33. “Vanilla or Chocolate?”


” Hey, ain’t you going to stop doing that?”


” The texting.”

I looked up from my texting at Shaun who stood gazing down at me. Her hands in akimbo and expression were not readable either. I sighed at her creased brows and dropped my phone on the office desk. I sit upright with all my attention at her: Shaun, quite the inquisitor.

“I am all ears, hit me with your questions” I raise my hands in the air.

” You can tell Philip bye first before we begin.” She offered with a smile.

” He will be fine. He isn’t going anywhere. How are you doing by the way” I brushed the request off.

” Tell me about Rhodes ” brushed her palms together accompanied with a grin. “I am fine thank you.”

” Shaun, that was a month ago.” I gave a slight surprise to her.

” Well, don’t blame me? You haven’t seen me in a while. So tell me please.”

” We had fun ” smiling ” you know.”

“What! That’s all?”

” Shaun, what is wrong? This is my trip remember?”

” Well, which you won’t share. You’re mean” she gave me a childish pout and a mean look.
I like her when she does silly things like pouting or arms in akimbo to get my response.

” Okay, fine. We had lunch, sex and more sex….”

” wait don’t say more sex or I will have your head. ”

” You asked for it remembers?” I laughed as she threw a throw pillow my way. ” Okay, Philip’s mum came over to Rhodes.”

Shaun exclaimed ” No way!”

“Yes, way. It was unexpected ” at that moment the firm acquisition story popped up in my head.
” Did you know Philip’s household is a rich one?”

Shaun gives a non-believer’s look ” Nah, stop messing with me, Anna.”

“I am serious. I was surprised too. Tell you the truth he didn’t even give off the look”

” Totally. Wow, how did you find out?

” So, our trip to Rhodes he had this romantic scene from the car park to the private airplane….”

” A private what?” Shaun hestrically replied

” Can I finish ?”


“Yeah, one of his family’s private plane. Every damn thing on that plane was San’n Sons owned. And by San’n and Sons, I mean the company. ”

” Wait a minute. The Law firm in downtown?”

” Wait there is one in New Jersey?” I shift from my chair to the couch.

” Yes, it’s beside Hudson Bay. You mean Philip owes that company? Like he is the CEO?”
My nodding in affirmation jolts Shaun out of her chair. It dawned on me that Philip coming to town the moment we met wasn’t a coincidence, he had been overseeing his company while being a freelance stockbroker.

” Don’t freak out when you hear this” again nods then I continued “He owes six companies, and the seventh is almost a closed deal.”

” What! What! ” she screamed out

” Shaun you’re getting loud.” I panicked in fear of her screaming

” How can you not freak out Anna? This is beyond the surprise I can take in a day” she brings out her phone and starts typing.

” What are you doing?”

” Researching ”

” Why? For what?”

Shaun looked up from the screen “because you have a frigging billion for a boyfriend.”

” Billion? I assumed he was a million.”

” Duh, ” rolled her eyes ” What planet did you jump out of? It says here that he is a billionaire and the company is a big deal. Oh, look at his picture from last year’s trend. damn ”
I have to admit this is the best mood I have ever seen my friend since we took a trip to Paris.

” Please stop ogling my boyfriend ”

” Damn he is fine. So the airline romantic date huh” Shaun winks devilishly.

“Yep” I smiled ” By the way, he asked to invite you and John to his house for the holidays.”

” Gladly.” Shaun hugs ” I am so happy for you girl. You deserve all the happiness in the world.”

” Thanks. Come on now, don’t play your psychic on me now.” In the heat of our hug, we both laugh out loud. ” By the way, the holiday is in London. Philip’s family home.”

” The more the fun, the merrier ”

” Now, get out of my office, I have the end of the year report to finish if you want that holiday.”.

“Fine, I will get out of your hair, Miss pushover ” she teased tugged at me. ” Let me know we get to tell-tale about Philip’s mum. ”


” Sorry, I am leaving ”

” Thank you and please send Lilian in would you.”

” Alright” leaves the door ajar.

Few seconds, Lilian came in with files in hand.

” Hi Anna, here are the documents to review for the year-end.”

” Thanks, Lilian. ” I hurriedly collected the files from her. ” What are your plans for Christmas and new year?” I asked trying to make conversation while I looked through the files.

” I am spending it with Clem and his family ” her face lights up. I didn’t have to ask who Clem was.

” Oh, that’s sweet.

” Isn’t it great, I haven’t spent the holidays with someone’s family before. This will be a first” Lilian ruffles her hair, I could tell she was anxious and nervous at the same time. The same feeling I should be having because I will be in London with Philip’s family the entire time. I should be anxious, why am I not?

“You will be great, Lilian. I can tell this Clem cherishes your friendship and loves you” who am I kidding? I have no doubt for Philip’s love but what about his family? Are they accepting? What do they think of me?
I tried to refrain from my thoughts and focused on signing the reports.

” Thanks, Anna, and I love him very much.”

