28. “The Proxy”


Monday, I am back at the office. I have only been gone for two weeks, but It felt like a century. I dropped my bag in my office quickly to reply to my morning emails and prepare for my morning consultations with clients. John had called ahead to let me know a few board of directors would be joining us for today’s meeting, and I am yet to prepare any slides for the presentation.
Whatever life has taught me while working with John is always to be ready for late information like this; John sucks at relaying information until the ninth hour.

As I sat on my chair, Lilian, my secretary, came in with files in hand.
“Not, now Lilian. ” I waved her off then turned on my computer.

” Mr Akeem asked me to give you these files for the 9 am. And I have here more information about the meeting.”

You don’t say?

” Thanks, Lilian, kindly drop it on my table, I will look it over before the meeting. ”

” Here is the USB, the powerpoint is inside.” She smiled when I raised my eyebrows at her.

” You’re welcome,” she said.

I took the USB from her and inserted in on my computer. The strategic planning powerpoint popped up. Every information I had in mind to include was on the slide. Lilian just saved y morning rush.

” Thanks, so much, Lilian” I walked around my desk to hug her. ” You have saved my day.”

” That’s why am being paid.” Smiles

” Let me know how to repay you before the day ends okay?” I walked back to my chair. ” Any other meetings for today?”

” I sent you the schedule for the week. Sam and Sons Pharmaceutical called to reschedule an appointment for 3 pm.”

“3 pm is fine by me if there isn’t anything on my list.”

” Okay, mam. I will give them a heads up upon your request.”

” Thank you, Lilian.”

” You’re welcome.” Lilian dropped the flies on the table as requested and left me to deal with the slides that she had prepared for me.

A soft knock on my door gave away my furrowed brow as my eyes went to the doorway.

” Yes, Lilian”

” You have a call on line three.”

” Thanks, tell whoever it is to leave a message, I will call back as soon as I can” my eyes back on the screen.

” Sorry, it’s urgent. He won’t leave any message.” My furrowed brow plastered on my face, I hastily slide my hair in place before picking the call.

” Hi, this is Anna speaking.” muffled voice in the background ” Hello.” Another pause ” Hello, Anna speaking….” The endline beeps which read that the line was cut off.

That’s strange.

I replaced the phone to its attached spot on my desk.

“Lilian” I called out to my secretary from the side of my office.

” Yes, Anna”

” Did you have any conversation with line three before you sent the person my way?”

” No, he requested to speak with you.”

” That’s strange because there wasn’t anybody from the other end of the line.”

” that’s strange.” Lilian paced the room with a worried look; I have to say, events affect her differently than it does to me. I could read the anxiety that was starting to show on her face.

” Do you think its a stalker?” Lilian asked

“Let’s not jump into conclusion, just yet “I tried of reassuring her.

” should I get the investigating department on it?”

No, I am not going to let them investigate something we are not aware of. Besides it could be a prank call, you know people do it these days.”

” Anna, the more reason to involve them. The call came through your office line, for all we know the person has details about you.”

“Let’s not worry about that.” I smiled wearily

Or Should I be worried that I have an admirer and a stalker?

” I have a meeting in five, take any calls that come in.” I grabbed my tablet then approached the door ” and tell no one about this call” I will sort it out myself.

” Yes, mam” she nods as I left the office.


I walked into the conference room where everyone was seated waiting for the meeting to begin. I hazily breaths in and out. Call it to stage fright; I get that when I am about to present a strategic idea to the board of directors.
Sliding into my seat, three seats opposite mine a familiar face waved at me.


I gave away a smile in which case the fright left me.

” Are you ready” the voice popped into my ear.

John, my friend and co-partner

” Yes, and it’s so great to see you too, John”I gave out in a sarcastic tone.

John smiled and held his hands out to greet the man next to him.
Mr Patterson, our primary investor. He owes forty-five per cent of Maxwell stocks and thinks he gets to call the short at every opportunity a shareholder meeting is called. Just last year, he requested that we stop hiring to converse the company’s resource and channel it to his son’s amateur game company. And when the board of directors would not accept his request, he threatened the need to take out fifteen per cent off his investment. Days later we had a new investment worth more than his investment. Who knows what we would be dealing with today from Mr Patterson.

I nodded my head in greeting when our eyes met. I leaned towards John to whisper my concern. “Should Phil be in here?”

” Anna, the boy is not lost. By right he should be here if that’s what you mean.”

” You know that’s not what I meant. ”

” Can we talk about this after the meeting.”

” Fine.” I smiled hiding my distress.

” Good” he stood up and walked to the podium.

” Greetings ladies and gentlemen. I welcome you to today’s meeting.”

I could barely stay focus at John’s welcome speech and analyses. The phone call had before the meeting kept recurring in my mind.

A stalker or a prank call?


Two hours later.

” Anna, your presentation was outstanding. I bet everyone will vote for the AR communication.” John said once everyone except Philip had left the conference room.

” You gave me little time to prepare but thanks to Lilian she did the bulk of work.”

