25: “Must be old money”

Hey, care to slow down the door is not running away and whoever is at the door…” He paused as his gaze went on the home monitor.

” Shaun?”

” No” his gaze still on the monitor.

” who is it?” I asked him with raise and eyebrows.

He swallowed hard ” good radiance, my sister ”

“No, the other one.”

“Oh” was all I could let out. This weekend must be a tough one for him, his family showing up unannounced must be tiring. Phil hesitated before he pressed open on the monitor.

“Oh, Philip” she exclaimed as she let herself into the house. She seems different from Sunny, an older version of Sunny. She dressed pouched wearing leather from her jacket to the mittens in hand. Her booties were high end, pricey I must say. The whole outfit and luggage in hand scream out “Money.”

Must be old money

” Hi, Natalie” he kissed her on both cheeks ” didn’t expect to see you until next month.”

Does he have plans to meet the family? Did I miss something?

” Well, here I am with Thanksgiving coming up I figured I should show up. You haven’t spent the celebration with us for a while now” she hangs her jacket on the rack then our eyes met.

” it would be nice if you all let me in on your plans before showing up at my door.” Phil muffled. Natalie ignored him and smiled as she moved closer.

” Hi, I don’t believe we have met. I am Natalie James ”

James?? Oh yea, different fathers.

” Anna Jules. Nice to meet you, Natalie.” As I was about to stretch out my hand, I found myself in her embrace.

” Oh Anna, it’s so lovely to meet you and to keep my brother’s company. He is not a dickhead I presume?”

“He is not ” we both laughed at Philip

” Alright, enough jokes about me. Let’s go inside, would you mind tea or coffee, Natty?”

” Tea please, it’s freezing out there. Is Sunny home?”

” Oh no yet,” I responded. Phil held my hand to calm my nerves.

” Oh I see” her eyes swiftly went to our folded hands and back at me with a smile.

Oh, she seems nice! Should I be wary of her?

” Phil, the tea ” she walks into the kitchen then sat at the dining.

A notification sound pops up. She smiled at the screen then swipes down the screen.
Phil held the chair out for me to sit across from Natalie, who was still busy on the phone.

” Do you mind some tea?”

” No thanks ” British and tea time can’t handle that. “Coldwater would do.”
” Natalie, how was your trip?”

She drops her phone on the table, folds her hands then her focus was on me.
” Oh, dear, it was the most exhausting trip that I have ever had to take in my lifetime.”

” Natty, a few hiccups on your trip can’t be that bad,” Philip said

” Not complaining brother.” Felt the sarcasm in her tone.

” I am glad to meet you, Natalie.”

The smile on her cheeks blossomed like a sunflower at the touch of a rising sun.
” So tell me, Anna, how did you meet my brother?”

” we met at an event, a friend’s birthday party.”

Just then Ayo climbed down the stairs with the phone in hand.
Speak of the devil himself. I smiled at him. he smiled back at me then gave a “who is she look?”

“beautiful, a friend’s party. Glad to meet my brother’s friends, I have never met any since college.”

” Why is that?” I queried

Natalie looked at her brother and grimaced ” I suppose he is a private person. But there was this one girl, he would always come home with” she paused then continued we thought they were going to be married but it didn’t turn out well. Our hopes were shattered ” Philip scoffed at her response.

“I didn’t think you showed interest in my friends, back in college.” Placed a cup of tea on the table, he poured me some cold water.

” meet Ayo” Philip nudged Ayo ” Ayo, Natalie, my sister ” sips his tea

” Pleased to meet you, Natalie.”

” likewise ” Natalie beamed at Ayo like a cute pup asking for a treat.

So sad, is this dude is taken

” I thought Shaun was in, that’s why I came down to say hi,” Ayo said

” She is on the way.” Raised my cell phone ” just got a message from her, shes fetting takeout and wine.”

“Aww, she shouldn’t have gone through the stress” Ayo responded.

” My treat” I replied with a smirk.

” So tell me Natalie, who is older you or him” Ayo nudged Philip

” Six months older ” she smiled.

” What is it with you dude?” Phil playfully smacked him at the back.

” Do they do this often?” Natalie whispered.

“Every time”


Few minutes into our game time, Shaun and Sunny both walked into the house. When Sunny saw her older sister, Natalie, she screeched and ran to hug her. The pouched Sunny was all gone, what we saw was baby Sunny with her arms wrapped Natalie.

“You’re so mean. You calked in the afternoon and didn’t tell me you were in town.”

“I had no intention to miss your classic entrance. I have missed you dearly” both hugged once more.
“It’s a full house, San” I whispered into his ear.

” I am sorry, this wasn’t how I planned to end the weekend. Of course, would have liked to cuddle and have sex with you all day. ” he wearily smiled and kissed my forehead. ” Shaun is waiting, enjoy your girl talk.”

” I am not sure it will lead to that yet. You have guests to attend to.” Kissed him back.

” Pls get a room” Shaun’s voice came from behind me.

” Hey, how was the ride?” I replied while guided her towards my room
” It was great, and we are staying in the sitting room?”

” No, they won’t miss us much. I want us to spend the time together besides Philip has guests. I won’t indulge them and leave you out; you need me.” We both smiled in acknowledgment. I like that fact, we could relate without much talk, the process is starting to have with Philip. I hope he is alright by himself. Anyways, whatever it is, my focus should be on Shaun, she needs me to handle whatever is going on with both of them. John can be a dickhead, sometimes…

I know this chapter is a filler didn’t add much to the story, and that’s because I have the flu(eyes are itching and watery. ) can’t spend a lot of time

on the screen👀👀 , And I had to give you all an update (really love consistency in life👏). Anyways, please subscribe, comment and share.
Thanks and enjoy your week.


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