Harnessing Your Oar

“You’re not alone” The month of May is so many things- flowers and plants begin to sprout, you wake up to birds, twitching their beaks while building their nests. May is also the month we acknowledge the women whom with their belly we came to be – May is Mother’s day month, Victoria’s Day( Candian holiday ), Star Wars and let’s not forget its the … Continue reading Harnessing Your Oar


The Handsome Woman 5 — maryansika

Nonye left the cab station in dismay….. She felt the whole world crumbling at her feet,she cried in silence. And called out in whisper. ‘ hear me, if you’re listening. Hear my cry,my pain,my sorrow. I know youre listening. I know you can feel pains anywhere in the world. I know you’re out there and […] via The Handsome Woman 5 — maryansika Continue reading The Handsome Woman 5 — maryansika