Business November:with Elisa Couture on Bespoke fashion.

Written by Maryansika

It is business Wednesday!!!! What is business Wednesday all about? It is the day of the week, whereby I try to showcase talents around the world, we tell their stories —in form of interactive sessions—more like interviews… Today’s content is on Bespoke Fashion

Over time,people have geared themselves around fashion. This immersion in fashion has also been passed from one generation to another. People are fashionable all respect and overindulge what they wear and eat. Bespoke fashion has also geared itself into people’s heart ,that whatever they would wear has to be or must befit their taste—sometimes glamorous

I happen to be a lover of bespoke fashion, it is quite popular in most places , most especially in Europe, Africa etc.

I had the privilege to meet and talk with folks about fashion and their interests in bespoke fashion. I also interviewed a resourceful entrepreneur, the Creative director of Elisa Couture, who was kind enough to offer her time for this interview …..

Q: Can you tell us about yourself?

T.O: My name is Temitayo Elizabeth Ogunbiyi, and I’m the Creative Director and Manager of Elisa Couture, a clothing line that offers bespoke services and Afrocentric ready to wear. I’m a Philosophy graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, I also bagged a Professional Diploma in Human Resources Management from Chartered Institute of Personnel Management. I have keen interest in the areas of Youth Development and Business Strategies. I look to bagging Masters degree in Business Administration/Development in a world renowned University really soon.

I’m a goal getter and a risk taker, i love to do what people are afraid of or thinks impossible, i guess that’s where the love for Entrepreneurship emanated from.

Q:Can you tell me more about the day-to-day responsibilities as a fashion designer?

T.O: My responsibilities as a fashion designer can range from simple to hectic, depending on how much work needs to be done.

I map out designs for our ready to wear line, some of which fabric prints, weather and trends would be put into consideration. Also, I have to brain storm and strategize of what form of marketing will translate to sales without incurring so much hassle and costs.

Q: As a designer, do you intend to do more, like having a clothing brand?

T.O: I do have an Afrocentric “ready to wear” line already.

The brand already runs an Afrocentric ready to wear line. The line uses African themed fabrics to make modern stylish wears and sells at a very affordable price. Affordable even for the low income earners in this region.

We want to be the first on your mind whenever you think about an Afrocentric made in Nigeria ready to wear attire.

We also run an Express Bespoke Tailoring Service, that which allows you have designs of your choice (with terms and conditions) within 4-72 hours. Isn’t that mind blowing?!

Maryansika: These wears are mindblowing Q: Were there failures that you have come to cherish?

T.O : There were failures, loads of them but they made me add more knowledge.

Its some sort of extreme sport running a small business in this part of the world, so failures tend to abound. However, I’ve grown to be a better business person with lots of shock absorber put in place.

Q: As a designer, give us insights on the basic idea/tool that a beginner should have.

T.O: A beginner in this line of business must be very resourceful. You must first put into consideration what you earnestly need to succeed at a particular stage before other things that do not matter.

The vanity in the fashion industry would tend to throw you off balance and convince you to invest in all the superficial glamour, but you must hold firm to your purpose of being a part of the industry; to offer value. So you must first find your own market audience and serve them like no one else would. Also, use your social media platforms to your advantage.

Q: To wrap up this interview, give an opinion about mental health illness and the idea of rape in your country. Do you have any intervention that needs to be in place by the government to overcome these issues?

T.O : First, I think there should be thorough sensitization on mental health, so when the information comes from a place of authority, the people’s belief system about mental illness would change thus be more empathetic towards those who are suffering from mental illnesses.

The government can also set up emergency outlets within the hospital where rape Victims can be checked immediately they come in for treatment, that way, rape cases would no longer be a hard nut to crack.

Maryansika:Wow, these responses are exhilarating and hopeful. It kind of gives the insights on how one can become a successful entrepreneur. Thank you very much Miss Temitayo for your time and I hope to see more of Elisa Couture in years to come…..