Oldies are classics, never old.

Whenever the Great Gatsby pops up in my head. I end up with Lana del Rey’s song on my lips- because she sang the most iconic song for the movie ” Young and Beautiful.”

Great Gatsby portrayed the self-acclaimed socialite in the 1920s. 1925 to be precise……He wanted to love and to feel loved….. But in the end, love failed him.

It was one of the most heartbreaking stories ever told, written in the history of time.

Sometimes, the human mind yearns for love, comfort and convenience. Desperation sets in ….. We ask ourselves, have I loved enough? am I able to show love, am I enough? These questions protruding the mind, set in discomfort laying in wait, like a ticking time bomb ….. Hence, gives off unpredictable satire to the mind. Clearly, Gatsby had such awful experience, leading to his betrayal. Its so sad that he had to die alone.

Throwing such numerous parties for Kate to show up ,which she did…… andwith that number of people in attendance but no one made it to his funeral.

The song “Young and Beautiful”.… Enumerate, eternal love, appreciation to a lover. a recount of oneness, loss, past experiences and bargain with God. “Dear Lord, when I get to heaven.. Will you let me bring my man?”

“Young and beautiful ” as I discoverd was a clear epoch of self declaration of hope, love and life time spent together without beauty emerges as she asks her lover “will you still love me when I am no longer young and beautiful?”

The lyrics is quite surreal and alot to ponder … Lana Del Rey can never go wrong with her songs…

Check out : Born to die, National Anthem …



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