27. Pumpkin


“Hey, babe.” Said the soft voice behind me. First its a view I have known all my life – preschool, grade school, middle school and college and most importantly for twenty years.
Gosh, he’s so cute when he wants to.. Why didn’t we ever date? Maybe because I value our friendship more than a relationship. Yea, maybe. I turned to look at him.

” Yes, Pumpkin ”

” Someone is happy ” entered the room.” What’s up?” He asked

” Packing..” He cuts in

“San told everyone that you’re leaving tomorrow. Can I tag along?” Gave me a drop-dead smile that he thinks I could not refuse.

” Pumpkin, I will have to give you a rain check on that, am leaving to resume work.” I grabbed more clothes from my latest shopping and threw them in my box.

” You don’t love me anymore? ” I tried to process the reply for his comment but couldn’t find any. He is such a baby.

“Ouch! that hurts.” He pressed his hands to his chest and fell on the bed. I dropped the piece of cloth and joined him, by landing on the bed. We both laughed at his ridiculous action. Ayo is a cute baby, we both are babies in adult skins.
Gosh, how we loved to play as kids. I owe his family everything. The woman I have become today is because of our friendship, family support and the community. A community sure makes a child.

“let’s go on a date to compensate for your trauma ”

He burst out into laughter, ” You do know I hate going on dates?”

” I thought that ordeal is in the past?”
” Still working on it” sat on the edge of my bed with his back in the headboard.

” wait, but you go on dates with Bianca, shouldn’t that have stopped traumatizing you?”

” Bianca helped me in our early days, and I am grateful for her kind of spirit and warmness. But it still comes in flashes. ”

Suddenly, I held my friend, to assure him. I have to say this ordeal has been with him for the past ten years when he got stood up by his ex-girlfriend. The day flashed before my eyes.

It was during college days I had just gotten into our dorm that was also shared with Shaun. Ayo was excited to see me and give me great news. Whatever it was that I was bout doing was forgotten, at that moment I was all ears to listen to my best friend’s story.

“What is it, Ayo?”

” She finally said “yes” he jumped up like a little kid who just got his wish granted by Santa Claus.

” Really? really?” I was beyond excited for Ayo, he had been crushing on this girl for months and to finally see this goal happen, I was happy. The Moment was amazing.

” So what are your plans for the future?” Trust me, am all about dating with future at hand. Ayo looked at me and smiled.

” Anna, I just asked her out. No pressure”

” If you say so, I m just saying”

” Thanks, dear. I love you ” he replied and went into his room to make a phone call.

Six months into their relationship, Ayo found the right time to build his feelings, involvement and commitment with Jasmine. He thought it was the right time, last year in college; he knew it was time to settle down, build a home and family. Time to pop the question.

That fateful morning, he had asked Shaun and me to avert Jasmine’s attention to ourselves while he grabbed a tuxedo from his room, he had shown us the engagement ring too. Everything was planned without the intended bride’s knowledge. All we had to do was send Jasmine on a date to the address that Ayo sent us via SMS.
An incaplable, flushed and sad face walked in eight hours later. He was devastated. Jasmine didn’t show up to the planned engagement date, and her mobile was switched off.

We searched the school for weeks and months but no sight Jasmine. We even went as far as hiring a private investigator; it felt like our life depended on finding Jasmine because Ayo was in a lot of pain. Shaun and I needed to see her…ask questions. All effort was futile. It felt like Jasmine was wiped off the face of the earth. Good thing the ordeal didn’t ruin his amazing grades after graduation he went on a vacation for four months and came back to his old self… A witty, selfless, devoted and charming young man. However, under the skin of his lies a man who isn’t psychologically ready to rekindle with dates.
I smiled at Ayo while we still held hands.

” Okay, let me know when you’re ready to go on a date with me, Pumpkin.”

He smiled and darted his eyes at me. ” I call you Pumpkin you know that right?”

” Don’t ruin the moment. Besides, I can call you whatever I like.” I took another cloth to fold.

” I should start calling you “Annie” too” a rush of blood ran through my face, taken to my loins. I went red like a ripe tomato.
He shouldn’t call me that, he’s not allowed to, else I will start thinking about sex with Phillip.

So, shameless.

” What’s wrong, are you okay?”

I snapped out of my trance
” Yes, I am perfect,” I hand fanned myself ” is it just me or is it too hot I here?”

” I am not hot” Ayo smirked, ” Anyways, we should call it a night.” He crossed over to my side and hugged me, then whispered ” Hot flashes looks good on you Anna. And I see Philip written all over you.”. I give him a slight shove. He laughed with his gaze on me ” more hot flashes.”

” Ain’t you leaving?” I tried desperately to cover my face from exposing my blush as it intensified.

” Tomato red.” Laughs as he turned to leave, he said “Goodnight, Pumpkin.” He chuckled while he gives me a last look, then left me standing in an embarrassing state.

Ayo! I grunted

Damn! He pulled a knot; I felt the lingering sensation in between my legs, I laughed out. I must be a tough nut to want sex right now when I should be packing my stuff.
I landed on the bed, grabbed my oho e end sent San a text
” SOS” yea, I am in dear need of his attention.

His text came in” How may I be of assistance, mam.”

So British, I can’t help but smile.
” this ship is about to sink; this is a call for help.” I grinned at my text.who is this new Anna? Where did the old Anna go?

Another beep, I chuckled as I checked the text. ” Let the Pokemon captain save the ship. A ship can’t have two captains.”

Oh my goodness, he is a jealous one.

