22: You’re My Annie!


He drew the wool off my shoulder, down my arms. “You’re lovely” He pressed a kiss to one shoulder then the other.

“Just fuck me already” I moaned. The ways his hands and mouth are on me could make me blow up.

“Badass Annie”

Annie! is that some pet name?

Whatever! I am not about to think through the name just yet.
I smote a sigh as he necked me, then whispered into my ears “you’re so beautiful,you’re my Annie” his fingers drove into my vagina. I held on to his shoulder to get my grip.

Then he suddenly left me seated on the desk and went around the office, opened the top drawer of his desk. His eyes held mine in place, with his usual smirk. He held out a stack of the condom. A short laugh broke out between us.

“Must be pleasing to have stacks of condom lying around your house.”

He grinned before he replied ” isn’t it fun? I only have to walk a distance to get to it.” shaking the stack in the air.

“tell me, the hidden places Philip.” I inquired

” now, where is the fun in that.”

“smiling as he moved closer towards me.

Just then I noticed he still had his pants on and the little Philip was waiting to be free. On second thought it isn’t small, my view confirmed itself when he took off his slack, and the magnum stood before me: waiting to be pleased.
Stretching out my hand to touch him, he pulled farther away.

“witty brat.”

He laughed out at my outburst and upon calling my name, moved swiftly in-between my legs. His dick was just closer. Very responsive to my touch, Phil, gave a slow hiss upon my every contact. I was smitten to own such experience.

“I am glad; I could do this to you ” smirked my way up to his eyes. They were on me; I could only imagine what was going on in his mind.

Tonight isn’t just having casual sex. Tonight I want to experience a path with him. I want his genuineness and relatively all of him.

I took a condom from the stack then tore at it with my teeth. A slight smirk formed on his face with an amazed gaze.
” What? I see it in movies.”

“I didn’t say nothing ” with a southern accent. Philp drove his hands into my hair and playfully ruffled it.

” come, on keep still”I offered

Coughs “yes, mam” scoffed ” your hand tickles, are you sure….”

” sheesh” I cut him off, my eyes fixed on the condom sliding down his dick
” let me….”

” Sheesh,” I said. ” this is awkward, can’t seem to fit it in” He held my hand and slid the condom in.
” there” smiled, pulled me closer and slides into me.

“Shit…” I held unto Philip as he rode slowly.

” I love you, Annie.” He kissed me and kept a pace as he explored my body with his hands and mouth.

We met each other with so much intensity like our lives depended on it. His touch brought warmth to my heart. He cupped my face in his hands, and I felt myself tremble. I touched my lips to his and heard his sigh. It was a moment I knew he would always remember. I felt his acceptance, desire and our vulnerability as one.


A little shaken as I lay her on my kingsized bed, I climbed to join her with a grimace.
She was naked, but the shyness was gone.
From her gaze she wanted me to touch and taste and look my fill, just as she was driven to. My body must be a fascination with muscle and taut skin. I never imagined a woman would respond so utterly as she did. At the moment, I want to badly take her up and over again and again, until she was limp and mindless.

” You’re quiet.” She murmured

Her eyes were closed. She wasn’t ready to open them again ” I don’t know what to say ”
” How about ” Wow.”

” Try for more enthusiasm. How about ” Fantastic, incredible, earth-shattering?”

She opened her eyes now and looked into mine. “How about beautiful?”
I caught her hand into mine and kissed it. ” Yeah, that will do.” When I propped my elbow to look down at her, she shifted. ” Too late to be shy now,” I told her. ”

She nudged at me; I laughed at the sudden tug at me.

She sighed, while I hugged her closer.” Are you okay” I asked her.
” Yea, I am fine.”

” I didn’t hurt you?”

” No, you didn’t.”

I kissed her on the forehead and held her hands.

” go to sleep sweetheart, and yes, it was breath-taking ” A slight grin emerged on her face as she fell into a deep sleep.


Waking up to a sudden sensation on my lower half wasn’t what I had imagined my day would begin. I stirred to my right, Phil held my right foot in place. In a halt, I felt another sensation.
It took a moment before I knew what was happening. Phil had woken me up down there. Omg! This man has no shame. I grinned at the knowledge of such a sensation.

” Hey, beautiful.” Stroking my hair, he laid beside me.

I grinned at him “Hey. Why did you stop?”

” I only had the intention to wake you up.” He pressed a left hand above his head.

” perv”
I laughed at my tone

“You do have your cute and crazy side, Annie.”

He snuggled closer, and I could smell his scent. I must say, I have gotten accustomed to his smell. Lavender.

” You smell great” I blurted

” Same as you baby.”

” naked and unharmed?”

” indeed milady” he teased

” Any plans for the day?.”

” You have to ruin the moment?” he sighed while he kept my body in place.


” Spending the day with you. Now, where were we?”

” You’re a strange man, Philip San.”

” more than likely.”

” You know your legs are lovely,” he kissed my left feet than the other. ” I don’t suppose I could talk you into putting on a pair of shorts and those little socks that stop at the ankle.”

“You’re a strange man ”

My tone had him gather me in his arms, covering my face with kisses.
” I have a thing about long legs in shorts and socks. I drive myself crazy watching women jog in the park in the summer. When they colour-coordinate them, I am finished.”

” You’re crazy.”

Come on, Annie, don’t you have some secret turn-on? Men in muscle shirts, in tuxedoes with black tie and studs undone?”
” don’t be silly.”

“Why not?”

Why not indeed, I thought. Catching my bottom lip between my teeth. ” well, there is something about jeans riding low on the hips with the snap undone.”

” I will never snap my jeans as long as I live.”

I laughed out. ” that doesn’t mean I am going to start wearing shorts and socks.”

” that’s okay. I get excited when I see you in a business suit.”

” no, you do not.”

” Oh, yes I do” he rolled me on top of him and began to play with my hair. “Those slim lapel and high collar-blouses.” He stroked me on the face and down to my breast, sending a nomadic sensation to my thighs.
I remembered the nagging question that led to this fantastic moment; I decided to push it to another day. There is more to the name and facade that San displays and I intend to find out.

I was immersed in writing this chapter. It brought out both Philip and Annie’s witty nature. I love writing about their love and companionship. What are your thoughts about Philips trauma?
I welcome your thoughts in the comment.
As always, thanks for reading.
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