24: A Work of Fiction


The talk about my family with Anna wasn’t easy for me. I had figured I would let it out someday but not this early in our relationship- relationship if that is what it is at the moment.

Anna has been an incredible presence in my life after dad’s death. And yet she doesn’t know that I hold her dear to my heart. Now, with Sunny in town, I should be expecting more of them in the city. And when I mean them, the whole clan. Inevitable to deal with.

My gaze went to the figure coming into view, Sunny… Talk about the devil herself. My mini-lil bunny of a sister. I gave a slight smile at how lively she made our family to be. The moment she came into our home, she made a connection with everyone. Natalie, Jonah and Nathan stopped fighting with mum, and all focus was on Sunny. I have to say; she brought a glimpse of hope to our household.

I scoffed and let nature take its course.

” Hi, brother” casually walked in

” Hi, Sunny. You find your room comfortable?”

” Yes brother, stop being formal.” Sits on the edge of my bed. ” Mum called, by the way, she wants me to relay a message.”

“And what might that be” I am not in the mood for any family tell-tale.

” Something about your dad’s anniversary coming up.”

Yeah right, I didn’t think she still enjoys visiting her ex-husband’s grave.

” Okay, I will call. Anything else?” I walked towards the door.

“No, that’s all. But, I would like to ask a favour.”

Here we go, does she ever fend for herself? Don’t get me wrong. I love to help my dear ones- including sunny; she has a beautiful spot in my heart. I think she gets overly attuned to my help.
“Let’s hear it out.” I turned to look at her, I see her on her bathrobe and flipflop slipper. She seems quite awkward which sent a little smile to my face.

“So, Its a weekend I was wondering if I could use one of your cars to move around the city. I would appreciate it.”

“sure, when did you get your licence?” I asked without hoping for a reply.

“I am twenty-three, not five Philip. And if you must know dad taught me how to drive when I was sixteen.”

Sunny replied. She aimed at my cheeks, gave me a pouty mouth ” Thanks, bro. See you around.” Walks out of my room.

I smiled as she walked away. She sure knows how to get her way. She struck me as Anna does. These women have a thing at getting what they want.
Speaking of Anna, what might she be up to this morning. I shut the door and walked down to the kitchen to get a bowl of popcorn and soda. A sudden urge came to mind, to share time with Anna. I shut the fridge and climbed the first floor to find Anna.


“Shaun, you’re impossible.”
I heard her hysteric laughter via the phone.

” Its the fact, if he doesn’t want me around while we are at work then I won’t make myself available.”

” I know he means well. Probably under pressure with few clients not willing to merge and the conference coming up too.” I tried to calm her down to see John’s point of view. I love my friends, but it gets hard when both are bullheaded to compromise on trivial issues.

” Where are you, Shaun?”

” I just got home. Why did you ask?”

” girls’ night?” I asked. I miss her, especially her antics and psychic questions. And I also want to be the shoulder to leans on at this very moment

” I could come over this evening if you want?”

” That would be lovely. I will be sure to let San in on it” I smiled at the thought of his name.

” so, tell me… ” I know what she’s about to find out, but I let her ask anyways. ” any progress with you both?”

I rummaged through my unkempt hair, sighed ” you know, we are good. Communication is apt at the moment.”

“That’s my girl” I heard her warm laughter then smiled as I saw Philip within my reach. He has a bowl of popcorn and two cans of soda in hand. I have to say he looked ravishing with his hair out of place and short revealing the v-line too.

” Hello…” Shaun’s voice diverts my attention back to her.

” “Hey” I tried to relax my nerves while l kept my cool at him as he stood by my door with a smirk on his face. The boy knows what he does to me all the time. Thank God, I don’t blush tomatoes when am in his presence.

” Cat got your tongue?”Shaun queried

” Sorry, I got distracted ” I see Philip’s lips coying into a low laugh. Then continued “let’s talk when we meet, Shaun. I have to go.”

” Alright, princess. See you soon and hello San.” She ends the call.

I looked from Phil and back at the phone in hand.
What the heck! She always knows … Is she some Alien?

“Shaun has a good antenna in those things, called ears” sat on the bed beside me.

I smiled at his witty comment, gave him a peck on his head.
“She does.” Our laughter filled the air for a minute. But his gaze didn’t leave mine then he held out the bowl of popcorn and sodas.

” To what do we hold the occasion for?”

” Comfy time and I figured you would want some company.” He responds

” Don’t sell yourself short.” Took a pop, slides it into my mouth without averting my eyes from his. One thing I have come to cherish with San, is our eyes getting locked in all the time. We see what we want to express without words. We know that we want to say, without uttering the words. Which works best for someone like me who doesn’t know how to express vivid romantic expressions. And I appreciate the fact that he is willing to share this eyes-locked in moments with my humble self.

” I want to… Still heading out to town?” He moves to rest his back on my headboard.

” Planned to but Shaun wants to visit this evening. I don’t want to go out and come back looking tired. I have missed her, much. Tonight, I wish to give her all my attention.”

” that sounds fair” pops in popcorn and chewed on it. ” Sunny, is heading out for the day.”

I turned to look at him. ” does she need a ride?”

” not from me. She asked for one of the car keys. She will be fine.”

” Are you sure? Your sis is in town I hope am not intruding on the time you need to spend together?”

” Never, you’re not intruding on anything. If anything Sunny is a bit of an independent person. She knows her way around New Jersey. She’s not a tourist, and you need your nurse at your beck and call.”

The comment Ayo and I made the other night about him being a nagging nurse came to memory.

” You heard us?” I laughed

” clearly. Where is he?”

” He should be in his room with his earpiece plugged into his ears. Sorry” I mouthed the words

” That’s fine. I enjoy every time spent with you, Anna. You should get used to my nagging.” Moves closer then hugged me from behind. ” let’s watch a movie before Shaun gets here .”

” umm… Not a movie person.”

” what?” he released me then looked into my eyes ” who doesn’t love a work of fiction?”

” well, that’s the point its fiction.” This time I had my hand on his cheek.

” Do I get to change your mind?” He pouts

” maybe” I laughed ” but can you not pout whenever you want something.”
” not when it works on you, Anna.” He nudged his nose on my cheek. ” You smell great.”

” Are we still talking about the movie?” I asked.

” Yes, this movie” his hands cupped my breasts and sent kisses to them.

“You will be the death of me, Philip.”

” Gladly” shoved my gown up and down his head went…… His lips danced on me like gravy stuffed in Thanksgiving turkey.

Ouch! Oh, what a typical reflection of spending time together. My heart gasped at this moment of physical need towards Philip. A small wall seemed to have cracked open.

Hi, lovelies😜yet another fun filled chapter. I hope you liked it…..reading this chapter because I did. I was laughing the whole time. Come, on who doesn’t love a witty fellow like Philip and his attempt at breaking every possible wall in Annie’s(Philip’s voice) heart. I must add, Anna is remarkable at letting in and letting go of hurt and pain caused by her parents passing 👌
More exciting tales from Shaun and John POV.
And maybe, just maybe a lil family drama to sparkle this tale…. 😆😂( l love to play devil’s advocate sometimes).
Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section.
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Have a wonderful week 💖❤❤

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