Thoughts on getting/ having whatever you want?

The things I always wanted to do as a child are far from what I have become. My childhood was usurped by the fill of playing and getting what I wanted( haha, every time).

Sometimes, in my adult skin, I ask myself “ Why was I like that?” What could have made me act out in such a manner?” Because to tell you the truth, I would go extra miles to get what I wanted. I sort the need like ”

“you’re the last born, the baby of the house. So, it’s your right.its, not a privilege.” (I must have been very delicate, no desperate) or maybe peer pressure wouldn’t let me see reasons beyond my needs.

I wanted to have all the things I knew my parents could afford without sweating or trying to get a loan. Tell you the truth, in my quest to get things from my parents, there were things I never did…

I never coveted my friend’s dolls, dresses nor favourite books. Funny huh? Coming from someone who wants everything. Yes, I never asked any of my friends this ” may I please take your doll home with me?” “Your dress is pretty, can I have it?” Nor “Mummy, please buy me this doll, Sandra has something like this.”

Yet, I wanted to have things, so I don’t have to give off the face of a child in desperate need of something.

Now, as an adult am thankful for the perseverance, empathy and frugality that I have come to acquire over the years.

You might be wondering why?… Isn’t getting what I want by all means a misplaced notion of frugality? Well, I never did say my parents bought those things at my desperate tears*shrugs* because they never did buy them. And I have come to learn that “you can’t have everything even when you cry for them”

Alas, that notion is far fetched in our community and the notion is somewhat relevant when you want some decorum in your home and the lives of your dear ones. But, my parents didn’t see it that way. Rather, what was important was provided for me. I wonder if I understood that as a child?

What are your thoughts?

As a child and an adult, do you still have a trait of getting whatever you want even if it makes others less happy? In that moment, are you really happy and does such happiness last longer?

My dear readers have a wonderful day, week and month. Cheers!!!



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