26: Pokemon Jealousy Alert.

Anna’s POV

As we both sat on the bed, Shaun brought out a mini package and stretched her hand out to take the box.

” What’s this?” Raised eyebrow

” I dropped by your apartment, found in your mailbox.”

” Oh. I can’t remember ordering something online.” I tore the sealer off the box

” check the sender’s name.”

” No name” more curious as I began to tear the box in haste.

” Halt!” Shaun exclaimed. “It could be a prank..we have to be careful.” Stood up to pace the room.

” Shaun, stop being paranoid. And stop pacing the room, you’re giving me a headache.”

“Sorry” hesitates with a worried look then sat a few steps away. “Should I call San to come?”

” I am fine. I can handle it.” I smiled up at her.

” For all, we know it could be a dead cat or something.”

” I don’t think I have done something in my life to deserve such, ” I said with a weary smile, the object in the box threw me into a laugh.

“It’s not funny, Anna.”

” This is very funny” I took out the mini stuff pokemon and a little note that was attached to its ear.

” A Pokemon?” Shaun’s eyes went wide with an exclamation. ” and the note?”

” Says ” Your secret admirer.”

” that’s ridiculous.” Shaun stood and began pacing the room again. I can’t blame her when she does this often to think on her feet. But girl it sure gives me a headache.

” Who might it be?”

” No idea”I smiled with contentment

San got himself into a competition

” Anna, you’re in no situation to be smiling sheepishly like a goat on the heat.”

” Ouch… I felt that deep down in my soul.”

” Sorry, but really?” Our gaze locked and we laughed out.

” Did I seem like a goat?”

” figuratively. ” came to sit beside me.

” I miss being on the heat with John acting out on me.” Shaun placed her head my shoulder for comfort, I, in turn, patted her on the back.

” He will come around. He’s probably busy with clients and stocks plummeting.” I assured her

” You don’t think he’s cheating on me?”

” God, no” John isn’t like that, he’s always preoccupied whenever he takes on a new task. Call him a lone ranger but never a cheater. ” If you want, I could talk to him.”

” No dear, I will wait for him.” Shaun held my hands and hugged me. “Thanks for taking out time for me and my insecurities.”

” Anytime because I know you would do the same for me.”

” Not when you should be spending time with San and his sisters.”

” Believe me, when I say he needs this bonding time more than I need it.” I gave her a kleenex box to wipe her eyes, which was getting puffy. Whenever a tear is let out of Shaun’s eyes, it gets puffy for a day or two the reason she rarely cries.

“By the way when are you coming back to work?”

” Miss me much?” A grin on my face.

” Yes, I miss our afternoon session.”

” I am leaving this house tomorrow, although, I am yet to tell Philip that I am leaving.” And he’s not going to like it.

Weary eyes on me, Shaun knew what was thinking, held my hands ” Say it, Shaun.”

She laughed hysterically, while more tears were let out. “You know me too well. But I will allow you and Philip to worry about your troubles.” Stood up and turned to me, ” I have to leave now. ”

“So soon?” I pout my mouth. ” Stay for dinner, won’t you?”

” That’s so sweet of you but enjoy the bond time with Philip ” smiles then continued “I see family drama at hand.”

” Come, on Shaun ”

” I am just saying” hands up ” just saying and poor Ayo gets to witness this epic drama.”

I laughed as the thought came to mind.
No, Shaun, Ayo loves family dramas. He won’t miss out on this one.

” See you on Monday.”

” I can’t wait and tell Philip about your secret admirer.” smiling ” I will see myself out. Enjoy yourself. ” nodding in response, we both hugged ourselves.


Once I saw Shaun off, I went into the kitchen to see what the noise was about. The James clan and Ayo were playing a game. The atmosphere was surreal and compelling to watch the game and see the winner jubilate with a victory.

San sat across from Natalie with hands folded. He didn’t seem to be playing, a happy spectator… That was what he was.

As I approach, he held out his hands for me to share his seat with him. I gladly took them and sat with me back on his chest then he wrapped his warm hands around me and whispered: ” did you have fun talking with Shaun?”

I nodded in response, then turned slightly to face Philip. ” She sends her regards too.”

