29: Rhodes

You know that saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas ”

Here “what happens in Rhodes may never stay in Rhodes”


“Why can’t you tell me where you’re taking me?’ Anna laments. The moment we left the office building, Philip folded my eyes with a scarf laying at the back of his car seat. I knew I was in for a long ride and a special treat. Or maybe not? I wanted to talk with him about the phony phone call I had before the board meeting but seeing the mood at which we left the building that thought has to wait till we get back from wherever it is that he is taking me.

The pitch black environment is a total turn off for me and to think he enjoys my lament? I hear him chuckle when I tried to grab hold of his hands from the wheel.

“Anna, you’re going to get us in trouble ” he laughed out. “Stay still and wait for the surprise” he continued to drive. The only abstraction within my grasp was the noise coming from the street. A sense of belonging to the world left me speechless on things to say while in the car with him. I literally could zap his head off if we keep going at this enormous silence between us. I felt I had been stripped off of my rights with this blindfold.

Having a feeling that I wasn’t comfortable with the silence the wolf decided to engage in conversation with its prey.

” Feeling great, I suppose?”

“Yea, I suppose I could sleep with this blindfold. Or on second thought, it wouldn’t count as sleeping because my eyes are already covered” sarcasm was a glaring emotion in my response.

Philip laughed out, love me a man who can laugh at my innuendos. I gave off a slight smile while ignored his hands on my cheeks.

” My feisty woman.”

I heard the wheel come to a stop momentarily, when I tried to shift the scarf off my face to peep, Philip gave me on small tap on my hand.

“Not so fast.”

“Come, on” I put my mouth giving off a childish tantrum. ” You’re bad, bad, bad….”

“Come, it’s time to get off” I hear his side door open and close. Before I could open my side, he was already on my side of the door. Damn! He is fast!

“Shall we?” he asked rhetorically. What choice do I have, for all we know he might be kidnapping me into his world of slaying I smiled at the notion of Philip being a dominant while I am his submissive. Weird right? I can’t I have ever had this in me. Dominant vs submissive brought the chills to my stomach.

“Watch your steps, you’re about to climb a few steps up” His voice brought me back to reality.

“Alright, Captain” I salute in mimic of our previous intimate encounter.

“Great, we don’t want to break our neck now, do we? if I could see his face now, he would be smirking at me.

” You get to fix it ” I smile at my tease.

“That’s why I love you; you never fail to tell me to pay my way or sue me with that feisty mouth of yours” He kissed the tip of my lips.

“Seriously, are we done with the steps?”

“A few more, are you okay?” he paused then continued “Are your legs hurting?”

“A little bit, but I can manage.” Blame it on the 5-inch heels. I didn’t even go back to my office to get my flip-flops on. The sudden elevation made me give out a sudden cry, Philip swept me off of my feet, it took a moment for me to adjust my bearing while he continued up the stairs with a blindfolded me in his arms. He sloops me down on something that looks like a couch. He held my hands down to myself, then took off the blindfold. It took me a few seconds to process my surroundings.

A female in 4-inch heels was on standby by a narrow door with a courtesy smile lighting up her face. Two other walked from a small open the door to another. Oh my goodness! Philip had me booed up in a freaking airplane! For a moment my voice failed me as I was in awe of the aircraft, who takes a plane to a simple a lunch date?

Your boyfriend clearly does!

“An airplane? Philip” I took a breathe in and out. Philip chuckled before sitting across from; he made a face-palm shaking his head with laughter.

” I want every moment with you to be special.” he grimaced at my furrow brows then continued “Is it too much to ask?”

” Its a weekday.”

“Where you can work from anywhere in the world.”

“But am not a freelance agent, I can’t leave work without prior notice. Besides I just got back from a vacation” there goes my rational state of mind. Anna breathes in and out.

“Anna, we will be back before the day is over. No need to get all worked up, John said its fine to take the rest of the day off. And I want to spend more time with you. You owe me for the Thanksgiving night.”

Yeah right, the Thanksgiving night I had promised him turned into a terrible one, where we had all gone out with his family, and Ayo then got back home drunk. We all ended back at my house hence the hangover the next morning. What an eventful night.

” Fine, I will try to enjoy this very moment and forget work momentarily.” smiling at my lover, as the signals to a female hostess, who came dashing down our path.

” Alexa, You may tell Brian to proceed.”

“Yes Mr San” in courtesy, she left to do his bidding

“You know everyone by their first names?”

