32: “Get rid of her and come home”


With mother’s eyes hidden behind the sunglasses, I couldn’t tell her expression. But I was ready for the usual reprimand…
I let g of the door handle to make room for her to come in.
With my back still turned at Anna, I couldn’t tell if Anna was anxious at meeting the mother. I became aware of the challenge I would have to encounter to protect our love.
I turned at Sandy, mother’s secretary whom I had earlier spoken to on the phone.

” Could you give us some minutes ” I smiled at the thirty-year-old woman with an international relations degree.

” Yes, Mr San. I will be at the reception if need me.”
I took mother’s bag from Sandy then shut the door.

Turing my gaze at the two most beautiful women in the world. The women I have always cherished in their manner. I found them smiling at themselves. Mother said something I could not hear then, reached out to hug Anna.
Suddenly the hotel became small that my claustrophobic nature became evident to handle. I grabbed the door handle steady my legs.
Taking a deep breath in and out, which must say helped the situation.

If memories served me well and did not fail me, mother likes Anna! Because we rarely touch people let alone give out hugs. I have tonight’s encounter won’t be so bad.
On second thought, who am I kidding? Mother will never hug anyone if it’s not to make me uncomfortable. But for whatever it is I am ready to sail this ship come what may… A tornado standing before me or a next hurricane.

I dropped her bag on the couch closest to me. Then walked closer to Anna to have my hand around her waist. A firm way to tell mother that the woman she just gave a hug is my woman. I decided to introduce Anna to her.

” Mother, meet Anna, my girlfriend.”

Mother’s gaze at us with our tangled hands let out a visible spike,

Yes, the stiff peak she usually has whenever I decide to be deviant. Anna doesn’t understand but she will someday. That the woman I call my mother was once kind, and understanding but would never be caught off-guard. And in this case meeting, Anna without prior notice was like hitting her from behind without countermeasure.

“Yes, Philip she told me her name already” she masked off her surprise at the “girlfriend.” ” Nice meeting you Anna.” She paused for a moment to look from me to Anna. Then continued ” I suppose you’re both here for the firm acquisition?”

I see what she’s getting at, no mother. I understand she doesn’t want to accept the fact that Anna and I are in an intimate relationship but work-related.

As Anna was about to respond to mother’s question, I squeeze her hand to stop her. Let mother think whatever she wants. I won’t be offended by her incoherent question.

” I asked for more time mother. you didn’t have to come down to Rhodes.”

” I figured you need my help because you seem to be slacking off in your duties.” Her gaze dropped on Anna. Who remained calm as ever.

” Pls, have a sit ma, ” Anna offered to break the silence “I will order coffee if you mind ” she released her hand from my hold. Then mouthed ” I will be right back.”
Don’t go… Please.
I gave out my cry out expression; I don’t want to be stuck with her. Anna grabbed her handbag and left us without looking back.

” You didn’t have to sound condescending to make her comfortable, mother” I walked past her to sit.

” You left me no choice. ” She sits across from me. “By the way, I have nothing against her.”

” Yes, you have an unusual way of showing it, mother. You have never had anything against all the girls I have dated, but they end up leaving. Let’s talk about Mandy for starter” I looked at her
” I didn’t fly here to have you question me about your youthful escapades Philip.”
I glared at her ” Oh mother. We are going to talk about that. I need all the explanation I can get from you ” I frowned, hands folding up my chest.

” Mandy was a willy girl, come on we all knew she was manipulative and after your wealth.

” Mother I was sixteen. We were just friends. She was Natalie’s best friend.”

” And slept with Jonah, come on Philip. If she was your sister’s friend why would she sort out her two brothers if she wasn’t a loose girl?”

“The excellent mother that you’re?” I asked rhetorically with a scoff.

” I look out for my kids don’t to blame me.” She scoffed back.

” What about Meg?. You have the dandiest ways of looking out for your kids.”
She smiled and shook her head at me.

