23. “Thats Savvy, I like it”


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With the two weeks vacation almost over, I had to relieve myself of some office activities upon Dr Nadia request.

As I looked outside, I could see Philip on the patio making a call. He seemed pretty much at ease now that he knows about my health issues and his hovering over me all the time is an understatement. He needs to resume work asap!

Over the past week, I have had to call John several times to help call Philip in to resume his duties, but John has turned deaf ears to my complaint. They all seem to be in on it, to get me rested and off work. I must say its funny to be cared for, all my life I have had to care for myself.

And the sex …hmm, the thought of it, sent chills to my body.

Last night, our conversation didn’t end the way I had planned. I had in mind to ask the nagging questions which Shaun had planted. Which seems to be germinating pretty fast.

But, Philip saw it as a wise opportunity to inquire about my childhood, which escalated real quick to yet another mind-blowing sex.
Dude makes me high on so many levels.
If I am going to commit to this- whatever we are having, then I need him to be more open about his family. I have gone through his library and rooms, without signs of pictures except for the souvenir he had with the boy from his Europe trip.

My gaze returned to the man on shorts with sunglasses on his face, on his patio, pacing slowly with the phone glued to his ear. The sight seems drinkable, quite sexy I must add too. He turned to my direction and waved when he caught me staring his handsomeness.

I waved back then resumed my story reading on Webtoon. I was startled when I saw a shadow close by; I must have been lost in my web reading.

“Dammit! Ayo, when did you arrive?”

He laughs hysterically “I am sorry to scare you, scary- cat,” he said, ” I just arrived, I figured you would be out here by the pool.” He continued.

” Yea, Philip said I needed the sunshine.”

“Yea, you do. You have been staying indoor the most. ” he sat down with me.

” Did Bianca’s flight leave?”

” Yea, it took off before I left the airport.”

“Love is a beautiful thing, handsome” I teased him

At the sound of a beep, Ayo took out his phone to check his messages. There was a brief silence before he resumed his questions.

” Love huh?” He looks at me with “I know that gaze” then continued ” Tell me, do you have your fill with Mr San yet?”
I playfully nudged him on the elbow.
Yes, we have had some fill of ourselves. But who is counting?

” I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Hahaha, yes you do Anna. That’s the face of a person who is hopelessly in love.”

” No, I am not”I defensively turned my gaze back to my tablet.

” Yes, you’re Anna. And I am glad; you’re starting to heal.” Ayo said convincingly

” What!”

” Common Anna, look at him up there on the patio. He is a good man, and he is not going anywhere like your parents or Aunt and Uncle. It wasn’t their fault to leave you all alone by yourself.”

” I don’t know what you’re talking about, Ayo” I continued in my defence. ” who are you to say such things to me.” I stood up panting heavily ” You have no right!” I took my phone from the table and ran into the house. It felt like a panic attack.

What is wrong with me? Am I having a panic attack right now? No, if anything, I shouldn’t be having an attack. Anna, just breath.

Holding my chest in panic, I heard footsteps behind me but didn’t turn to look at who it was. I will not have Ayo lecture me.
My feet left me. Strength was gone. I found myself on the floor, hands on my face tears streaming down. I must have cried for a minute before, someone cupped me up and carried me to the couch.

” Anna” Philip huskily called my name. ” Pumpkin, what’s wrong?”
I head unto Philip, in an attempt to get my breath back.
I covered my face in embarrassment, when did he get here, I didn’t hear him come down the stairs.

” Dude, what did you say to her?”

I peeped within my knotted hands; I saw Ayo standing by the door, while I was still in Philip’s hand

“Told her the hard truth, San ” Ayo replied, he left us and went into the kitchen.

Philip tried to seat me up on the couch, but I wouldn’t let him.

” You don’t want to sit?” He asked me, I responded with a nod.

” You want some hug?” He asked again

“Yes, I am too embarrassed ” I finally said.

” Anna, I have seen you in your worst days. This is no embarrassment. ” San replied.

I sniffed and smiled up at him “this is awkward.”

” Awkward is the new sexy Anna” he wiped off my tears with his hands. ” Now, tell me what he said to make you angry?”

” Some hard truth, I guess.”

“Yes, pumpkin” Ayo replied from the doorway with a slight smile. I smiled at him, here is my friend who tells me things I need to face. Hard Truths.

I haven’t thought about the impact my parent’s death has on me from my childhood right up to my adulthood. I had always shoved it off for some later days; now the day is upon me how do I get it over with? And here is Philip San, who isn’t ready to let his dark secrets out- if he has any.
Anna, let’s not jump into conclusion.

