41 “..stronger than it looks”


“Why, why, why would you do that?” My next punch on his face sent him right down to the floor. ” You can’t get away with this” in my attempt to pull him back up, a hand pulled me back.

“Philip, you need to stop” Clem dragged me away from the crime scene.

” My God, he’s the shooter, he fucking shot all these people. They were all innocent and didn’t ask for it”

” I know, and the police has established that there is nothing we can do here. ”

In my trance state, I tried to make sense of my environment, my girlfriend is not there “Thank God” but where is she, last stop was in the bathroom. Yes, bathroom.

” Bathroom,”

” What?” Clement asked

” Anna, she must be scared. I have to find her.”

” Philip the bathroom area is secured, no one is allowed in or out.”

” But I have to find her. ”

“I think Anna and Lillian are together. They will be fine. ”

” You don’t know that..” I pinned him to the wall to let go off me. But he wouldn’t bug. This guy seems stronger than he looks.

” Oh, man. Trust me, I know Anna more than you do.” Smirked down my throat.

” What?” The familiar goofy face Jonah would occasionally give me whenever he knows something, he shouldn’t.

” What are you not telling me?”

” I just simply know. Let’s wait for this out. And the police are going to question you since you just did justice to that dude.” He finally let go of me.

” I did what I did out of ..”

” Anger” Clement put in. ” Crime scene damage control” grimace. ” Do you have your phone on you?”

“Yes, why?”

“Let’s try to call them. Mine is flat out, folks stepped on it while we were on the run.”

“Well, you don’t say.” I dialled Anna ‘s from my speed dial, which kept ringing without any answer. ” You don’t think she’s too scared to pick?”

” She is waiting it out. Like the rest of us.”



” Is it all out?” Lilian gave a nod.

“Good, now we have to find a way out of this place.”

“No, I can’t move. I am afraid my legs gave out the moment that man fell lifeless on the floor.” More tears streamed out of both eyes.

“Lilian, I can’t help it either. But we need to move or it would be us soon.”

“You don’t think the shooter is out there?” She asked.

“I don’t know. But who said we are going through the door?” The phone vibrates in my purse.

“Because we need to find Phil and Clem.”

I scoffed at the response. If knowledge would serve me right, men often find shelter before they can think of their next action. In this case, that’s what both men would have done. or maybe not. My phone vibrates one more time.

“Bloody Hell”


” Its Phil.”

“hurry, pick the call”

“What if the killer is out the down, waiting for us to make a sound”

“I think we have made enough sound. This isn’t a fucking movie Anna, someone just died out there. And who knows how many has been killed.”

” Hello, baby. Are you alright? ” I cut her off “We are in the bathroom… Oh, thank God…. Okay, I will be sure to keep an eye out. I love you….. Yes, besides all the throwing up and being frantic about the whole situation. She is fine..cool…. Hello, Clement…. Okay, I will give her the phone, yes thank you.” Reached out the phone to Lilian, who grabbed it like her life depends on it.

“Baby, so happy you’re okay and unscratched… Yes, I saw a lifeless man. Too dark to bottle in…yes, sure… We will wait it out… I love you”

Getting antsy about the whole situation, I grabbed the phone from Lilian’shand. ” Clement, tell me the situation outside?” I asked. ” Good, see you soon. Bye.”

” What did he say?” Lilian asked

” He said to wait for another hour. Until it is clear.”

” That’s great. So much for this stupid function and all. ” she let her hand into the air to let loose her frustration. A few minutes ago, she was throwing herself all over the place. And here she was starting to feel better. The instant I chuckled, she turned her gaze at me.

“Why are you chuckling ?”

” Because I miss this Lilian a moment ago”

“Common, you did see a gruesome death out there, right? That’s sickening ”

“I know, Lilian. I was there. We just have to wait it out.” We both sat on the sink counter, while we held hands to comfort ourselves.


Half an hour later, the police opened up all the security unit while we found our way to the exit.

“Baby, ” Clement shouted. The tears falling off both Clement and Lilian’s could make a whole pool. At this thought, Phil Hugs me from behind.

” I didn’t see you ” I tuner to look at him while I placed my hands over his shoulders.

“I thought I lost you.”

“Omg! I thought I did too. ” I looked him in the eyes. ” I can’t look at you without wanting to kiss you” I continued. My last comment brought down a rain of tears which he wiped off.

” You must be tired, let’s all go home” lost with words, I gave him a nod in response. I turned around to scan the room,” Lilian and Clement are heading to the parking lot ” Philip added.

“Okay. ”


Our trip back made me restless with thoughts. Who could have been the target, why was it at the event? Whoever it was must be quite influential. Why isn’t Philip telling me anything? Is he the target? I have to say, his family’s name is pretty much a landmark here in London. turning sideways to gaze at his serious stare on the road, I discovered I haven’t spent much time with him and I could have lost him in a nutshell.

Gosh, I want to just disappear with him right now to a place where it is safe.

“Stare much” he turned his eyes briefly then back to the road.

I smiled at his comment.

” Your face could strip off my clothes right now” he continued.

” Let’s go away ” I blurted.

A mix of surprise and funny smile lurked on his face. “Oh, my Annie”

” I wish we could, Philp” i said, slowly touching his face.

” I would do anything for that , Anna. But we just got here and if we leave tonight, the police would suspect us. “Philip emphasised with a worried look. ” Give it a week and we will be out. ”

” okay” He held my hand back on his face. ” I like the warmth. ”

We both smiled in silence as he drove into the family’s estate.


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