” They like to be addressed by their first names, makes them comfortable around me” he smiled and opened a mini drawer which was beside him.

“Acquaintances? ”

He chuckles ” They are technically my staff. This is my private plane” holding a small box, then squats close to me.

I must say my processing abilities are leaving me with my mouth a jar. To what extent is his old money worth?

“Wait, you own this airplane? like for real?” He found my expression to be amusing because he kept a straight face but could still smile which is not even believable

“One of the few in the family.”

A few? I swallowed my invisible spit.

“What exactly does your family do, Philip?”

The expression he gave was one he had to think through before voicing them out. I poked his nose to hasten his response.

Call me an impatient brat, but I want explanations in respect to his family’s heritage and money worth.

” Law firms passed down from four generations.”

” Your family owns a law firm?”

“Law firms, actually”‘ he replied

Freaking goodness! Law firms! Shit.

” Wow” I stood up to pace the room, but he held me back to sit down while he continued to squat

” You asked for it” he smiles

“So, law firms? Hmmm, how many are we talking about? Is everyone a lawyer! ”

“Anna, take a breath. Six. The seventh is in the process of acquisition. No, my dad was a lawyer, mum still in practice. Stepfather is an investor and also an advisor in the company. One of my stepbrothers is also a lawyer, but everyone knows a thing or two about the law.”

“What?” I swallowed more invisible spit. ” Wait a minute, What is the name of this law firm?”

Philip grimaced at my outburst. He seems to be enjoying our interlude. He stood up and sat at the edge of my chair. ” Its a family Law Firm, why do you need the name?”

” Maybe to pass out” I gave off my usual sarcastic tone

“Masons n’Sans.”

“No kidding, one of the bests in the game, Your family owns that law firm?”

“You know the firm?” his face lights up

” Of course, who doesn’t know the law firm that buys off any bankrupt company then turns it into a law firm whereby they retain the staff in the legal departments and reshuffle them together branches while other staff are laid off.”

” Best not believe what the paper or news report” he rubs his face with his hands.

” What should I believe, Mr San” I teased him

” The motto is not to destabilize any company that is acquired. We do not lay anyone off. We try to maintain protocol other departments still exist, and they maintain their work jurisdiction. Basically what makes a company boom. ”

“That’s interesting. who knew I have been sleeping with the grandson of Mason San ” we both laughed at my joke ” Seriously, your grandpa was a force to reckon with back in his days.”

“Yes, he was. We had fun together until his last breath” smile on his face; he seemed to be recollecting a unique moment with his grandfather.

“So, are you a lawyer? ”

He nodded in response. ” I had to study law. My area of interest became property law. It seemed right because I had the largest share in the company. I wanted to gain the knowledge of what I was getting myself into” he chuckles ” My stepfather wanted me to, I felt he didn’t want it to seem like taking candy from a child” His expression changed momentarily then back to its goofy state.

“Philip, its okay to miss him” I knew he missed his father dearly, I held his hands trying to assure him. “So seven firms? That’s huge. How do you oversee all and why are you working with my company? you are not about to take over my company are you?”

He laughed out ” God, no, Anna. I am purely working in your company to learn more about investment. Well, that was my first reason. I try to manage all with mother and my stepfather’s advice.”

” And now? Second reason?” furrow brows at him

” That and spending time with you” he kissed my forehead, then opened the small box he had been holding. Two silver chains with an infinity shape glazed my eyes, the holder smiling down at me. “I love that I can make you lose your voice at every chance I get, Annie. Do you like it?”

” It is lovely and breathtaking” He took one out of the box

” It has my name engraved on yours and your name on mine ”

He shows me Philip San and Anna Jules. I have to say; this has never been my thing. Getting a couple of things and all, this process is a first for me, and I am trying not to tear up in his presence.

“Too soon to get quite intimate?’ he asked

“No, that’s not it. I am speechless.”

“Well, I aim to please you Pumpkin” slides the chain down my neck. “Happy belated Thanksgiving, Annie” smiling

“Thank you ” I stretched to kiss him on the lips. “Let me ” I took his chain then knotted on his neck. “Why infinity circle?”

“A never-ending love. I think that’s what love should be all about. I know we don’t have it yet, but we are working towards it. I love you, Anna Jules.”

M tear duct fell open, letting down a terrain of tears leaving with a nod in response to his expression of love.