I gazed at Philp whose eyes hasn’t left me. I cupped his face with my hands bringing his face down to my level; I found myself reaching for his lips and at a glance I did. I kissed him! I didn’t mind the third pair of eyes in the room, only San and how to get over the hard truth mattered.
My hands slowly released Philip. The look he gave me was quite surprising, he drew me closer and locked his mouth back to mine.
Just then we heard the doorbell ring……..


Philip kissed me one more time before Ayo came back. Ayo gave a slight cough drawing our attention towards him.

” I hate to be the mood breaker. But you both might want to see who is at the door.” Scrolling down the phone in hand.

” Please, get the door on my behalf.” San gave him a smirk, as his eyes averted my reproachful eyes, to do Ayo’s biding. However, knowing who Ayo is, he won’t get the door at someone’s house except mine. He calls it a personal affair. I smiled back at Ayo then returned my gaze to San. I nudged him to open his door to whoever was at the door.

He held my hand to walk with him. I sighed then reassured him with a smile while we walked towards the door. His body tensed as he looked at the profile in his home monitor, hanging close to the door.

” Are you alright?”

Philip nods and smiled.

” Are you expecting anyone?”

” None that remember ” he pressed the door button, the female voice alerts us of someone approaching the house.

Meanwhile, Ayo was still on his phone without any care in the world. Bianca could be the best explanation. Dude is heels about her.
Philp pressed the doorknob. His body remained tense as we had the guest approach in view.

A female version of San approached us in white and black outerwear, with a matching bag and sunglasses. Purr, she ozzed of a femme fatale, her carriage was unexplainable, yet captivating.

She wore a red lipstick which exposed her luscious lips and finessed her high narrowed cheekbone. This lady is a visual statement in high abandonment.

She left me flawed in many ways, I had always thought to be best dressed, but right now, I feel intimidated to want to hide behind Ayo. Phil, kept his hand on me, to stop me from my next thought to dash out of sight.

Does he read minds too?

” Hey Phil” I heard her high pitched voice.

” Hey, Sunny. What are you doing here?”

Who is she?

Feeling a pang of jealousy
“Come, on. That’s not the best way to welcome me, brother.” She gave a witty response.

Philp’s sister? A family? Finally! Yes!
” You know there is something called a phone and why humans use such technology, ” He said

Sunny sighed and touched her brow
” do I need to call my brother before visiting his stead? I was in town, so I decided to drop by. You know what Ma says ” its a waste of money to sleep in a hotel when you have relatives in town.”

She gave a smile, took off her outwear. Now, she wears
A blue turtleneck gown.


“Aint you going to introduce me to your friends, Phil?” Exposing her clear English accent, so posh I must add.

” Hi, I am Ayo Daniels ” Ayo approached her with his casual smile. ” Nice to meet your acquaintance, sunny.”

” my pleasure ” Sunny offered Ayo a handshake

“This is Anna….” Sunny cut in..

” Is she your girlfriend? ” her British accent became evident with her question. I blushed at the question.

I haven’t given a name to our relationship, not yet but I do know Philp would have no objection to any terminology.

” Your brother and I are friends. It’s nice to meet you, Sunny.”

Shaking his head, San decided to help Sunny with her travelling bags. She smiled down at her brother and me before proceeding to the inner room, which will be as her room for the next few days.

Ayo hovered me, as we were alone in the kitchen. He poured himself some wine.

” What’s wrong with you Fishhead? Stop with the hovering; it creeps me out. ”

Ayo purred and meowed like a cat, flashing his lashes at me like a kid who wanted to have your five dollars ice cream.

” You were going to dash out upon seeing her right?” He asked

I know his mind games, and I refuse to offer any response.

” I don’t know what you’re talking about” faking my usual smile, itched my nose.

” I know you, pumpkin. I have known you for twenty years. You lie whenever you itch at your nose.

” I do not.” Scathed my nose again

” Oh yes, you do.” He laughed out.

” So, his sister? ”

” I know right? He’s never talked about his family. I doubt if he ever makes a conversation about them.”

“Have you asked him about the trauma case?” Ayo queried

” not yet, I haven’t found the right moment to inquire” took his cup of then sipped the content.

” ain’t you on med, should you be drinking?”

“It’s supplements. Please, don’t hassle me like Philip. I have gone weeks without my favourite drinks. You know water tastes bland.”

Ayo looked at me with much concern in his eyes. He could tell I was going through a lot. He gave me the rest of the wine in his cup

” must be hard. Drink up before your nurse comes back ” I assumed the nurse was Philp.

We both laughed at his silly thought.

