Written by Remilekun Abimbola.

She always watched you from afar
With all her feelings kept inside
Though she never did admit
She’d die just to be at your side

Wondered how she fell for you
She was won over by your charms
Needed to feel your warm embrace
She’d die to be inside your arms

Dreamed of you every night
She loved that more than anything
Fantasizing of your love
She’d die to be your everything

Wanted at times to feel your lips
Hoping that soon you will grant her this
Only to have you close to her
She’d die to give into your kids

Wished each day this love would last
That you’d always be together
To hear your soft and loving words
She’d die to know you mean forever

And when she finally get her wish
She realized that this love was true
Before she would die to have your love
But now she’s living just for you.


He wrote this in 2012… dedicating it to all the Venus incarnates. Stay proud of your gorgeous body.



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