Medici: The Magnificent: RENAISSANCE


Trying to pick a movie or show can be time consuming, lets face it, we all know this is a fact !!

We tend to finish our meals or snacks (lol) before we find that perfect movie for our relaxation mode, and if you think ” oh, Maryann, it can’t be that bad, I pick my movies before grabbing my meal.”

Good for you, it means you’ve just saved yourself the time and effort from contemplating on the movie or tv show to watch. At the same time, we have to know, that we are individuals with unique preferences, interests, desires ,and opinions different from one another which enables long or short decision making process to make up our mind.

As part of my February goals and to celebrate the Black history month. I have decided to go back in history. I have been reading about events from the 15th century and on peace and war too.

Have you seen this show? Maybe the opening theme will make you fall in love with it because I did. So, if you haven’t you should!

Tv show credit : @Medici : The Magnificent ( Netflix ).

I love when Skin and Enya drop opening themes in movies or Tv shows.

Right now, am in love with Skin’s voice in the Medici tv show I can’t get enough, so classic and latin-ish ( if there is even a word like that ) I thought, Medici: Masters of Florence was outstanding ,but this season 2 is overwhelming, fun, zealous, an eye-opener and trade by barter for power were self-evident . What makes it more intriguing, is that these deeds were done by the Medicis. No wonder they ruled Florence in the 15th century.

As we celebrate Black history in February , I also, find it to be the month, to learn ,unlearn and relearn from historical books and movies. And that is why I visited the library this month to get books on war and peace, slavery, and kings of the past with hope to learn about the events which presided my birth, and chose to watch Medici: The magnificent.

Having seen the first season two years ago, the opening theme struck a cord and I haven’t gotten enough of it. If anything, Paolo Buonvino and Skin’s collaboration to the opening theme “Renaissance’‘ and other adrenaline filled sound tracks like ” Lorenzo the Magnificent” , and ” Vision” did justice to the Tv show.

In RENASSIANCE, the listener hears a melancholy spew of the singer’s cry for a new world. A want and need for justice. If any, even when the event would bring darker days. The melody reminds the listeners that, he would sufferer for all, all he needs is a sign.

He, with that sign would make a world it habitable for everyone.

My take from this is that, “the Sign” signifies, the human willingness, vote, and confidence to take action. Clearly, this was the synopsis of the show, how do we create a justified world for the people ling in the fifteenth century before our time? So, does the opening theme prompt me to watch a tv show?

Affirmative! It’s one of the perks I love about myself. And also one of the many things I look out for in picking Korean-dramas, movies or tv shows, and yes! I always finish my snacks before the movie begins< ahahaahahah

What about you? What prompts you to see a movie/ show?

Drop a movie or a song you would like reviewed in my next post.

Do have a gracious and lovely weekend!


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