35: Mom’s Journal


I manoeuvred my car closer to Anna’s. Running as I approach my babe. I see as she shivers in the car. Head cupped between her legs ….. Shivers ran through my body … “Is she okay?”

My knock on the window of her car jolts her off from her trance.
” Baby, please open the door.” I prayed silently that she hears me and open up. From what I have read about people who have experienced shock or in a state of shock, they don’t respond to immediate needs… Rather, immersed in the shock.

After what seemed like a minute, Anna opened the car door for me and logged her arms around me.
Catching a glimpse of moist on her face, I could tell she had been crying.

“It’s okay, baby,” I said while I rubbed her back to calm her down. “It’s okay. I am here.” I carried her to my car.
She muffled words about the car. ” I will send someone to pick it up. Let’s go home, babe.” Anna nods.

Dr Nadia met us at the entrance to my house. I had called her right after Anna called me and knowing she sounded distressed I knew Dr Nadia had to be called for house service. I had contemplated taking Anna back to her place but not with such state of mind. And my place is a few distances away from the hospital.

An event must have taken place in the parking lot to scare her. She is still pretty much shaken by it and won’t let go of my hand even while I was driving back home. I have to find out whatever it was.

” I will need a clean now of water and fresh towels ” Dr Nadia, ‘s voice brings me back to the present. All focus back to Anna whimpering when Nadia touched her sprained ankle.

” Okay” I dashed into the closest washroom to do her bidding. In silence I prayed, Let her be alright.

Coming back into the room where Anna was, my heart crumbled at the sight of my girl. Laying down in pains and discomfort. Taking a few steps towards her wishing the steps would take away the pain in my heart and around her body. Just wishful thinking. Smiling in distress she mouthed ” it’s okay” and closed her eyes in sleep. I should be the one saying that not her. Whatever she’s going through I should have been there to protect her, I promised Anna I would but now it seems I have failed her.
Nadia took the bowl and fresh towels from my hand when it was a starting to drip.

” I am sorry,” I said to Nadia. She gave me a nod in response.

” I understand d what you’re going through Philip. Anna is going to be alright. The IV line should do the work. And I will advise her leg stays elevated for 48 hours.” She paused to look from me to Anna. ” She will be drowsy for a while because of the painkillers.so, do not panic ”

” Thank you very much.”
“You’re welcome. I will be back tomorrow to take the IV line down” Nadia grabbed her big bag. I assume it is her house call bag.
” I will see myself out”
.” Thank you ” I grabbed a chair across the room and sat by the bedside holding Anna’s hand into mine.
“I miss you” came the whisper.

” I miss you too” I tried to curb the strand of her hair back to her ear. Anna stopped my hand midway and held it down to her cheek. Which seem warm now. Only ten minutes ago it was cold ice. Now it is warm and looks like blood is running back into her veins. Her hazel eyes cry out in sadness.
” I am so glad you came..”
” Sh sh sh. It’s alright baby. I will always come to you.” Because that is what you do for those you love.

” Thank you” she dozed off.
Right, you need to sleep and not worry because I will be here when you wake up.



“Who is he?
Mom’s Journal didn’t mention any man. Why should I believe her? she has lied to me all my life? And I hold no obligation to call her mum. She is not my mum… She betrayed me and took her away from me.”

He paced the underground driveway while in thoughts …

“Who the fuck is the man who carried Anna? How come he has never been in his surveillance?

Something is off… And I must get the root of this. This could be the last chance to introduce himself as the one who sent the Pokemon and the stupid call to her office. Clearly, the Pokemon was a stupid idea and the call must have tipped her off.
I am so stupid to even think about things like that.

“Why couldn’t she recognise him? ”

He rummaged his hand into his hair and in agitation sent a fist into the air before he replies into the phone.

“Could you come over and pick me?”

“Did you finally freak her out, Clement?”

Rolled his eyes “Thanks, but when I need your opinion I will kindly ask”

“Yes, boss” Clem sighed at his chauffeur’s sarcasm. ” I will be at the parking lot in five minutes ”

” See you then ” Clement ends the call.
Another call came in immediately. The caller’s id sent a cold chill to his spine and a warm smile to his face. She is the only one who does that to me. Lilian!

” Hey, I didn’t think you would be out

” Sorry, I had some business to take care of. What’s up?” Clem responded

” I made dinner and it was too much for me” a small pause ” I decided to bring some over ” a few seconds ensued between our conversation
” Clem” she calls out ” Are you there?”

” Yes… Sorry, that’s okay. I would love to eat what you prepared for dinner. Can you find your way into the house?”

” How did you know I was at your place?”

Women and pretence.

“Because you wouldn’t be calling if I was home, Lil” smiling sheepishly, a headlight flashed right onto my path. “I will be home in ten minutes. The passcode is 1256″

” See you soon”

I end the call right about when Josh stopped at my front. He let the window down
” Get in boss”

Josh drove us out into the main street. The lights everywhere engulfed the festive mood into space. I have never spent Christmas with someone I love. I had dated in the past but never gotten to the festive period. But the feeling with Lilian is different. I had told her we would spend it with my family.


Because we wouldn’t be spending it with anyone. Those who claimed to be my family aren’t my family. They lied to me for twenty- six years. For whatever reason to try to stay together as a family. I can’t believe I was a pawn in their game for chess.
Now, I have to find a way to tell Lilian. She will be sad but she has to know my family are not who they claim to be and that my real family is out there.

My sister.

Anna Jules

And I didn’t wish that our first time of meeting would be at a parking lot.

” Can we stop for a bottle of wine?”

” Yes boss”

” Thanks, Josh” I sigh in regret.


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