30. “Trickish”

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Anna’s (POv).

The minute Philip and I arrived at the hotel we said our goodbyes in hope to meet in an hour for our lunch date. I called Lilian who had my client on hold on a video call at the moment.

“HI, my apologies for the hold” I gave my professional smile which I hope was convincing enough.

“Hello, Anna,” Sam from the pharmaceutical company said then continued “Lilian gave me a hint on why we are on hold. Your flight was smooth, I suppose?” I smiled at his inquisition. Over the years, Sam has been more than a client to our company.

I gave the nod in response to his question. “So, did you have the chance to go through the policies and regulations for the new medication?” I queried

” My lawyers are going over it. I should get the feedback by the end of the day.” he smiled at me. Just like me, Sam likes to be thorough with business dealings, especially with this new product. I can’t believe John is willing to invest in pharmaceuticals, whatever happened to other business dealings like entertainments or communications. I sighed then looked at the screen with Sam’s worried face on.

” It will be fine Sam. Once it passes the clinical trial applications, then we can be sure to invest. Consider it like other products we have invested in”I tried to reassure him. he nods in response

“Thanks, Anna. have I ever told you that John is lucky to have you as a co-partner ?”

“I am flattered, Sam. thanks for your kind words.”

“You’re welcome. Bill will call in a few days I hope that you will pick up this time?” he asked

Bill, his first son whom we attended business school together. Like I said Sam is more than a client. For years, he has been trying to hook up his son and me together. I smiled at Sam’s witty question.

“I will be sure to pick up if it is about investment” we both laughed at my response.

“You’re a handful, Anna. Do take care and enjoy your trip.”

“And you too, Sam. fewer worries too.”

“Bye, dear.”

“Bye, Sam” the connection goes off.

Philip is in for a lot of competition.

In silence, I prayed that Bill doesn’t call even if the call has now been an inside joke between Sam and me.

Thirty minutes are gone, I decided to freshen up before Philip ends his meeting with whoever he had to meet on the seventh law firm acquisition.

My man is a multi-billion

I felt chills run through my veins while I tried to come to terms with this new development. Putting a call through Lilian, a soft knock came in from outside our hotel room. I frowned then cut the call and sent her a text instead.

“Who is it?” I asked as I approached the door

“Room service,” said the female voice

But, I didn’t order anything yet, in my hesitant to open the door, rummaged my mind…. it cant be the stalker? We had just flown over to another continent. My best option would be Philip’s special treat. I smiled then opened the door for her.

” Hi, my name is Rhoda and welcome to Rhodes island.” courtesied smile plastered on her face.

“Nice to meet, you Rhoda” I smiled back.

” I came to issue a welcome package to our VIP. it is a complimentary package for all couples who have travelled far and wide to our hotel.

“Huh” was the only word that left me. I drank in what she said.. from the spa to shopping discounts and free rides to all resort centres. Is this why Greece is a lovely place to visit, mama mia? I claimed inwardly.

“In the meantime, enjoy the fruits and wine. I shall be back to get your order for your lunch date, ma.”

“Thanks, Rhoda and please its Anna” she courtesied without taking my offered handshake and left the room.

Phew, it been a long ride and I am left with ten minutes to bath and prepare. I rummaged my scattered hair. “No, fresh cloth to even wear,” I said out loud. Philip didn’t give me the chance to pack some toiletries and change of clothes. I will have to wear these clothes again.

I turned on the bath water while I wait for the water to hit the average temp. I scanned the bathroom all in black colour. The exquisite setting it brought out reminds me of Ayo Daniels taste in exterior which was his reason to take over his father’s real estate management. The sound from my phone distracts me from my thoughts. Philip was calling; I smiled then picked.

“Are you ready?”

“Not even close. The meeting took longer than I expected. I am sorry.”

“That’s okay. I can wait. ”

“Did your meeting end as you hoped it would?” I asked. I heard him sigh before he replied

“I have to go over a few things before the handover. ”

“I am sorry to hear that, Philip” I played with the infinity chain on my neck.

” Its okay, just a few precautionary measures we usually take before any acquisition. I will see you in a minute.”

“Sure, I will be waiting” He ends the call. I got into the bath to relieve my stress.

In a few seconds, the bathroom door opening jolts my mind. I froze on the spot.

There he was standing and smiling as he looks down at my form in the bathtub.

“Hey, beautiful ” he smirked

“Hey” trying not to meet his eyes. ” You didn’t say you were close by.”

“I did say “see you in a min” he squats to my level, then playfully, flashed the water from the tub on my face. ” I missed you” kissed me on the lips

“Missed you too. I will be out in a min.”

” What’s the rush?” he starts to take off his shoes and pants ” I want you right now, Anna.”

“You’re joking. we have a date to attend”I tried to divert his attention from my body which seems to do little to no help.