” I am listening, mother ”

” Don’t blame me. She had it coming. Her family thinks they could push her on to you to save their company. I won’t have my son be the means of being someone’s social climbing. ”

” You had no right mother. I was ready to marry her. And it had nothing to do with being social climbing or restoring her family’s glory.” My emotions weary as I speak ” I loved her mother. And I wanted to do right by her, but you just had to release the article on bankruptcy?”
A glimpse of surprise flashed on her eyes.
” You think I wouldn’t find out? Christ!” I stood to pace the room. ” I am your son, mother. The least you could have done help out.”

” Philip, ” she sighed ” I understand your frustration, you had a lot to handle, and I couldn’t let her father’s reputation bring you or the company down, for God sake Donald was a drunk and gambler. He squandered his family’s fortune and almost used his daughter for collateral. ”
The surprise hit me; I have always known my father-in-law to be was a drunk and gambler but using his daughter, my ex-fiancee as collateral like she was some property was beyond me.

” You think I would let that man ruin my son and company” mother continued ” I had to do something. And I am not going to apologise because I tried so many times telling you to let her go. Leaving so many signs around the house but your love for her blinded you.”

” Who said a son or daughter has to be punished by the sins of the father?” I turned to look at her

” No one ” she whispered

” Mother you still had no right” I roared at her.

Mother stood up, grabbed her bag then walked towards the door. We paused for what looked like a minute, her gaze still on me.

” I will give you the time frame you need to finish up this takeover.” She turns to touch the door handle then suddenly turned to look my way.

“You have had all the fun I can condone in America. I think it’s high time you came back to London. In the meantime, I need you to focus more on work. I have nothing against your new fond amusement. I have allowed you have your fun. Let’s be real here. She has earned her keep within the workforce and among social elites. She isn’t like another barbarian out there to rip you off, but I know you’re not one to handle long distance relationships very well. So, I think it’s time you get rid of her and come home.”

She opened the door walked past Anna. Leaving me with my mouth in awe staring at Anna with two cups in hand.



Tell you the truth my excuse to get coffee wasn’t my best forte to get out of the room, but at the same time, I wanted to leave both mother and son to hatch out their differences.
Earlier, I had asked Philp to tell about his mother, but the description he gave was like that of an acquaintance describing another acquaintance.

Instantly, I knew their mother-son relationship must have gone sour somewhere along the line… Maybe during his childhood or his rebellious teenage years.

Apart from the silent feud between mother and son. Her elegance walking into the room gave the aura of dripping old money. Now, I know where Sunny and Natalie learnt their sense of fashion.
To lighten up the mood, I commented on her outfit which earned me a hug from Philip’s mum. You have to wonder if she ever gets compliments.

And the tensed atmosphere, what was that all about. I started at Philp from the doorway, what did she say to make him lose blood flow on his face? Is he alright?
I panicked as I entered the room, I dropped the coffee cups on the table.
” Baby” walks up to him. He wrapped his hands on me “Is everything alright?”
He looked at me nods then hugged back.

“I love you, Annie.”

” I love you ”

” Can we stay here tonight and leave tomorrow afternoon. Please” he pouts
With a heavy sigh, I run my hand through his hair and nod.
“Thank you.”
Whatever you’re going through, I will always be here to shield you with love, Philip.
I met his kiss with mine. He pushed me om the bed and kissed my face down to my earlobe.
I instinctively drew my hands over his head to kiss me more.
I crush my legs around him to keep his body against mine. His bulging self waiting to strike out of his pant. Panting, I paused as he pulled my skirt down my waste and continued with the long kisses from my stomach down to my divided tighs.
I gasped as he blew air to my vagina and kissed on it. Looking up at him, he grinned at me and proceeded to take off my blouse.
When I tried to touch him, he held my hands up to the headboard and kissed me.
” Not allowed to touch yet. This moment is for you.” He smiled
I grunted at him, getting the grimace
” Then stop talking ” I whimpered as he continued with his tease.

He unzips my blouse and smirks at the red laced lingerie, nods in approval. Then takes off my underwear which reveals dripping wetness.

” My gosh you’re always ready for me” smirking.

Kissed my folds, I felt the feeling of him opening them up then laps at my clit.
With my body on fire and feet shaking, I held onto the headboard.
I cried out his name as he thrust his tongue deeper into me. He smiled devilishly at me and continued to lick me off to quench off his insatiable fill for the night; I held his head tightly down as I gave out a moan into the night.


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