36:’Bacon and Sandwich”


“We can cancel the holiday visit to London.”

“Psst, and have you miss out the fun with your family?” I held the headboard to sit upright.

Philip looked from his phone to me, his pause from saying anything meant a lot to me. He’s been up all night tending to my needs and fickle ankle that I can’t help but wish the situation hadn’t happened. I miss him, I miss his witty and jovial state of mind.

” Come” I stretched both arms towards him. ” I will be fine before Friday. And we can plan our leave for Sunday”

” Still..”
I cut him short ” I know. I will be on bed rest all the time.” He smiled and kissed my right palm. His tensed body was starting to be at ease.

” I love you. Thank you for always been so open to me” with emotions welling up from within, I paused to touch Philip on his cheek. ” Thank you”

” I love you Annie” he held my hand in place and drew me closer to a hug. ” You don’t have to ever be in fear again. I will always be around ” I nodded in response.

Philip’s phone popped up a sound” A moment please,” he detangled himself from me to check his notification. A deep frown settles on his face and I could not help but ask.

” Everything okay?”

” It’s John” he paused while his gaze settles back on his phone. ” He had to leave for Barcelona last night”

” But the AR communication conference was postponed till March. Did he state for any reason?”

” It’s a countermeasure. The AR communication wasn’t moved to march. it’s tonight. Someone sent a false notification to our company”

” That can’t be right” I tried to get up from the bed in search of my phone. But refrained because of my elevated foot. “What did John say?”

” He will attend the meeting and sort things out in Barcelona.” Drops his phone on the bed.

” But that’s insane! Who would send a red flag email to the company?”

” Maybe the competitors to kick us out of the bid. Clearly, they know we’re likely going to win the bid.”

” Wow” feeling of disgust rushes through my spine “It’s so sad he had to go alone.”

Philip smiled at me and carried me on his lap ” As much as I like to see you bury yourself in work and worry about others lets not do that today. Besides Shaun will be next to him”

Trying to process the information he laughed at my inadequacy as my train of thoughts compelled me to furrow my brows at him. ” Why didn’t you say so?” I tugged at him and tickled him.

” Because you are lovely when you give the boss-look” a sudden surge came upon me to laugh but he sealed my lips with his. We kissed for what seems like a minute before letting go. Philip carefully carried me, with his usual smirk.
” Where are we going?” I asked in haste.

” Down to the kitchen.” He replied still smirking off



AR communication will have to take care of itself. While I take care of my girl. I have never had to be traumatized with the pain she had to experience last night. I don’t wish that upon my enemy. Henceforth, I am going to spend quality time with her.

When we got to the open space kitchen, I gently placed Anna on the small couch facing the dining, then placed a throw-pillow under her leg to elevate get a leg.

“Thanks, baby” Anna smiled while she tried to hide her pain from me. I in weary need of her smile and warming self. I squatted down to her level with a smile plastered on my face. facade to hide my excruciating feelings of getting back at the bastard who made had a nervous wreck.

“Baby” her calmed voice brings me back to the present. Now, she is looking worried at me. But, I am not going to make her any less worried than she already was.
” So, what do you want for dinner. Nadine said you can eat anything now.” I smiled and kissed her on her forehead.

” Any specials?”

” I could make up one for you babe” I kissed her nose. She smiled and nods

” Philip’s specials. I will have that ”

” Bacon and Sandwich ”

She furrowed her brows at me. ” we are not having breakfast, are we? How long have I been sleeping? A day or two?” Anna asked with a hysterical panic.

I laughed at her typical attitude. This Anna, I miss. For a sec she was back to her self.

” I am just messing with you. I have pasta and meatball sauce for lunch. And you only slept for twelve hours.” I tugged at her hair and put it back in place.
“I will be right back. Let me set the table.” I walked back to the kitchen, while she had her eyes at me.she looked around her expecting someone to pop out from anywhere.

” Are you alright?” I asked hastily

” Yeah, just wondering if your sisters are home.”

” Oh, Sunny is in Milan for the upcoming runway show and Natty is busy with a deposition. Making herself resourceful while she’s around.” Her face lits up whenever I talk about my stepsiblings.i really ought to ask about that or figure it out myself.