Ayo held my hand and peeked it

” Sweetheart, you have his heart, body and soul. We have a family” points up the stairs. I imagined Ayo was referring to Sunny, Philip’s sister.
“get to know him through her.” He continued.

I smiled then, gave the nod.
” He doesn’t look like he is leaving anytime soon. He is a gentleman, and I know that too.” His eyes went down my body.

“What? You can be such a perv when you want to be”

” I am just saying” he shrugged with a smile. ” You own it, Anna. Pls, try to define your relationship with him.”

” when is your flight back home?”

” Why? Are you tired of this face.?”

” would be best if I can ship your mouth back and have your pretty face for a while.”

“Hahaha, funny. I love you too” Ayo replied

” She is knackered and won’t be coming down until dinner” Philp voice came to from the doorway.

” Is she alright?” I asked

” Yes, exhausted I suppose” his hand inside his pockets. He has a shirt and a flip-flop on his feet.

Is he about to go out?

” Oh, that’s understandable.”

What is with the Queens English? Is San a British national?
More questions to ponder.

” I am heading out to feed the dogs. you want to join me?”

” I will pass on the offer. I need to take this call” Ayo excused himself, leaving us both.

” Sure, let me change my outfit.”
He stops me midway

“You look perfect. My dogs won’t mind besides the den is closer than you think. Here” he offered his jacket from the rack and shoved a jacket on himself to keep warm.


” You’re welcome.”

Few minutes into feeding the dogs, who have grown on me. Philip broke the silence

” ask me ”

” huh” lost at his words.

” I know you have questions to ask. Ask me.” He replied.

” I certainly do, but I don’t know where to begin.”

” Let me help you. ” he smiled, I felt the weariness, he suddenly feels vulnerable to look at me.

He continued to feed one of his dogs, Mick, while I feed the other dog named San.

“Sunny, is my step-sister. She’s a top model; her work takes her places. Shes mostly jetlagged half of her stay with me, you won’t be seeing much of her.”

I swallowed at the vast information that had just left his mind. I suddenly turned to look at him once more. His face was emotionless. A reminder that his family brings him so much pain to numb him off of any emotion.

” How many siblings do you have?” I asked

” four siblings. Two-step brothers and sisters.”

” Are your parents divorced?”

” Nope. I lost my dad in a plane crash. Mum remarried and got herself, three other kids.”

That explains his need for attention. Hugs and cuddles. A younger San was deprived of love at a tender age.

” Is sunny one of your stepsisters from the other marriage?”

” Nope”

” huh” raised eyebrows

” Adopted by my mum and stepfather. They tried for two years to give birth, but it was fruitless. They decided to adopt, then brought Sunny home. She was Ten, while I was fifteen. My other four siblings were teenagers when my mom became their mom.”

” you don’t strike me as someone who likes to share.”

” I don’t plan to share you with anyone ” grins at my curious eyes.

“At what age did you lose your dad?”

” Thirteen years.”

Omg, he had just turned a teenager. It must have been awful and heartbreaking to lose his dad.

” When did your mum remarry?”

” Six months after his death.” The last word broke the cord. I could feel slight anger from it. I tried to discard the intuition that he wasn’t happy about the union. I instead ask straightforward questions than making assumptions.

” What exactly are you mad about? You seem to have a great and supportive family” I queried.

” Looks can be deceptive on the outside.” He glanced at the sky and right back at my squatted self.

“What do you mean?”

” I don’t have a happy family. ” he grinned at me ” come on, let’s go inside, we don’t want to add cold to the list.”

I smiled at him, squeezed his hand to reassure him that his words are safe with me.

” I have three nationals, British, Malaysian and American. I tend to juggle them all wherever I find myself or to whoever I deemed fit. ”

” That’s Savvy. I like it.” Gave him a back hug ” Thanks for sharing your story. I could tell it wasn’t an easy story to share.”

” my pleasure, Anna. I took a chance on you to share my story with you. The very moment, I opened the door at Ayo’s birthday party.” A smile formed on his face.

“You’re a strange man.”

” Indeed” he turned around to hug me then kissed me on my lips. ” I love you, Anna, you bring the best out of me. You’re the kindest being in my life. And I am not saying it because of the sex and all” he paused to search my eyes. “I have always loved you. Call it love at first sight.”

I love you too. But, there is the hard truth I haven’t let go of… Aunt and Uncle weren’t the most beautiful people to live with, but they did take care of me before they sold my parent’s house and left me on the streets to fend for myself. It took me weeks to get the facts that they weren’t coming back. Thanks, to Ayo’s parents and the community for their love and care. How do I package myself and love someone else?

” I am always going to stick around for your response” he jerked me back to reality. I smiled and kissed him again.

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