“Your welcome. Here, ” I hand her a bunch of files “kindly, tell John to sign before the end of the day. ”

” will do” she smiled and turned to leave ” By the way, ” she turned back to me ” about the prank call from last month. ”

” Yes, what about it?” A concern lits up on my face.

” Did you happen to receive any since you have been back?”

” None that I can remember ”

” That’s great then. ” smiling ” I will leave you to your work.”

” Thanks, Lilian” she nods and leaves without shutting my door.
Come to think of it the prank call and secret admirer I haven’t had time to think or consider investigating on them. Ever since we got back from Rhodes, my work had taken over with deadlines, and Philip hasn’t left my side. Maybe except when we are at work where we try to keep it professional. ..

I checked my phone as a beep came on:Philip, I grabbed the phone, and my expression became stupidly cheeky.

Vanilla or Chocolate?”

” Vanilla. Why if I may ask?”

” Playing my 21 questions for the day.”

” oh”

” Oh? Are you sad? Don’t worry I wasn’t expecting chocolate. Considering I eat that every day.”

” how come I don’t get to eat chocolate too. “

” because it’s you. You can’t eat you.”

” Ain’t you just a freakish brit.”

” I love you.”

” I love you.”

” Italy or Rome”

“How about Greece?”

” Why?” Accompanied with a sob emoji

” It left an impression.”

” Good or bad impression?” He sends another bluh emoji

” Good ” I sent with a heart-shaped emoji.

” Anyone told you yet that you are beautiful today?”

“Yes, a birdie named Philp told me.”

” You are beautiful Miss Jules.”

As I was about to respond the soft knock jolts me back to my reality. Looking up from my texting, I saw Philip standing holding his phone smiling at me. I smiled back then hastily replied his text.

“You’re not bad yourself. How long have you been standing there for?” I asked

” Since the twenty-one question. Your quite a busy buzz. Whom have you been texting while you kept me waiting?” Philip teased

” Some admirer at work. He seems to like me a lot. ”

” You don’t say” still at the door, legs crossed and smiling as he sends his texts.

” Cheesy, maybe I should ask him out on a date sometime.”

” I doubt if he would mind.”

” Cool ”

” How long do I have to stand out here while you make your plans for this date?”

” Mr Pushover. Come in ” I stood up and walked to the door. I dragged him in and shut my door. Philip held my waist and pushed me towards him. We looked into our eyes smiling
” Next time we should try sexting.”

” Yes, totally” I teased back.

” I have missed you. ”

I met his lips with mine ” I have missed you too.”

” So, does that date still counts?”

“seven, fine by you?”

” Yes, I will pick you up at your place. In the meantime, let me oblige my fantasy by indulging you.”

” Fantasy?”

” Yes, we haven’t christened this office yet.”
We laughed as he blurted out his fantasy. Oh, how I love this man. A call distracts us from our laughter. Whimpering with a frown, Philip tugs the phone out of his back pocket.

” I have to take this call” He kissed me ” I will pick you up by six-fifty” Phil kissed me one more time then left the room.

I went back to my desk to finish up my work.



“Hello mate.”

“Hey, buddy. Wrong timing ?” My brother, Jonah asked

” No, Jonah. I am glad you called”I smiled through the phone. ” by the way, how is London?”

” London is great. Mum has been busy.”

“Tell me about it” I rolled my eyes

” Sorry, I couldn’t stop her from coming to Rhodes.”

“Thanks for holding the forth. Thanks, Jonah”

“Yeah, I figured you need the space to discover yourself and the company. And mum wasn’t buying the lies of not showing up at home for an extended period. How is that working out for you?”

” You mean the company or me?” I sarcastically asked

“If I didn’t know you better I would respond to your sarcasm.” I grinned at Jonah comment.

” How are mother and father.?”

” Both are fine, and vacation is long overdue for both of them” we laughed at his reply. Our parent’s loathe taking vacations, but we make them go every year.

” We will discuss it more over the holidays. Anna is coming with some friends. ”

” I can wait to see the lady that caught your eyes, Philip.”

” me too.” I sigh at the notion of mum’s reaction. ” What has mum been up to lately apart from supervising the company”

“The usual throwing some grand evening events ”

” Yeah, very typical of mum. Ever wonder why Natalie and Sunny don’t stay in London.”

” Hahaha” Jonah laughed out ” About time I moved too”

” You have been saying that for ten years now, Jonah.”

” Yeah right. No city is cut out for this loner.” Oh my dear brother, so loving. The threshold of San and James family.

” Mrs Thompson still showing up?”

” Quite frequently I must say.” He paused ” Persistent old witch.” We both voiced out. Mrs Thompson is a socialite in mother’s circle. She does nothing but lives off her husband. She also knew to be the town’s gossip. As a kid, I always have wondered why she is friends with mother but not anymore. Mother gets all the information from Mrs Thompson.

” You do what you have to do mate. While I finish up here. ”

” Sure, can’t wait to see you, buddy.”

“Yea, have a great night ”


San/James Siblings

I imaginedđź’•

Sam Claflin as Jonah James.
Lilly Collins as Sunny James

Tamsin Egerton as Natalie James.



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