me. ” This outfit is perfect for a date night. Trust me you will need it very soon.” She nudged me to take the dress.

” I doubt it”I gave it back to her then went to the rack opposite me.

” No way, check it out” she kept following me like a cute puppy. ” my intuition doesn’t fail me.” She continued.

” don’t you have consultations today?” I tried to deviate from the topic at hand.

” Nope, now wear the outfit lets see if it’s your size” nudged me towards the store’s fitting room. Once I was inside, I contemplated on wearing the dress. “I will get more dresses for you ” Shaun yelled.

Sometimes, I want to strangle her for pushing me to do tasks I wouldn’t usually do. What can I say, we have been together all through our college days. We are like humans with a symbiotic attachment. I smiled at the notion, Shaun mustn’t hear me describe our relationships like an amoeba or enzymes.

The knock on the door startled me. ” shit” I muffled

” how are you doing in there? Everything okay?” She asked.

” Why don’t you take a breather with your questions. I am fine. ” I said.

” Nice. I brought more” she threw three outfits to my side. The first was a plain blue shirt. The second, a strapless purple bodycon dress and the third was drop-dead sexy lingerie. The type of lingeries you probably see at online stores like fashionnova. Shaun! I screamed inwardly, what is she trying to do. Whatever she’s thinking I am not up to the task.

” I know purple is your favourite colour and it seems to match your body type.” I heard her say from the other end.

” what did you buy for yourself?” I asked while I put on the purple outfit.
“Me? I am fine. I have some dresses I haven’t even worn for months. Let’s say my wardrobe doesn’t need a makeover. But you my dear, you need it. Especially now that you have Philip around” I heard her chuckle.

” We are not an item, Shaun.” I defended

” Not Yet! You will soon be ” she laughed as I opened the fitting room door, she continued with her psychic observation.

” We are not dating. He is someone I need at the moment that’s all.” I kept my cool at her.

” months ago, you were searching for him, and now that he is right under your nose, you ‘re in denial. What do you make of that?” She offered.

” I didn’t think we would meet so soon. I was only going to stalk him.”
Shaun’s mouth was in awe as she heard me speak. The “stalk” must have thrown her off because the Shaun I know is never speechless.
” Am I weird?” I asked on our way to the cash section.

Shaun gaze on me took about a minute before she responded ” Yes, you’re very weird Anna. But I love you. So, please wear these outfits when you need to, and do not leave the poor guy hanging.”

I smiled at her innocent pout. Shaun is life energy she zaps out the life force to argue with her. She knows how to get to me. Every time!

” That will be Three hundred and fifty dollars, mam.” I heard the cashier say. You must be kidding me. I turned to look at Shaun, who waved out her two hands on the air. I took out my credit card from my purse and tapped on the POPs.
I like to spend frugally; sometimes I forget I make six figures income in a year, but life in college has taught me lessons on how to spend with a budget. This shopping spree is off my budget, and Shaun knows it too. Hence, the hands in the air, like ” deal with it.”

” Would you like your receipt in the bag?” The cashier continued

” Yes, please “I replied

” You have until two weeks to return. Thanks for shopping with us and have a beautiful day.”

” Thank you, ” I said. Shaun and I left the store for the car park.

” Thanks for dragging me out. I needed it to cool off.” I entered the car.

” To cool off? Is everything okay at Philip’s? ” Shaun asked

I sighed then looked at her “It’s exciting. I have to say he can be cute and witty sometimes.” I replied

” Still gets under your skin?” Shaun smirked

“Every time. ” I wiped the sweat off my face. ” one minute I think I know what he is thinking and the next minute, I am unsure. Like a mysterious being.”

Shaun laughed out.” Oh my, you’re smitten by his personality. So what’s stopping you from devouring the alpha male?”

” It is not funny, Shaun. I find him to be conflicting. He is a good man; I do not doubt about him….”

” Then what is stopping you” Shaun cuts in

” Because I am scared “I voice out.” I am scared that these feelings will be short-lived. Everyone eventually leaves me.”

Shaun hesitated to talk before she packed the car on the side of the road. She kept calm while she had her gaze on me.
” Anna, we have been through these process. No one is leaving, okay? Philip is a great guy, from what John has told me he has had his share of trauma. And I don’t see him bottling his emotions like you always do.”

” What?” I tried to regain myself ” Trauma?” I asked

” John didn’t give the full information; you should ask Philp when you’re ready to commit.” She turned on the ignition ” lets head home. I promised Philip that I would have you back home before six. And I am not going to fall out of his good book” she smiled at me.

Trauma! Whats Shaun is not telling me. I should do my research because it seems everyone is putting me in the dark.
” Yes, we should head back.”

After dinner, Shaun left for John’s house. I decided to help out with the dishes, but Philip won’t let me. He asked that I get some rest considering the day’s event at the doctor and shopping spree must have left me with little energy. I said my good night and went to my room.
The thought of hearing Philip’s trauma still bugs me, I decided to send Ayo a text to see if he knew anything about it.

Hey, am I seeing you tonight? I kind of miss my best friend.

