Orient Frangance Science (review)

written by : Maryann Nwaokoro

Hi guys!!!

I know, its been a minute. Tell you the truth this past month have been very busy. So I have decided to take out my time during this period of my vacation to post my review.

So, you know I am always eager to influence any small scale business. Therefore, this review is personal for me. Aye!! I have a sensitive skin… yes, I always tell folks that!!

Let’s dive into this review. (Lol)

The product arrived right about two weeks. I was quite skeptical about it though, but the store reached out to me, to influence the product. After much thoughts about it, I gladly accepted .

I started the oil the very first day, went about using it for a week. Then, second week, maybe for three days. Not as I wanted to use it,(must be work and stress).Then, I started all over with my usage. I didn’t pay attention for any scar clearing until after a month.

I did use it religiously after a month and half. Skin got clearer, and shining and all. It has zero to nothing odor, which was totally awesome for me, because I tend sneeze when I comenincotact with strong scents. Oil was complete deal for me.


Tackling the issue with the oil for me, is highly recommendable. I couldn’t expect less. However, the downsize is the small quantity. To have the perfect skin tone, clear skin and invisible scars gone or limited, you will need to buy more. The oil comes in a very small packaged size. (I got two) i guess, that’s the perk of being an influencer. You would have to buy products in quantity, just to give your best review.

Consistentcy is the key for best result here, you have to use orient oil all the time. It does work after months and months using OFS (Orient Fragrance Science).

Last but not the least, I am grateful to my readers who kept urging me to write more.


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