Random thoughts on Avengers#Endgame

It wasn’t a coincidence that you stumbled upon this page. You’re here to take a break to read my review on Avengers #Endgame# If you haven’t watched the movie, psst take a detour and read my book #HE series# however, if you have seen this movie keep reading.

So, Avengers. I am a fan, a huge fan of Marvel Comics. I try to keep up with all the Marvel movies.

First, let me start off with Avengers#the infinity war# which left us all with a huge dilemma. The questions were, how do we get back all our superheroes in one piece. And would they defeat Thanos? Pheew, then Endgame came to be.

At First, the title Endgame wasn’t the original, they wanted to stick with the comic name “The Infinity Gauntlet” the series from where the story came from but decided on Avengers Endgame after their movie promotion in Korea. Remember, when doctor strange in infinity war said the phrase ” we are in the endgame now” the Korean translation meant ” No hope” hence, the name Avengers Endgame.

So here are my candid opinions about Avengers: Endgame. The name and synopsis you would argue pretty much depicted the whole event.

The first scene left us with worried faces as were the superheroes who were still on earth. Iron man tries to make it back to earth and discovered he had missed five years on earth with his family the same as Antman. The feeling of being left out surged on everyone including the black widow and Captain America. Everyone wanted to bring back whomever they had lost. Thor drowned himself with wine and beer because he felt unworthy to wield the hammer again.

All these scenarios were crucial to me because it depicted the human relationships we have on earth. We don’t have all the time and we really want to have a lot of time just in case we end up losing our loved ones.

Black Widow’s death was crucial to bring back life. Because the endgame was about humanity. Her sacrifice was uncanny. An ability we don’t see in our day to day activity.

Don’t forget Captain America who ended up wielding the hammer because he was worthy, he had the purest of heart and would rather save everyone than being left alone for another decade or two. Thor found himself worthy again after he went back in time to Asgard.

Here is my interpretation: As humans, we sometimes push our abilities away just because we have been labelled wrong or doubt our ability to pick ourselves up.

Ironman’s sacrifices (leaving his family, finding the perfect time loop) will forever remain our heart as Marvel fans. That was a good deed to end Thanos and restore the status quo.

And damn right, that is the “best American ass”

Now, to my favourite scene of all time when Thanos was about to wipe everyone the second time and Captain received a signal from Tchalla #black panther#

So tell me, your best scene?


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