” That’s lovely. Sunny must really enjoy her job as a model.”.

” Most of the time, somedays I receive calls of spite.”

” Spite?”

” On how she has to work with some cunny and annoying designers.” I paused to check on the pasta boiling. Then continued “How she really wants to quit her job and work for the next company I decide to acquire.”

” that must really be weary for her considering the fact that she is so young too.”

” Yes, I do the needful. It’s sunny, you have to give her a listening ear to get an earful” I chuckled ” I think she always goes back to her job just to keep distance between mother’s nagging and her.”

“Do you miss her?” The look she had on her was indecisive. I wasn’t sure whom she was asking about Mother or Sunny?. But decided to nod.

” Yes, I do miss her”
Her smile was refreshing, I walked up to her with a plate of pasta and meatball and situated myself beside her. “Here, you go. Already for your consumption”

” Thanks, chef” she teased.

” You’re welcome”


Anna’s POV

Philip was not always moody but the situation leading to my incapacitated ankle has made it look like he is in misery. My questions are to get him to loosen up and be calm. Oh, how I wish.. Those damn heels and the creepy guy from the parking lot were non-existent.
The pasta and sauce are delicious, as I took one spoonful of it. I let out my surprise with a gasp. Get you a man that can take care of you, protect you and give you mindless sex that would blow you out.

” You like?”

Philip’s question jolts me back to the present.

” It’s delicious. The meatballs are great. What’s your secret recipe?” I teased

” Nana’s ” he replied and took a spoonful too.

” Who is Nana?”
Philip takes a breath in and out before he speaks.

” My grandpa’s friend. She was my nanny too. She lived with us until she passed on a few years ago”

” I am so sorry for asking” I held his hands to comfort him. Must be hard losing everyone he loved from his childhood. He really does have a dark past and I keep bruising it out of him. What is wrong with me?

” But I am willing to share it with you, my love,” he said

” Really?” I asked in surprise

” Yes, you’re my high and low” he nudged my nose with his pinky finger.

” I am your fine wine and sour grape” I teased

” Always my queen in an armour” he laughed at my raised eyebrow. ” What? I thought we were running words on poetry ”

” Old spot” I teased back

” Ouch! I felt that” he faked a hurt feeling by holding his chest.

“My knight and pawn from the game of chess ”

“My opulent sculpture.”

Laughing out loud eased more of his tensed mood. Which was what I wanted. Thankfully, we continued in our bants of poetry and failure at picking up irregular lines to compliment ourselves.

After dinner, Philip ran the dishwasher before he sat beside. We contemplated what to do next. After what seems to be five minutes of indecisiveness we opted for a Netflix movie “YOU.” About a guy who owns and works at an old book store. He has a creepy mindset about a lady who had just walked into his store to buy some books for some light reading. And the store owner decides to make it his business to stalk her because he feels he s the only one that can love her. The tv show was really a bad idea considering the fact that I have been stalked for a while now and a had guy crept up on me.

Philip noticing my discomfort about the show suggests we watch something else.

” Can we watch friends instead ?” He asked.

” Yes, I don’t mind ” I smiled at him. Touched his face and felt his a day old beard winking out.

” I should shave before going to bed”
Shaking my head at him ” No, I love the tough feel on my hand. Besides, you look sexy ” I smiled at his surprised gaze.

” I didn’t take you to like my unkept look”

” must be the meds. I am drunk in Meds” We both laughed. Philip paused the friends playing and turned to look at me. He gazed into my eyes while smiling.

” Are you alright?” He asked. I know we haven’t really talked about my episode in the car and what led to it. I also know where the question was directed at.

” I was scared when he said my name. I thought he would kill me or something” within a second, I found myself rambling on the event at the parking lot, the stalking calls and weird pokemon gift.

” It’s okay, babe. We will figure everything out.” Philip held me close to himself and I let all hell loose in my tears. I know it’s been a heartwrenching experience, it also feels good to have someone to discuss it with. The moment that door opened at Ayo’s house till this moment, I knew the connection wasn’t planned. It must have been fated to be.
The doorbell rings………

The last chapter left us off at identifying who the stalker was.
This chapter, I wanted to bring closure between the two partners and how to go past the experience.
It’s not over until it’s over.
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