41 “..stronger than it looks”

Philip “Why, why, why would you do that?” My next punch on his face sent him right down to the floor. ” You can’t get away with this” in my attempt to pull him back up, a hand pulled me back. “Philip, you need to stop” Clem dragged me away from the crime scene. ” My God, he’s the shooter, he fucking shot all these … Continue reading 41 “..stronger than it looks”


Thoughts on getting/ having whatever you want?

The things I always wanted to do as a child are far from what I have become. My childhood was usurped by the fill of playing and getting what I wanted( haha, every time). Sometimes, in my adult skin, I ask myself “ Why was I like that?” What could have made me act out in such a manner?” Because to tell you the truth, … Continue reading Thoughts on getting/ having whatever you want?

“Sling” it in your schedule

Running a day-to-day business on enquiries and keeping tabs on some of your companies revenue and schedule can be a difficult task as a business owner and investor. Most days you worry about the schedules which haven’t been met or which has been cancelled for lack of update from your end or the investors. As an employer often times you ignore reasons to implement duties … Continue reading “Sling” it in your schedule

40. A function or a party?

Anna Just five days since we arrived in London it’s been adventurous for me. I have never been to this part of Europe and I must say the sightseeing in London is very resourceful. With Philip been busy with the London office, Natty made herself available upon Philip’s request. So far, Philip’s mum hasn’t been around the house to visit, from what Natty told me … Continue reading 40. A function or a party?

37: “Penny for your thoughts?”

Anna As we both heard the doorbell sound one more time. We detangled from our cuddle and looked towards the door. ” Are you expecting someone?” I asked while I wiped the tears off my face. “No, none that I know of” Philip straightened himself then stood up. He checked the time hanging on the wall of his sitting room. ” It’s only half past … Continue reading 37: “Penny for your thoughts?”

36:’Bacon and Sandwich”

Anna “We can cancel the holiday visit to London.” “Psst, and have you miss out the fun with your family?” I held the headboard to sit upright. Philip looked from his phone to me, his pause from saying anything meant a lot to me. He’s been up all night tending to my needs and fickle ankle that I can’t help but wish the situation hadn’t … Continue reading 36:’Bacon and Sandwich”