Medici: The Magnificient ( not a tidy-up challenge but a great tv show). A personal review of the opening theme and the Show.

Lately, I have been binge watching tv shows – Lucifer, Wishikey Cavalier, Suits, Fresh off the boat, even Korean dramas (face palm). I remember in February I had these set-out goals that I wanted to meet. You know, one of those many goals you set out at the beginning of the year. So, part of my new year’s deal was to celebrate the black history month with books, create existing, yet exciting contents and have thought-provoking conversations with you all

For the black history month ( February), I decided to go back in time to learn about history. I binge read books and watched movies about events from the 15th century and on peace and war too.

And the show which stood out was Medici: the Magnificent. I kept going back to every episodes of the show. If you know me, I very much decline repeating movies and shows. Why? Because, I have memory reminder- something about telling myself , wht the next scene will be since i had already seen the show. But Medici didn’t quite give me that reminder. It was like “a memory wipe”

According to Wikipedia, Lorenzo de Medici was born in the 14th century. He took over the company from his father( more like a hustle takeover ). The entire show is centred on a family who would do whatever it takes to help the masses using the money from their bank. At the same time, history was made to make Florence a republic.

What stood out to me in this show?

It was the opening theme!!

The theme was written by Paolo Bounvino with Skin. I don’t really know much about Paolo but I do know Skin is a great singer. Her voice reminds you of something calm yet thrilling. The suspense that waiting to erupt in a subtle way. Skin’s voice is so much like Enya’s ( if you’re a fan of her).

I love when Skin and Enya drop opening themes in movies/tv shows. Right now!!!!!!! I am in love with Skin’s voice in the Medici tv show 👏👏👏

I can’t get enough, so classic and Latin-ish ( if there is even a word like that ) I thought, Medici: Masters of Florence was outstanding. But this season two is overwhelming, fun, zealous, an eye-opener and a witness of trades by barter for power are self-evident by the Medicis.

No wonder they ruled Florence in the 14th century. February is the month of historical books and movies for me. Over time, there were visits to the library to borrow books on war and peace and kings of the past. I hope to learn about the events which presided my birth. And I also chose to watch Medici: The magnificent. Having seen the first season two years ago, the opening theme struck a cord and I haven’t gotten enough of it.

So, does the opening theme of a tv show prompt me to watch the show? Affirmative! It’s one of the perks I love about myself. And also a perk I look out for in movies/shows. If the first scene and song don’t interest me I always need more enthusiasm to watch the show.

My rating for the show is 10/10. A definite watch. And if you miss Ned Stark from Game of Thrones, you would be seeing more of him in Medici: The Magnificent. !!!

Have you seen this show? Maybe the opening theme will make you fall in love with it because I did. So, if you haven’t you should!

Tv show credit : @Medici : The Magnificient ( Netflix ).

What about you? What prompts you to see a movie/ show? Do you prefer tv shows or movies?



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