” Fine, I will find my pokemon captain,” I pressed send, dropped my phone on the best then rolled over to continue my packing.

My back was towards the door I hurried to finish my packing. I saw the notification light come on, on my phone. I decided to ignore it while I end the preparation and wash up and go to bed.
Upon my zipping up my luggage, a hand held my waist from behind. It was firm and the instant I knew who it was.
I turned to see his face while still locked in his embrace. He was on his short, shirtless and breathes unevenly. I raised my eyebrow to query his heavy breathing.

” I didn’t get your reply to my text so, I had to run down the stairs towards you” So, typical San!

” Sorry,” I pouted then continued “My hands were busy.”

I tried to process his action while he relaxed. I have to say his action rendered me ruthless- ruthless for love.

” Thank God, I thought you were mad at me.”

” No, I wasn’t”I grinned at his confused face which was starting to relax by the minute.

” Good, because this captain is here responding on the SOS call.” His reply threw me off with laughter.

I responded in salute ” Thank you, Captain.”

” So, How can I be of assistance madam?”
I smiled at his selflessness, then made him sit on the bed while I moved my luggage out of the way.

” I can help with that” he offered

“pssst. ” I shushed him

” Sorry, ” mouths the word.

“Pssst” I chuckled when he raises his hands in surrender.
Now, my packing all done and bags out of the way. I approached my partner with a grin on my face, sat on his lap… He folded his hands around me and had his head in my cleavage.

” You smell great” he inhaled and exhaled my body.

” I am sweaty Philip. I could use a bath.”

” You sweaty body is a meal to me, Anna” he held my hair in place, then kissed me on my cleavage.
Philip carried me up; I could feel his groin on the butt, we smiled at the knowledge. Let’s run that bath, shall we?” I nodded in response.
Bloody Anna, I must be tomato red. I felt the hot flashes then tried to hide my face on his shoulder, while he carried me to the washroom.

” Shy much?”

” No,” thank God, he can’t see my face right now because I can’t help but blush at his comment.

” How are we doing captain? I asked as he placed me down on a small stool in the washroom.

” Doing great and it will be perfect in time.” He smirked, ” when I warm up the water.”

” a little bit hot pls.” I requested grimacing. You know that myth about the female gender always using boiling water to bath? I think I am one of them because I can’t stand cold water touching my body and San is about to witness the myth. I chucked

” A penny for your thought? ” he asked as he turned to me.

” nothing, I love this view” I clasped my hands together. ” Its lovely, healthy and I bet its nourishing.”
He averted his eyes, raised eyebrows then looked around him ” Wait is this conversation about me or someone else?”

I moved swiftly towards him then held his waist ” This conversation has always been about you, captain.”

” Yea, just making sure ” he nudged my nose with his then kissed my lips. It was sensual; I kept holding onto him even while he wanted me to get into the tub.

” Anna, you wanted a bath.”

” I want you too. Please get in with me.”

” You and I know we won’t be having a bath if I decide to join you.”

” I’ll keep my hands to myself,” I snoozed on his face to make him hurry up with his decision.

” Who says I would be keeping mine to myself?” Darted eyes he took off his short and went into the tub leaving me with my surprised expression.

” Shit” Philip jumped as I turned on the hot fuse to warm up the water to my taste.

” I like my water hot” I shrugged then took off my bathrobe.

” I thought this was my ship?”

“Aye, captain.”

” Come here.” Philip grabbed me. ” let’s sail this ship.” I chuckled. I hope we don’t wake the whole neighborhood with our noise. He reached for the sponge and soap to start wiping my back.

As he ran clean water on me, came his kisses on every part washed. ” You’re so graceful Annie… And beautiful inside, out”

How long does he think I would keep my hands to myself when he’s all charming?
” I love you, Philip, “I blurted out.

Shit, I wasn’t going to say that. ..yet! What was I thinking?

Philip turned me around to stare at me; he must have heard it too. “Did I say the L” word or not” he stared in disbelief.

I knew it he wasn’t expecting it. Was I too fast? I knew he wanted to take things slow, love and cherish me… I hope a not trying to push him away?
Now, he’s reading my facial expression, gosh that “L” was unexpected. I feel awkward right now.

When I decided to avert eyes with him, he held my face in place.
” I love you, Anna. I always have. It’s alright the conflicting emotions are healthy okay.”
I nodded then he continued ” I am the luckiest man right now.” He yelled out.
” Don’t worry this house os soundproofed, my sisters won’t even hear a word or your purr and moan.”

” You’re a strange man, San.”

My feeling was beginning to warm up with his feelings too. It was a relief actually to blurt out the word.
Philip held me closer, running his hands up and down my body. He paused at my perked nipples and smirked. ” I am happy that I am the cause of these changes. ”

” “Don’t push your luck, San.”

” I want to.” He locked lips with me to shush me on whatever I was about to say. Words left me as he took me in the bathtub, ecstasy was profound when we moved together with rhythm.
Gosh, who knew my sex life would be this amazing. We met with passion as we neglect the water on as a hindrance.
I held onto his shoulder while I rode his dick into the night. His sudden moan tells me he’s about to cum and I was reaching my horizon too.

The perfect way to end the night.

Philip moaned as his headrests in-between my cleavage.

” Perfect” he murmured

I tilled his chin to look me in the eyes; now he smiles at me, more butterflies yearned in my stomach.

” I love you, Baby,” he said and hugged me tightly to himself. ” Now, let’s have that bath.”

” Sure” I kissed him back with the same energy.

Anna finally said the ‘L’ word, yippee. I am excited as you are. Don’t forget to tell me your thoughts.
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