I sat on my vanity chair before a text came in

Hi, pumpkin, I miss you too. No, I am not coming in tonight. Bianca is in town. We are at the hotel. I know you need me, but I found a replacement.

I smiled at Ayo’s text. What a witty brain.

Just know that allowed her to have you. By the way, do you happen to know about Philip’s trauma?
I replied to the text. A few seconds later, I got a text notification.

What would you like to do tomorrow? Should we have a third lunch date? Sweet dreams. ~~~~~~Philip.

Damnmit, another date? I haven’t gotten over today’ s date. I smiled sheepishly at the text. Then Ayo’s text came in.

Trauma? That’s a first. I know he isn’t too keen about his family. Let me know the full details. Later pumpkin, your replacement is nagging. πŸ’–

I smiled at the knowledge of my best friend teasing me. And what a cute emoji too. Now, if Ayo doesn’t know about Philip’ s trauma, who else knows?
John isn’t telling Shaun anything that leaves me no choice but to ask from the horse’s mouth.
I stood up from my vanity chair, grabbed my outer nightwear then head down to the basement where I heard music playing. It was soft music, more like the genre that calms the mind.

Philip was seated on a couch with a book in hand. He seems to be engrossed in whatever he was reading that he didn’t hear me come in. The room was filled with books. This must be his study, looking at the picturesque before me, I marvelled at the diverse knowledge he ought to have gained from these shelves filled with the books.
I walked from one end to the other then turned back to look at him; he didn’t flinch until I gave a slight cough.

” Hi,” he said. Sitting up, he smiled at me. ” when did you come in?”

” a minute ago,” I replied. Then moved towards his desk. ” you have a beautiful home and library, Philip.” I grabbed a book from his desk Modules of Investments. ” what is this about?” I asked

” various methods of investment. Basically for beginners. I took it out for John. He needed some insights on a project we are working on at the moment.” He smiled and took the book from me.

” wow, it is great. John is doing some readings while I am on holiday.” I replied

“Yes, everyone is filing in for you at work.” He said.

“which makes me a lazy bum.” He laughed at my outcry.

” Anna, don’t beat yourself up. The company is active without you. And you sent your quota this afternoon remember?” He offered. I like when he boasts my energy, makes me want to tell him all my fears and aspirations in life. Maybe I should just let him in. Just perhaps whatever I fear may not happen.

” Are you okay?” He has the usual worry look on his face. “Did I say, something wrong?” He asked

” No, you didn’t. Thanks for your kind words.” I replied

“You’re welcome. Now, I know you didn’t come down here to hear about investment strategy. So, tell me, Anna, why are you here?” This time his voice was inquisitively husky and daring. His gaze was all over me, the big space between us suddenly became smaller. He had moved swiftly to my side of the desk, leaving me no choice but to stare closely at him.
I lost my voice in momentum, while my eyes went from his face down to his lips. I lost focus while I stared at the sexy lips which evaded my thoughts.

” Anna” I heard his mouth move transfixed in my thoughts I found my lips locked to his lips.
We kissed for a few seconds; he held me back to look at me ” Anna if you don’t say it. I won’t touch you.” He said with a slight smirk on his face.

” Some fifty shade, Mr Grey,” I said

” I need to hear you say it, Anna. What do you want?”

At that moment all, I wanted to was to cradle him and cuddle him while he kisses me in unimaginable ways.
” I want you, Philip San. I want every bit of you.” He devoured my lips without a forewarning. He kissed me on my lips. Feverishly I felt his lips on the nape of my neck, earlobes and back to my lips. He held me like an egg; our body came together like a heartbeat.

He carried and dropped me swiftly on the desk. He smiled at me once more, then devoured my lips again. He worked one hand to my back, while the other hand was up to my cleavage. I whimpered as his cold hand on touched my body. I met his lips with the same desire his body did when I felt his bare chest on me.
“I want you now, inside of me” I voiced out.

” not so fast” he teased his hand up only lips then went back to his swift moves of gazing at my cleavage while he slides the tiny nightgown off my shoulder.

I kept my pace with him as had my hands all over his beautiful body. He touched me in unexpected ways, ways I had imagined him to. He was slow and steady, each clothing he took off, he seems to drink in my body. He sure knew what he was doing.
I gasped as hands went down to my legs. He took slowly took off my socks, then kissed my toes while he smiled up at me. He grimaced at his touch and descended on his knees in front of me with his gaze still on me. Unexpected gasp and whimper caught me off guard as he fingered my clitoris, he saw my gasp and teased ” no panties?”

I blushed and tried to close my legs in embarrassment. He held them back and continued to work his fingers into my folds. He grabbed my ass closer to him and kissed my inner fold. I grabbed his head as I grasped.
He was going to give me head!
I couldn’t contain the surge within me. He kept his slow pace at savouring his hands in my wetness. I felt my vagina tingle upon his breath. Viciously his mouth met my fold. I called out his name in earnest. ..

*purrrrrr!!! Meow meow. Woof, woof!!πŸ’–πŸ˜
I have to say; I am happy about this new development between Anna and Philip. Its been a long time is coming toβ˜ΊπŸ‘Œ Tell me your thoughts in the comment.

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