“How about the lunch turned to dinner?” he enters the water to join me
I laughed out ” how about we eat and come back to this”

Philip nosed me with his nose then kissed me on the lips. ” I want this first, ” he said huskily. Then his fingers walked their way into my folds. I met his needs with my gasp as the sensation engulfed me.

“Sex in the bathtub. What a great move San”I teased him. Pulling away from me, Philip looked at me as laughter surged out of him in which I joined him too.

“I aim to please, Jules” he smirked at the feeling he was instilling on me. I grabbed him close then kissed him more.

“Good aim” I smiled as his mini-self met my fold. We rode together as one, bodies emitting the sensation of longing, trustworthiness and love. I met his needs sexually as I equally met mine. He grabbed onto me tightly as I did too, the momentum climax that we shared was perfect.

A perfect pre-lunch date.

We were silent for a minute before he got out and grabbed two towels. He carried me out of the tub then wrapped me up with a towel, and my hair. He took me into the bedroom with water dripping off of his body.

“not cold?” I asked ” Let me grab a towel for you” he held me back from getting up.

“Sit still. I will get myself one after I am done taking care of you” he smiled at me. He began to dry me up from air to toe.
“Trickish ” I laughed as he tickled me.

” I love the fact that I can make you laugh this hard, baby” he kissed me hard on the lips. ” I love you.”

” I love you more” I replied.

” I am famished” I kissed him ” Can we just stay in and order room service” I gaze at his sexy body before. I whimpered as he wrapped a towel around his waist.

” Okay,” he pressed the number one on the intercom. I stretched out on the bed while he ordered our lunch. My legs tingled from the after sex vibe. ” Steak?”
I nod in response.

“Two served steaks and pasta please and a bottle of wine. Thanks ” he said.

” with meatballs too” I offered

” and meatballs. Thanks” he smiled down at me, I reciprocated.

He turned to sit at the edge of the bed and held me close. ” Hungry bird.”
I snoozed closer to him. ” Can’t a girl enjoy her food?”

” I like a girl who does.”

After lunch, Philip and I contemplated spending some time in Rhodes before heading back to New Jersey.
” Where should we explore first?” Philip flashed me the complimentary card
I stretched on the bed ” Spa then we can go Shopping, I need to get out of this outfit.”

” Sure, I am fine with Spa” makes a funny face at me then shrugs.

” What?” I tried to read his thoughts “Don’t tell me, you don’t enjoy shopping?” I said in mimic. He shrugs then laughed.

” Not something I enjoy doing. Although, Sunny drags me to the mall sometimes”.

” So who does your shopping?”
He kept silent as he rummaged his thoughts before speaking ” My shopper.”

My gaze at him was warm ” Figures. Since you’re a millionaire, it seems affordable to have a personal shopper.”

” Do you hate me for keeping it a secret?” He asked

” Gosh, no I would never hate you for that.” I moved closer to him. ” Thanks for taking your time in telling me.” I wrapped my arms around his waist. He held me closer and swiftly made me fall with my back on his laps.

” Thanks, Annie” he kissed me. A rush came down in between my thighs. I wrapped my hands on his back head, bringing him closer to me.

” Are we heading out?”

” Soon” I kissed him. His hand came down my thighs and up to my folds. Two fingers are separating them, then slide in rubbing my clit. Moans engulfed me the instant he took me on his laps.

Eight p.m. we finished off our shopping. Rhoda, our attendant, came with us, so we didn’t have to feel lost on the island. I have to admit this is the best trip that I have had in years. Philip and I gave her the complimentary card to enjoy the free rides to all the resorts on the Island. We knew we wouldn’t be needing one anytime soon and coupled to the fact that she was so great at her job too.
With our flight that was scheduled to leave in an hour, we cuddled up in the room while we both checked our messages and sent out emails that had piled up in our absence.

A call came in on his phone which stirred us up from our position. As I tried to get up from his side, he held me back then slides the call screen to pick the incoming call.

” Hello” his facial expression suddenly went from warm to cold feeling. The caller must be an enemy or something. I refrained from the negative thought, then continued to send my email while I wait for him to finish his call.

” Well, tell her that I am about to leave Greece and I can handle this one. She doesn’t need to fly in ” he continued. ” No, I will not step down with the acquisition, I need more time with the board to agree… Sandy, you’re her secretary, do I need to tell you how to do your job?”

And there goes the switch in his accent. Brits

A long pause ensued between the caller and him before he began to speak.

” Well, let me know when she gets here”frowning, he ends the call.
He sighed as I looked up at him.

” Is everything okay?”

” Not sure ” rubbed his eyes with a worried look.

” It can’t be that bad. Is it about the acquisition? Can I help in any way?”

“At this moment, someone wants it to be beyond my control.” I queried with my raised brow.

“My mum” he paused then continued “She’s coming to Greece” he continued.

My jaw dropped, this day just keeping unfolding itself with a lot of surprises. The worried look on Philip’s didn’t seem to leave.

Is this some battle that needs my presence or not?

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