” That’s kind of her.” I turned back to the game before me. Again, He whispered ” rain check? Can we ditch these clowns?”

I smiled at his comment then pats his hands ” these clowns seems to be having fun, Philip.”

” Five mins.” More jubilation was let out from Sunny winning against Ayo. Ayo should just quit, he’s never been good with games like fortnite or Nintendo. But this is a great way everyone could bond.

“I am famished, ” Natalie said, ” Should we order pizza?”

” Sure, any specials?” Philip asked

” Hawaii is fine, Ayo, what about you?”

” Meatzza will do.”

” pepperoni ” Sunny yelled out with eyes glued on the monitor.

” I will have meatzza too,” I said

” that makes three of us” Philip replied.

” Great, it’s pizza night. ” Natalie grabbed her phone to order our menus while
Philip said something about going down to the cellar to get the wine.

Cellar? He owns a cellar filled with wine? … I must be right about the old money.


Philip and I settled on the couch on the patio after dinner. I had only sat for five minutes when I decided it was time to talk about my leaving the next day. But first, I poured myself more wine.
“Annie, you’re quiet. Is anything the matter?”

” No, am fine. I am taking in the night and beautiful works …” He cuts me off
” Annie, what is wrong? ”

” Nothing ?”

” Come, on Annie, you never speak poetry.”

” Yes, I do.”

While he tried to process my reply, Philip resorted to staring at me. His stare was cute, the stillness of the moment was even hilarious.
No, he’s right, I don’t speak poetry.

” Fine. We need to talk”

” I know where this is going. If it’s about my family, I know it was overwhelming, and I am sorry that I could not warn you about them.”

“God, no.” Shaking my head, ” I had beautiful moments with your sisters, Philip. I also think it was kind of them to reach out to you, brother” I teased him

“, and that’s not what we need to talk about, my two weeks vacation is over. I am thankful for taking care of me and having me in your beautiful home.”

” You’re leaving?”

I saw the slight frown of annoyance on his face as I clung to the state of my partner’s feelings towards me.

Gosh! Did I call Philip my partner? I blushed at the thought.

” I have to say, Philip, we both knew this arrangement was temporary, and I would leave someday.” My blushing intensified, I waved my hands in the air to calm my conflicting emotions.

” You can go to work from here. I must say its even faster to get to work from my end.”

I saw a relatable smirk on his face after his comment. I understand his need for attention, care and love but my leaving won’t put that on hold.
Over the weeks, I have come to fight my fears to give us both a chance at this thing called – relationship, and I am not ready to ruin it with irrational behaviour. We are two adults we can make this work.

” How about this, I go home and come back to spend Thanksgiving with you?”

” Why? Thanksgiving is this week, can’t you stay till then?”

” Come on, Philip. I am trying to reach a compromise” I grinned at his indecisive face. ” besides I have to feed my pet.”

” Anna, you and I know you don’t have a pet.”

” getcha! ” we both chuckled ” So, what do you say, Mr genius stockbroker.” I teased him

” We can come to a compromise after I ask my movie mates.” The smirk on his face said it all, once he grabbed me closed up to himself. Then his eyes were on my sheer chiffon top.
I laughed out at his wits and kissed him passionately.

” Compromise reached, I will drive you back whenever your ready baby. ” he kissed me more.

” You have a competition Mr…” I chuckled at the thought of telling him about my secret admirer.

” competition you say?”

” I have a stuff Pokemon up in my room.”

His hands on my waist, trying to process my reply, we both stared at ourselves for what looks like a minute.Before he replied ” Pokemon? I don’t recall sending you one; you have a secret admirer? ”

” Bingo” he’s smart

Rendered incapable of what to say, he shakes his head and smiled.
” Should I be worried?”

” Are you worried?”

” Nope, but I am jealous ” He laughed at his reply, I couldn’t help but join him.

More like a Pokemon Jealousy alert

” I am pleased to make you jealous, Philip San.” The look he gave me was melting, his smile was captivating, which plummeted my heart. At that instant, I knew I would head down any lane with this man. And to add to it, he was bloody handsome even with the spang of jealousy.

” It’s getting cold, let’s go inside” he startled me out of my trance.

” Sure,” I said with a kiss.


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