“Don’t cry, we don’t want a puffy face for this lunch date” I laughed at his quick, witty response

I kissed him passionately; I didn’t care that we were not alone and knowing the fact that we have an airplane filled with flight attendants at our beck and call, I wanted to express my gratitude of Philip’s love in any way possible. I love his outburst at love; I love the fact that he can make me scream, laugh and cry at every moment in time – this moment I want to capture and take it in as my last oxygen on earth if that’s even possible to imagine. He released himself from me as the plane suddenly bumps to the left.

“Are you alright?” he asked

“Yes, am fine. That was sudden ” I gave a worried look

Philip quickly sits down then strapped himself in. He asked me to do the same, which I did, he grabbed a small walkie-talkie from the left side of the drawer “Brian, talk to me.” Giving out the aura of a CEO to a multi-billion law companies.

Dear Lord Seven companies. Damn! You can’t judge a book by its cover. Shaun needs to hear this story.

He frowned in- between his conversation with Brian. I am guessing he is the pilot, Five minutes later, he drops the talkie on the table beside him.

“Everything okay?”

“Yes, for now. I think. He was trying to avoid migrating birds. ”

“Oh yeah, it is that time of the year” he nodded in response “So what city are we visiting for this special date?”

“Greece” he replied, checked his phone

Once again, I gasped at his response. It’s not a city but we are visiting a whole country on another continent. “Brace yourself, sweetheart, you’re in for a special treat” he chuckled and smirked approvingly at my awe.

Old money sure looks good on you, Philip San.


Few hours into our flight to Greece, I stood up from my seat in silent prayer not to experience another turbulence. Philip had just had just shared a lifetime secret that is still fresh in my mind.

He is a CEO. Who would have thought?

I glanced at him as he sleeps peacefully with his head resting on the arm of the couch which he sleeps on. Smiling, I motioned a hostess to come forward to set up a bed for him before he wakes up with pains on his neck.

She bowed politely “How may I be of help, madam?”

“Please call me Anna” she smiled with a nod

“Yes, what do you want Anna?”

“Is there a way I could make him sleep comfortably without waking him up?”

“Sure, kindly press the handler on his right side to elevate the legs and headrest.”

“Thank you very much. ” I followed the instruction to elevate Philip’s while he slept soundingly.

“Would that be all ma?”

“Yes, thank you….” I paused to read the name on her tag, then continued ” Emily” I smiled

“You’re welcome, enjoy the rest of your flight.”

” Thanks” I smiled as Philip stirred like a baby in his sleep. He must be exhausted. I turned to set my down my jacket on my couch, revealing the infinity necklace he had given me a few hours ago. I touched it, mindlessly traced my finger on it.

Philip stirred once more facing my direction, leaving a strand of hair out of place, I chuckled as he slept on. Just then, the pilot announced to strap up and prepare to land in ten minutes.

I woke Philip up to prepare him for landing. He stared at me for a minute, in dire need to process his thoughts.

” How long was I out?” He brought the couch back to its natural state hen strapped himself.

” Two hours. You look well rested ”

” Thanks, I had a long night.”

” That’s okay.”
The plane landed right about time. A cab was already waiting for us at the entrance.
” Where are we headed?” Philip reached out for his phone and started to type, I assume it was a message to someone.

” Rhodes Island. Can we have the lunch date an hour from now.”

” Do you have a schedule? ”

” Yes, it’s about the new law firm acquisition.”

Once again I became worried for him, what if things aren’t going ss planned? I decided to find courage to ask him

” What about it?”

” The new firm will be situated here Greece. Technically a resort law firm, I am meeting with the previous owner to finalize the deal.” Luggages were packed in the trunk. We got into the cab. Philip continued to speak ” I won’t be going to far, the meeting is in the hotel.”

” Alright, I will probably use the time to meet my appointments. Lilian should call any minute from now. ”

He stared mystically at me with big smokey eyes on him. ” You look amazing ” he kissed me, ignoring the cab driver. A call came in, the caller ID was my office line.

“About time, told you she would call me soon” I slide the phone to pick the call “Hey” she asked me about my lunch date. “Its great, are you holding up the office in my absent” i smiled when she laughed at my question.

“Good, have him on the line for me. I will attend to his needs in five minutes.” I looked out the window, the view that bestowed itself was breathtaking.

” Call me back in five to ten minutes. Thanks Lilian.”

Greece is indeed a beautiful place. Rhodes Island itself is transcendental.

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