My Lazy week Lunch

Lettce(one palm full)spinach( one palm full)Fried rice (a cup and half),1/4 cup of mixed seeds( sunflower, raisins,),an egg,1/2 lemon (to give tangy taste),Notice…. lunch is dense and filled with macro- nutrients….. You don’t have to break a bank/your budget (Yes, even after school and all, your girl still live on a budget!!!!) to prep this lunch…. Yeah, I be Naija (Nigerian)girl ..I still eat that … Continue reading My Lazy week Lunch

On Rational Problem Solving Skills

In this life…You’re gonna have to ask the nagging questions to get it off your mind,maybe chest ( literally), because that is physical burden to your blood pressure…. – Is it worth your headache?– Is that me minding my business ?– would that bring increase to my bank account?– How does this worry make me feel, rational or irrational?Check your boxes…..Your responses will give you … Continue reading On Rational Problem Solving Skills