” You have trained her to work in your path,” Philip said while he sat next to me. “Hello, Annie” at the call of my name a calm jolt came down my spine.

Shit, I can’t be thinking about what he does to me at my workplace.

Given the response he got, Philip smirked.

” Hello, captain ” I replied

” Yes, Lilian is a great kid” John replied ignoring our flustered face. ” By the way, we are heading down to Barcelona three weeks from now.”

” Barcelona?”

” Yes, once we have the votes in to commence on the AR communications ”

” Hold up, John. What’s the rush ?” I asked

” Because its the right time. Its all about the timing besides we have an investor who is ready to invest in this new deal.”

Here we go again, in the late notification. John is killing me with his communication skills that are lacking.

” That’s new. Why didn’t I get the information on this before the meeting?”

” Because the request to invest came in after the meeting.”

” Are you kidding me? Don’t tell me its Mr Patterson or Ryan Ross?” The two arrogant men on the board.

John smiled at my anxious face; he knows how to get to me. I must say he enjoys it.
” Philip is our new investor.”

San waves his hands. For a minute I had forgotten he was still seated beside me while John and I bant at each other.

” Seriously?”

” Yes, seriously” John replied ” And that answers the question you asked before the meeting. Philip has always been a proxy on the board of directors. Sorry I didn’t tell you all this time. But the deal was to surprise you. More or less give you the shock.”

” so much for being a co-partner, John.” I turned to Philip ” and when were you going to tell me about your involvement or were you ever going to tell me?”

” He didn’t want to disclose it. He thought it wise to bring it up once I joined the company. I was going to tell you about it at the first dinner we had, but you turned the dinner to an interview remember?”

Shoot the dinner

” So now you’re what? An investor and employee?”

” Still your employee, ” he smiled then continued “the money makes no difference Anna. The AR communications seem to be a good business deal, and the company could use my money. It’s a win-win for us all.”

” Okay, I just felt I should have been told about it. I am flustered with this new event.”

” We all are. Your boyfriend is old money, Anna. You get used to it” John said from across the room.

” And you’re?” I teased him

” Just a goofy man.” I had the feeling he would never admit to being old money too. His family’s net worth is worth the upkeep of four generations to come. “Why even bother to ask me?” He laughed out.

” I plan to invest on the AR communications too” John continued
” Good, I will get started on that and send out an email to hasten the board’s decisions.”

John clapped and stood “send me a copy of their response, and I will leave you two to yourselves.” He walked out the door.

“Busy morning?”

” Today was a rush” I replied ” Is it okay to send out the email right now. I want to get it done as quickly as possible?”

” Anna, you’re my boss, you don’t need my permission.”

” Just checking, I don’t want it to seem me I am ignoring you at work.”

” Nope, I understand. Work is work.”

” cool” I turned my attention to my tablet to send out the emails while Philip scrolls do the screen on his phone.
A notification pops up on my screen

” Lunch date?”

Smitten with a smile as it engulfed my face. He is so relentless. Didn’t he say ” work was work.” Now, he is distracting me.

” Sure, where are we going?”
“It’s a secret.” The reply pops in

” Come, on give me a landmark.”

I heard his chuckle while he typed back.

” It wouldn’t be a secret, would it?”

” spoilt chill.”

” You’re welcome, love you ” he replied

” five minutes. Five minutes to send the emails. ”

I looked at him.he was all smile then nodded in the response.
” Thanks” I mouthed the word.
He stuffed his hands into his pockets in wait for me to be done with my emails.
I chuckled when his hand slide my hair back to place.
Gosh! He can’t keep still his hand
Laughter engulfed us both.

” I am almost done.”

” Just helping out.”

” Yea, it is unique.”

” Oops what is wrong with your face?”

” My face?” furrowed I stopped typing on my tablet to focus my attention on him.

” It is pretty” he held my chin towards him and kissed me on the lips. “And luscious” he kissed me one more time.

” Phil, we are working “I replied once I had my breath back. ” and you are distracting.”

” I am your happy distraction.”

His expression turned into a kid in dire need of Santa’s gift for Christmas.
” I give up on you” I pressed the send button then turned off my tablet “let’s go for the lunch date.”

” You’re not be coming back, once we leave here.”

“Why not?” I gave him a puzzled expression.

” Because we won’t be ” he chuckled ” let me help you.” he took the files off my hands and walked towards the elevator.

My expression still puzzled, where the hell is he taking me and why are we not coming back to work?
I quickly sent a text to Lilian to cancel my schedules for the day.

” and the 3 pm?” She replied

” Ask if they would meet through a live call.”

” Okay, will do that.”

” Thanks. Send my bag home through Shaun. I will not be coming back after lunch.”

” Why not?”

” Something came up. Bye”

“Yes, boss.”

Beaming with a smile, he looks back at me. With this man here, ever since he came into my life, unexpected events have been turning up in my life.

A proxy investor, board member and my partner.

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Philip is so sweet and a bundle of distraction. Anna is bending all the rules for him.

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