Written by Remilekun Abimbola. She always watched you from afar With all her feelings kept inside Though she never did admit She’d die just to be at your side Wondered how she fell for you She was won over by your charms Needed to feel your warm embrace She’d die to be inside your arms Dreamed of you every night She loved that more than … Continue reading SHE WOULD


Oldies are classics, never old.

Whenever the Great Gatsby pops up in my head. I end up with Lana del Rey’s song on my lips- because she sang the most iconic song for the movie ” Young and Beautiful.” Great Gatsby portrayed the self-acclaimed socialite in the 1920s. 1925 to be precise……He wanted to love and to feel loved….. But in the end, love failed him. It was one of … Continue reading Oldies are classics, never old.

The Lion King: The Gift Album.. My favorites(definitely going on my playlist).

The Lion King : The Gift Written by : Maryann Stephanie Nwaokoro My childhood heart 💞 began to beat again. (I had goosebumps). I am not a beehive ( beehives coming at me in) 1,2,3,…. (Laughs) no pun- intended. Tell you the truth, I have a few of Beyonce’s songs on my playlist. For me, her songs are mood situationships for me. I haven’t listened … Continue reading The Lion King: The Gift Album.. My favorites(definitely going on my playlist).

41 “..stronger than it looks”

Philip “Why, why, why would you do that?” My next punch on his face sent him right down to the floor. ” You can’t get away with this” in my attempt to pull him back up, a hand pulled me back. “Philip, you need to stop” Clem dragged me away from the crime scene. ” My God, he’s the shooter, he fucking shot all these … Continue reading 41 “..stronger than it looks”