Harnessing Your Oar

“You’re not alone”

The month of May is so many things- flowers and plants begin to sprout, you wake up to birds, twitching their beaks while building their nests. May is also the month we acknowledge the women whom with their belly we came to be – May is Mother’s day month, Victoria’s Day( Candian holiday ), Star Wars and let’s not forget its the month set aside for mental health.

” Mental Health” that’s the word!

I have had the opportunity to ask friends about their opinions about mental health. Some wouldn’t speak about it, others brushed it off. And it got me really thinking ” What makes people shy away from such topic?” ” Is there something off about mental health ?”

Don’t get me wrong, growing up I used to not like talking about myself or things that concern me but lately, I have been thinking a lot of things I wouldn’t do. And when I asked myself

” Maryann, why don’t you like such things ?” I couldn’t bring myself to answer. Then, it dawned on me, that people may find their response to mental health as tacky, embarrassing, gibberish and even awkward.

Just the other day, on her Instagram page, I listened to Chrissy Teigen as she spoke on mental health- her postpartum depression and how she was able to overcome it.
Imagine the surprise on my face and the thoughts of a celebrity having an opinion about mental health. I always thought celebrities have their lives all together and mental health shouldn’t even be on their list. However, Chrissy’s thoughts highlighted a few points in my mind.

that everyone absolutely needs to talk about their state of mind.

– If you are a nursing mother, you need someone to talk to

– Husband also need a platform to encourage their wives to speak out vice versa.

– As a student, mental health is important just as your grades and project are important to you.

– Friends, it is okay to talk with yourselves about your mental states. Besides, if you can’ t seek/ offer to talk then why are you even friends?

– As an employer, It is your duty to provide a work environment for your employees.

– If you are a business owner, your mental health is also crucial before you engage your clients.

These points are essential in our day, to day life. Friends need each other. It is not a taboo to seek help from a therapist whenever you need one. In fact, if you can’t afford a therapist, engage the discussions with friends, don’t seat alone because the world won’t understand your dilemma if you do not speak out.

As Nike Ad urges us to “Just do it” so also in this fifth month of the year, I say ” Just do it by owning your oar.” And “May” you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Photo credit: HealthyPlace.com


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