41 “..stronger than it looks”

Philip “Why, why, why would you do that?” My next punch on his face sent him right down to the floor. ” You can’t get away with this” in my attempt to pull him back up, a hand pulled me back. “Philip, you need to stop” Clem dragged me away from the crime scene. ” My God, he’s the shooter, he fucking shot all these … Continue reading 41 “..stronger than it looks”


Thoughts on getting/ having whatever you want?

The things I always wanted to do as a child are far from what I have become. My childhood was usurped by the fill of playing and getting what I wanted( haha, every time). Sometimes, in my adult skin, I ask myself “ Why was I like that?” What could have made me act out in such a manner?” Because to tell you the truth, … Continue reading Thoughts on getting/ having whatever you want?