34: “I am a James, I aways win.”


“No way! Mum said that?” My immediate sister said as she paced the room. “Unbelievable” her rage seems to be heightened. ” And what did you say to her?”

” I was lost for a moment too. Of course, I know how mum is with her unusual ways ” running my hand through my hair, loss with words Natalie looked me in the eyes and scuffed.

” You know whatever it is, we all heart your love for Anna.”

She doesn’t show many emotions, but her words bring a smile to my face.
” Thanks, love. Your support is deeply appreciated. ”

” You should rebel more. Why did you stop that?” She tart me on the elbow.

” I grew up Natty, that’s why.”

” We need that with mum at the moment.”

” She’s fine. I will take care of everything. By the way when is your next case coming up? ”

” In two days then I will be off your hair.” A bright smile blossomed on her face — Natty such a warm soul.

“All the best.”

” I am a James, Philip. I always win.”

” I will bring reinforcement when you need it the most”I teased her which left a glimpse of blush on her face.

” Get out, dimwitted” she glared

” Ouch!” Touching my chest ” Mean Natty.”

“Do cry your heart out to Anna. ” she teased and stopped at the door. ” I have a deposition to win.”

” make it count, my love ” beamed with a smile. Natalie rolled her eyes and went out and slammed the door behind her.

I placed a call to Sandy as I paused at the door.
” Are the preparations in place?”

” Yes, Sir. All we need is your signature. ”

” Good, have the documents sent to my office first thing in the morning ”

” Alright sir, would that be all?”

” Yes, Sandy. And send my regards to mother.”

” About that” she paused
On cue, I decided to take it upon myself to ask the question.

” Yes, Sandy, what is it about mother?”

” She asked when to expect you back? And why you haven’t been picking her calls.”

” Tell her that I am in haste to complete the acquisition. And find an excuse to tell her about my expectant date in London and why I haven’t been picking up her frequent calls. You know what to do, right? ” I paused then continues ” That will be all for now, Sandy.” With a smirk on its face.

I can’t wait to hear about the drama to unfold as she tells mother. I wish I were in her presence to witness such chaos.
A worry for another day.
Just then Anna’s call came in.



I rushed out the door in time to meet the dinner I had lost track of time with the year-end files that I didn’t know it was almost time for my date. I can’t make it home and get ready before six. And I can’t keep Philip waiting. I ran through the parking lot as I rummaged my bag for the car keys. Shit, my left slightly bent my shoes gave out its life span while I find myself on the floor.

I heard a deep voice with a French accent behind me trying to ask me if was okay. My upper lips tightened with embarrassment.

” Je na sais pas” I replied.
I wish I know if I am doing okay at this point, but I don’t know.

” Let me help you, can you walk?” he switched back to English.

“Yes, Thanks ” I tried not to look at him still embarrassed for my misstep. One step forward left a pang of pain.
“Ouch ” I exclaimed

” I think you broke your ankle. We should get you to the hospital.”

” No, it’s a little sprain ” my lips tightened ” An ice pack would do just fine.”

” D’accord ”

I assume that is “okay” from my little knowledge of French. I latter my eyes at him in surprise. He’s not going to insist that I visit the hospital? Hmm, we do have different shades of men around. I trust Philip. If allowed he would carry me, or he would create any means to have me in the hospital.

” Do you want to make a call and have someone pick you up?” He asked as he held me walk to my car door.

” I will make the call now. Thanks, ” I smiled shyly refraining from being held any more than the discomfort that came with a sprained ankle. I dialled Philip praying he picks at the first ring.

” I have to leave now. I will see you around, Anna. ” grimace on his face and walks on.
Lost with words, I gazed from behind with Raised eyebrows as he said my name. And the phrase ” see you around ” left goosebumps on me.

Who is he and how does he know my name?

No way!

The stalker?

Heavy breath exudes me… Dampness runs down my spine.

” Anna,… Hello? Are you there?… Can you hear me?”

” Philip!” I let out a helpless sigh.

” Anna, Are you okay? Where are you?”

” At the parking lot. I sprained my ankle” I whispers while I tried to hide my pain and fear.

” Just stay right there, I will be there in ten” with distress in his voice. Shivering, I ended the call and entered my car. While I frantically had all the wheels on lockdown.


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