“Sling” it in your schedule

Running a day-to-day business on enquiries and keeping tabs on some of your companies revenue and schedule can be a difficult task as a business owner and investor.

Most days you worry about the schedules which haven’t been met or which has been cancelled for lack of update from your end or the investors.

As an employer often times you ignore reasons to implement duties assigned to you by your employee for lack of communication between you, your boss and co-workers. And it never gets easy to relay this feeling to your boss without coming off rude. When all you need is better ways to communicate for effective sales and for the progress of the company.

And this is where this beautiful app comes into the light! Are you a business owner or investor? Having troubles to fit in all your schedules and communicate with your fellow investors and employees? Then, I believe “Sling”-ing all schedules into one app is the best way.

Below are the features which could come in handy:




News Feeds.

Sling application fosters these duties. It also a good motivation which will enhance better communication.

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